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Chapter 1098 - Better To Do It By Yourself

Chapter 1098: Better To Do It By Yourself

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 Seeing how Feng Yun Realm was about to be stabbed in the head by Nine Solitary Spears, a huge shield slid over instantly and blocked in between the two people.

 Nine Solitary Spears was a Crusader so he had very strong attacks while Guardians were defence-style jobs so they had great judgement.

 Both were strength-based players so it involved direct confrontation. Although they did not have many skills, their clash would be astonishing.

 After Nine Solitary Spears’ long spear hit the shield and caused a ‘clang’ sound, he was sent a few steps back before stabling himself while feeling pain at the web between his thumb and forefinger.

 “Hmph!” When Nine Solitary Spears regained his senses and saw who stopped him, he snarled, “I was wondering who it was, so it was Tiger. Indeed an ex-professional expert.”

 Upon mentioning ‘ex-professional expert’, Nine Solitary Spears purposely emphasised these two words.

It was easy to turn bad. After being at odds with Quan Zhen Sect for so many years, other than learning from their shamelessness, Nine Solitary Spears’ mocking abilities were top-notch too.

 His words seemed to be recognising Tiger’s great abilities but in actual fact, he was mocking Tiger for being a professional expert but was a mere nanny now. What painful words to hear.

 Tiger naturally figured Nine Solitary Spears’ mocking so he laughed awkwardly then slammed his shield on the ground and said, “Brother Spears, what are you doing this for! If we work together, we might be able to take down Quan Zhen Sect.”

 Indeed, based on how Quan Zhen Sect performed, even an expert like Tiger was worried so even if they worked with Nine Solitary Spears, he dared not say that they would win.

 Well, after they offended Quan Zhen Sect, Tiger finally understood what it was to be insufficiently defended.

 “Hmph!” Nine Solitary Spears looked at Tiger condescendingly and said, “I am different from you Twelve Celestial Bodies. My aim is Sky Dragon City and clean others’ butt for the rest of my life!”

 Nine Solitary Spears was not the type to be willing to be beneath anyone. He did not even find Feng Yun Realm’s wealth-only small guild important enough. However, now that he poached Apocalypse’s core members and wanted to be Sky Dragon City’s City Lord, Nine Solitary Spears could not swallow these.

 Furthermore, based on the current situation, so long as Heavenly Alliance failed to defend the city, Nine Solitary Spears would have the chance to be the City Lord.

 City Lord versus Region Manager. Although they were just empty titles, Nine Solitary Spears was willing to place his bets on the greater returns.

 After all, based on their personalities, Nine Solitary Spears trusted Wang Yu more. Considering logic and their friendships, there was no way he would help Feng Yun Realm.


 After being mocked by Nine Solitary Spears again, Tiger’s face went black. He angrily said, “You need abilities to be a City Lord. Although I have retired, I won’t be allowed to be bullied by just anyone.”

 “I admit to this!” Nine Solitary Spears kept his long spear and said calmly, “But I have so many subordinates, why should I take you on alone?”

 As he spoke, Nine Solitary Spears pointed at Tiger and Feng Yun Realm, and ordered, “Kill them!”

 Heavenly Alliance’s mercenaries suffered great losses as they were not on defense, plus they were disadvantaged in terms of numbers and abilities, so they could only try to stay alive.

 They were just hired to do these but even Feng Yun Realm’s sincere subordinates were useless now.

 After subduing the mercenaries, everyone received Nine Solitary Spears’ order, they swarmed to surround them.

 The Twelve Celestial Bodies saw Apocalypse’s players charging towards Feng Yun Realm so they disregarded themselves and tore a hole in the opponent’s formation to protect Feng Yun Realm’s surroundings.

 Quickly, Feng Yun Realm’s team of people were forced to the edge of the city wall by Apocalypse’s tens of thousands of players.

 Of course, having majority was not a complete advantage all the time.

 For example, now that they were on the wall, players on both sides’ battle abilities and equipment quality were about the same but with ten thousand players against a thousand mercenaries, this was absolute advantage. With a few continuous charges, they could hit down their opponent’s line of defence.

 However, the top of the city wall was not broad so only with so many people, they had to lengthen the line of battle to stand firm. If they wanted to surround and attack, everyone did not have much place to stand.

 It was already pretty good that a few hundred people out of ten thousand of them could stretch their arms.

 Especially against Twelve Celestial Bodies who were top-notch experts ability and equipment-wise, it was very easy to be in the awkward situation just now whereby they could not take down just those few people in Quan Zhen Sect.

 As expected.

 Under the top-tier protection of the Twelve Celestial Bodies, Feng Yun Realm stood on the edge of the city wall and blocked Apocalypse’s attacks one after another.

 “F*ck! These dudes are too difficult to deal with, there’s nothing much we can do!”

 Seeing what happened, Brother Light was helpless so he asked Nine Solitary Spears, “Should we hire some professional experts too?”

 Well, with this location filled with so many people, hitting the opponent was in vain. To deal with these people, they had to enlist the help of people who were of their standards.

 “Well…” Nine Solitary Spears hesitantly bit his lips then stretched his head off the city wall and looked wantingly.

 Professional players were all older men. Not only were all of them familiar with one another and might not attack Twelve Celestial Bodies, their old friends, but they were mostly deep asleep now. Asking them to bully this bunch of retired b*stards? They were asking to be scolded.

 Instead of being scolded, why not get the help of those men down there?

 However, Quan Zhen Sect saw what happened then quickly turned their heads around, ignoring Nine Solitary Spears.

 Vainglory saw the huge mess on the city wall then said puzzledly, “Are we really not going to help?”

 “Not helping!” Wang Yu calmly added, “There is no free lunch under the sun. If Nine Solitary Spears wants the City Lord seal, he will have to do it. This is Sky Dragon City’s domestic affairs. Why should we interfere?”

 Logically speaking, Wang Yu promised to snatch Sky Dragon City’s seal for Nine Solitary Spears when he attacked Sky Dragon City but because Nine Solitary Spears placed all hope on him, wanting the seal but not putting in effort, when Wang Yu single-handedly killed Heavenly Dragon, Wang Yu was unwilling to give it to him for free as they were not close.

 Under such circumstances, it was basically the same as before but the difficulty level reduced significantly. If ten thousand players could not even take down a team of outdated professional players, Feng Yun Realm would stay as the City Lord but at least it would be based on his abilities.


 Seeing how Quan Zhen Sect was determined to now help, Nine Solitary Spears sighed then loudly ordered, “Other jobs, move back. Archers, gather and send arrows!!”


 Hearing Nine Solitary Spears’ order, Feng Yun Realm’s people’s faces turned green.

 F*ck! Such shameless methods were exactly what Feng Yun Realm used to deal with Quan Zhen Sect not too long ago.

 Quan Zhen Sect, on the other hand, rebutted emotionally, “Damn, these guild leaders are so short of tactics?”

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