MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1443 - Phoenix

Chapter 1443: Phoenix

When immortals fight, ordinary humans will suffer a calamity. Looking at the way Wang Yu was attacking the BOSS, even the top experts from both squads admitted that they weren’t able to intervene.

After all, Wang Yu’s battle rhythm was not something other people could follow. If someone tried to help and disrupted his rhythm instead, it might be more detrimental than helpful.

Since they were helpless, Fearless and co. could only watch on in silence.

When they noticed that Nephis was pinned on the ground by Wang Yu and could barely open her eyes, the Kingdom of Hell’s players did not know what to feel.

They were all top experts in the game but they were already kept occupied by the average elite monsters. This fella was essentially torturing a God-grade BOSS all by himself…

On the other hand, the Quan Zhen Sect players were immensely critical over Wang Yu’s act of pinning Nephis to the ground and humiliating her like that.

Nephis was, after all, also a beautiful lady… Doing this seemed a little overboard!

“Tsk tsk tsk, what a guy…” Ming Du and Fearless were equally as empathetic about Nephis’ plight.

Of course, there were the exceptions. For example, Vainglory looked at Wang Yu enviously as he said, “I’m so jealous of Uncle Bull… I want to pin a woman beneath me too…”

He was indeed a child to have such childish thoughts…

“Hehe.” Spring Halo smiled wretchedly, “Envious, right? So you have to work hard. If you don’t, how are you going to be above others…”

“Above others…”

Everyone pointed their middle fingers at Spring Halo.

The Quan Zhen Sect players were not at all surprised at what Wang Yu was doing and even started chatting away about his behaviors. Were all of them blind?

At the thought of this, God of Death’s Left Hand couldn’t help but point at Wang Yu before asking Fearless, “Are you guys not surprised at this?”

“We are surprised…” Fearless continued, “But we got used to it.”

“Got used to it… got used to it…”

Hearing Fearless’ explanation, Kingdom of Hell’s players cried out loud. F*ck, all of them got used to this…

Just when everyone started discussing Wang Yu and Nephis, a dazzling flame flashed by as a red protective shield covered Nephis.


A tremendous energy sent Wang Yu flying several metres back.

Everyone glanced at Nephis’ HP and saw that it had already dropped to below 30 percent. “Not good! BOSS is going to transform!”

Concurrently within the protective shield, Nephis stood up as she started removing her clothes.

“Wow, we get this privilege too?”

The Quan Zhen Sect was drawn to that scene.


The worthless Vainglory even started bleeding from his nose and the amount of blood in the scene reached its limit because of him.

The most conflicted bunch of people was the Kingdom of Hell’s players. This bunch of players was recognised to be gentlemen but they wouldn’t feel accountable to themselves if they refused to watch a free show in front of them. However, if they did watch, wouldn’t they downgrade themselves to be like the Quan Zhen Sect’s players?

Therefore, they covered their eyes with their hands but occasionally opened up their fingers to sneak a peek.

In a few seconds, Nephis’ clothes were off but the colour of the protective shield grew darker and Nephis turned into a blurry figure. Everyone did not manage to see what they wanted to see.


Following a sharp cry of a phoenix, the protective shield shattered as a massive flaming phoenix flew out.

“F*ck! The original form of the BOSS! Quick! Do not let her fly up!” Fearless hurriedly commanded.

In <<REBIRTH>>, any small monster or BOSS that could fly would be exceedingly difficult to deal with.

Even though all of the Quan Zhen Sect knew how to fly, they didn’t learn any skills to fight in mid-air because of their low levels. Therefore, they would rather fight on land than to fight in the air most of the time.

After all, almost a great half of the skills of a Warrior or Assassin couldn’t be executed in mid-air. A Magician had more skills that could be used in the air but in terms of mobility, they would do worse in the air than on land.

Nephis was a God-grade BOSS and one look at the structure of the wings, everyone could tell that she specialised in air fights. Under ordinary circumstances, even a peak grade expert like Wang Yu wouldn’t be able to do much in the air so it really didn’t matter even if the others could fly. Without a formation and the inconvenience of movements, flying up was basically equivalent to dying. Therefore, the best way was to keep her on the ground.

“Pika pikachu!”

Ming Du swung the staff in his right hand as a thick lightning bolt descended from above towards the head of Nephis.

Nephis’s body became much bigger after turning into a phoenix. Even though she was much faster than before, she also became a bigger target for everyone.

Ming Du’s judgement was merely slightly weaker than Spring Halo.


After a loud explosion, the [Berserk Thunder] landed accurately on Nephis’ head.

[Berserk Thunder] was the strongest single-target skill of a Magician. Other than its immense damage output, there was also a fixed suppressive effect.

Usually, the suppressive effects wouldn’t show because ordinary players or small monsters attacked by this skill would have been killed immediately.

Just when Nephis was about to fly up into the sky, she was struck by Ming Du’s lightning. She cried out desperately as her body was struck back down.

“[Twisting Thorns]! Rise!”

The moment Nephis landed, Spring Halo’s staff struck the ground and a green radiance flashed. A thick vine started twisting and ascending to mid-air to hold back both Nephis’ claws.

“[Miles of Icy Seal]!”

At the same time, Raksha’s awakening ultimate move was also released as the faint blue ice spread across the entire ground.

In actual fact, [Miles of Icy Seal] was merely a skill effective for targets on the ground and not to those in the air. However, Spring Halo’s vines already caught Nephis’ claws so the ice merely followed through the vines which froze both the vines and Nephis.

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