MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1406 - An Abrupt Goodbye

Chapter 1406: An Abrupt Goodbye

Of course, this was for a quest so he had to buy it regardless of how expensive it was… Wang Yu wasn’t someone lacking in money so ten thousand gold was not an amount he couldn’t afford.

“Oh yes!” Just when Wang Yu was about to retrieve his money, he suddenly lifted his head to ask, “This scroll is not a single-person use only, right?”

This quest required at least twenty players so it would truly be scam if only one person could use it. Given how despicable the designers of <<REBIRTH>> were, it wasn’t impossible for them to do that.

“It isn’t!” The Boss shook his head and said, “It is a barrier scroll.”

“Great!” Wang Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief before taking out two bags of gold.

Barrier scroll meant that a barrier around the player would be formed and everyone within the barrier would be protected by the scroll.

At this point, Ming Du suddenly stopped Wang Yu in the chat as he said, “Old Bull, since it is a barrier scroll, you only have to buy one.”

“Makes sense!” Seeing that Ming Du was actually using his brain for once, everyone gave him a thumbs up.

Since it was an AOE scroll and not a single-person use, one was enough and buying an additional one would be a waste of resource.

However, Fearless commented, “Buy both of them.”

“Why?” Everyone couldn’t understand this… Ten thousand gold was still money.

“Haha!” Fearless smiled and asked the Boss, “Out of the three scrolls, your grandfather’s grandfather only used one?”

“Yes!” The Boss nodded his head.

“Which was why he died?”

“Yes!” The Boss’ expression became gloomy.


“See that?” Fearless said on the chat, “This is what I call a scam and you guys need more experience…”

Wang Yu was not wasting any time as he immediately bought both the scrolls.

Fire Avoidance Scroll: Magic scroll (Consumable)

Attributes: Using it could create a 500 range magic barrier capable of avoiding the fire elements.

Duration: 30s

With the scroll, Wang Yu and co. no longer had any further concerns. Hence, Wang Yu went offline immediately.

Today’s weather was better than normal. After taking off his helmet, Wang Yu stuck his head out to admire the moon. A gentle breeze blew against Wang Yu’s face which felt incredibly relaxing.

Time passed extremely quickly and unknowingly, it was summertime again.

10 pm was not considered late to a gamer and to a professional gamer, this was the time they started working hard. When Wang Yu saw the night sky, he suddenly realised just how beautiful the night sky of the real world was.

Wang Yu’s heart felt warm when he lay on his bed and saw Mu Zi Xian still playing the game.

“Dong dong dong!”

Just when Wang Yu’s thoughts were running wild, someone knocked at their door.

Wang Yu quickly put on a shirt as he jumped out of bed to open the door. He saw Mary standing outside their bedroom.

When Mary saw that Wang Yu opened the door, she whispered, “Land… Landlord…”


Normally, Mary had always been an extremely outspoken person. However, she was acting out of sorts and when Wang Yu looked down, he realised that she was carrying a luggage.


Wang Yu was stunned when he saw the luggage so he asked, “What is going on?”

“I have to leave…” Mary said in a depressing tone.

“Leave? Where to? Are you girls having an argument or something?” Wang Yu was not extremely good with people so when Mary suddenly mentioned that she was leaving, he did not know what to say.

After playing the game together for such a long time, these four ladies were as close as biological sisters. Why was she suddenly leaving now? Has she been crowded out by the rest?

Mary did not answer Wang Yu’s question as she passed him a letter, “Landlord, please pass this letter to Sister Xue and the others to thank them for treating me like their sister for the past two years. I also want to thank you and Landlady for taking care of me throughout this period. Goodbye!”

After saying that, Mary bowed respectfully towards Wang Yu before leaving the house without turning back anymore.

Wang Yu stood there dazedly as he didn’t know if he should chase Mary back. After pondering about it, Wang Yu guessed that this lady must have her reasons so he chose not to go after her eventually. All he did was stand there with the letter in his hand.

“What are you looking at?”

Just when Wang Yu was still in a daze, Mu Zi Xian took off her gaming helmet and asked when she saw Wang Yu standing there.

“That…” Wang Yu was slightly hesitant as he replied, “Mary left.”

“Left?” Mu Zi Xian was evidently shocked when she heard that. “The four of them were still helping me out earlier and they didn’t seem unhappy. She went to pick up a call and then left just like that?”

It was clear that Mu Zi Xian’s first instinct was that Mary had a falling out with her clique.

“I don’t think it is a falling out!” Wang Yu shook his head, “From her words, it almost seemed like she had her troubles. You should pass this letter to Li Xue and the others.”

“Me? Why me?” Mu Zi Xian questioned.

This letter… was going to awkward for whoever that sent it…

Just when Mu Zi Xian was about to reject Wang Yu, Li Xue knocked on the door as she sounded pretty anxious, “Sister Xian, Brother Yu… Did you guys see Mary?”

Just when Mu Zi Xian was about to reply, Wang Yu spoke first, “Your Sister Xian has something for you.”

While saying that, he pulled open the bedroom door.

“Sc*mbag!!” Mu Zi Xian stared furiously at Wang Yu before picking up the letter.

After a long while, Mu Zi Xian finally returned to the bedroom.

“Did you pass her the letter?” Wang Yu asked out of curiosity.

“I did!” Mu Zi Xian’s heart was aching as she replied.

“What was their reaction?” Wang Yu continued probing.

“They were crying anxiously. I cannot console them… Why didn’t you stop her from leaving?” Mu Zi Xian condemned him.

“How would I know?” Wang Yu shook his head, “I don’t know why but when I saw her, I felt as though I saw myself from the past… The reason why she chose to leave quietly meant that she didn’t want anyone to know. Leaving was always going to be hard and emotional.”

“Wow.” Mu Zi Xian felt heartened by Wang Yu’s reply.

“After all, I was once like her…” Wang Yu sighed.

Even though Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian were not as close to Mary as Li Xue and the others were, they still felt a deep connection after staying together for such a long time.

Mary’s sudden departure caused great sadness in Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian.

However, Wang Yu also understood that everyone had their own troubles.

Mary’s silent departure might not be a good thing for their clique but it was still better than a sudden death. At the very least, there was still hope that she would come back one day.

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