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Chapter 1096 - Nine Solitary Spears’ Condition

Chapter 1096: Nine Solitary Spears’ Condition

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“Is it?’

 Feng Yun Realm was full of doubt but did not sound surprised. He gave it some thought and said, “Isn’t Apocalypse a friend of Quan Zhen Sect?”

 “Rubbish!!” Nine Solitary Spears angrily said, “Only a b*stard is those *ssholes’ friend! We fought you guys because they spread rumours saying that you guys want to take us down but those *ssholes pulled this trick. If you don’t let us in, we are going to go offline to sleep.”

 “Damn it!” Hearing what Nine Solitary Spears said, Feng Yun Realm gritted his teeth and scolded, “These gossip mongers!”

 He had fought Quan Zhen Sect a few times so Feng Yun Realm was familiar with their way of doing things. Such sowing discord tactics were indeed Quan Zhen Sect’s style.

 Although Feng Yun Realm did think of this, he had not acted upon it.

 Of course, Feng Yun Realm was not gullible. Under normal circumstances, he definitely would not listen to Nine Solitary Spears’ one-sided story as he had chased after Feng Yun Realm for his life before.

 However, this time around, firstly, Feng Yun Realm had an undercover in Apocalypse. He had heard about how Nine Solitary Spears suddenly fell out with Quan Zhen Sect and decided to return to defend their city.

 Secondly, Quan Zhen Sect’s abilities were very strong and had successfully defended Twilight City under the attack of many people before. Therefore, they had a lot of experience in city battles.

 Against such an opponent, Nine Solitary Spears’ tens of thousands of manpower was a significant force.

 At this point in time, Feng Yun Realm was quite afraid that Nine Solitary Spears would just leave.

 Hence, even though he was not completely confident, once he heard that Nine Solitary Spears wanted to log off with his subordinates to sleep, he quickly asked Ratty, who was beside him, “F*ck, he wants to go! Do we let them in?”

 Ratty waved and said, “No way! This lad is not trustworthy.”

 “Then what if he leaves?” Feng Yun Realm said hesitantly.

 “Trust me!” Ratty said casually then walked to the city wall and yelled, “Haha, Brother Spears, I am Ratty. Do you still remember me?”

 “Yes! I didn’t think you have declined to such a state,” Nine Solitary Spears glanced at Rattyty and said mockingly.

 Apocalypse also had a professional team so Ratty was not a stranger to them. When Ratty retired, Nine Solitary Spears even wanted to poach them into his guild battle team as their practice opponent but was rejected upright. He did not think that they had become full-time nannies. How belittling.

 “Hehe!” Ratty laughed, “Our boss is young and ignorant, don’t mind him. I’ll open the door for you now!”

 As he spoke, Ratty motioned wanting to get down from the city wall to open the door personally.

 “F*ck, Ratty! How is what you said different from what I just said?”

 Seeing how Ratty was about to open the doors to welcome those guests, Feng Yun Realm panicked as he stared at Ratty while sending him a private message.

 Ratty calmly replied, “It is different. You see, if he was really sincere, he should stop me from opening the door.”

 “Really?” Feng Yun Realm was full of doubt.

 “Don’t open!”

 Indeed, seeing that Ratty wanted to head down from the city wall, Nine Solitary Spears hurriedly stopped Ratty and said, “Ratty, as a long-time acquaintance, I don’t want to say anything bad. We can enter the city and defending it is our duty but I also know that your boss is Quan Zhen Sect’s target. You know my temper, I will never allow my brothers to lose their lives for someone else for nothing!”


 Ratty heard him and raised his eyebrow at Feng Yun Realm then pretended to be upset and stopped. He then solemnly looked down at the city and said, “Brother Spears, what conditions do you have?”

 Nine Solitary Spears stretched out two fingers and casually said, “Not many! Just two!”

 Ratty hesitated for a bit then said, “So long as you are willing to defend the city, my boss will do the best he can.”

 “Very simple!” Nine Solitary Spears said, “Number one, now and forever, you guys, Heavenly Alliance, cannot hold a grudge over our attack of the grounds.”

 “What do you mean, Brother Spears.” Ratty laughed and said, “Since you and us can be united, we are one big family. Let bygones be bygones.”

 Ratty was not surprised by this condition of Nine Solitary Spears as if Feng Yun Realm succeeded in defending the city, he would earn the recognition of all Sky Dragon City’s players. By then, Heavenly Alliance would be stronger so even a big guild like Apocalypse would be wary. Nine Solitary Spears’ condition was hence, an admittance of weakness to Heavenly Alliance.

 “How about the other condition?” Ratty asked again soon after.

 “Haha!” Nine Solitary Spears gave a laughter then said, “After defending the city successfully, your boss would secure his position as the City Lord. We, Apocalypse, don’t have other things we want. We just want a region of the city. This isn’t too much to ask for, right?”

 “A region of the city…” Ratty frowned and considered before asking, “Which region?”

 “The central management region!” Nine Solitary Spears spouted.

 “F*ck! You are really greedy!” Hearing Nine Solitary Spears’ second condition, Feng Yun Realm could not stay seated. He mindlessly climbed to the top of the wall to voice his objections.

 Damn, everyone knew that the city’s lifeline laid in the management region. Regardless of the shops and market, or the administrative authority, the City Lord was above tens of thousands of people.

 The first condition was acceptable as they took it as getting to know one another on the game through fighting and could become friends. However, this was concerning real rewards so Feng Yun Realm was unwilling.

 “You can just don’t give it to us!” Nine Solitary Spears snapped his fingers and said, “Brother, time for bed!!”

 “No, no, no!” Ratty panickedly said, “Brother Spears, why go to such extents?”

 Nine Solitary Spears waved his hand and said, “Enough rubbish. Give it to us or we will go offline!”

 As he spoke, Nine Solitary Spears found a comfortable position as though he was about to go offline.

 Ratty saw what was going on and urgently said, “Ok, ok, ok, I promise you. It’s just a central administrative region. Hurry open the doors and let our brothers from Apocalypse in!”

 As he spoke, Ratty frantically sent hand signals to Feng Yun Realm.

 “Are you crazy?” Feng Yun Realm angrily yelled, “They want the central administrative region!”

 “I know,” Ratty said with a smile.

 “You are still smiling? Nine Solitary Spears and his bunch are here to steal our territory. The administrative region is obviously meant for ourselves, Heavenly Alliance. Why give it to him? Feng Yun Realm said upsetly.

 “Hehe! You are right!” Ratty chuckled and whispered, “Do you still think he is not trustworthy?”


 Hearing what Ratty said, Feng Yun Realm paused for a while and instantly realised what Ratty meant.

 Indeed, Feng Yun Realm hesitated because he did not trust Nine Solitary Spears and the rest completely.

 However, now, Feng Yun Realm was basically sure that Nine Solitary Spears sincerely wanted to defend the city.

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