MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 795 - Attacking the Castle

Chapter 795: Attacking the Castle

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When they saw Jiang Feng riding on Jianbao, all four of them gave him a look.

Huang Xiaoyu looked at Jianbao, and then gave Jiang Feng a thumbs up.

“You are so awesome, Captain! You are even able to recruit a Heaven Realm Seven Stars Lord monster!”

No one would believe someone at Earth Realm would be able to recruit a monster at Heaven Realm with an Earth Soul.

“Here, wear these shoes.” Jiang Feng smiled but did not give them any explanations. Instead, he gave the four of them a pair of shoes each.

Sus, Wanke, Huang Xiaoyu, and Kalosi immediately put on the shoes and stood up.

Sus glanced at the shoes he was wearing and smiled. “The players who used terminals and came in said that they couldn’t stand in the morning and they couldn’t survive at night. So it was real.”

“Amitabha, this is such a great place,” Wanke said as he glanced around. It seemed like he really loved the Mirror Image Secret Map.

“Yup, seems like a fun place. It doesn’t look as dangerous as they have said,” Huang Xiaoyu gave his surroundings a look and said optimistically.

Jiang Feng then rolled his eyes at the two and said, “You two can stay if you want.”

Wanke smiled naively. “Hehe, joking. Just joking.”

“Let’s go. There are only 18 hours in the morning. We have around ten hours left, and we need to get the Secret Treasure.”

Jiang Feng jumped on Jianbao and said to the rest. Then, he quickly headed toward the crystal castle.

When the other four saw Jiang Feng leave like the wind as he rode on Jianbao, they could only stare in disbelief.

How could he!

Sus and the others rolled their eyes and followed from behind.


Ding. Tianji System Prompt: You are now entering the Treasure Zone. All Squadrons that are within the Treasure Zone would have their power suppressed to the same level.

After the five of them had gathered, they heard the system’s voice as soon as they stepped into the crystal castle’s boundary.

A beam of light descended upon them and covered the five of them.

Unfortunately, as there were no other Squadrons in the area, their Realms were not suppressed at all and there were no changes made to them.

“Ready? Let’s go into the castle!” Jiang Feng said as he took out the Feihe Sword, and entered the castle.

He had observed the Crystal Castle once. There were ten Mirror Guards at the entrance. Then, there were ten patrols after entering. Each patrol was formed by ten monsters, and because of the suppression, they had all been suppressed to Earth Realm Ten Stars.

That meant that the castle had eleven groups of monsters. He did not know what was inside the castle though.

Once he had stepped into the ten guards’ aggro range, the ten Mirror Guards all headed toward them with greatswords in their hands. He glanced at Jianbao and said, “Jianbao, as usual.”

While Jianbao was not part of the Squadron, he was considered Jiang Feng’s pet. While he could not bring pets along during the competition, he could have them in the Secret Map.

Jianbao naturally would not give up a chance to earn some Beast Pills. It roared and rushed toward a guard.

“Sus, Wanke, and I will handle two monsters each. Huang Xiaoyu handle one. Kalosi, Jianbao, roam around and kill the monsters. Move!” Jiang Feng relayed the tactics as two Sword Chis flew out of the Feihe Sword in his hand, striking at the two guards.

“Trespassers! Die!” The two guards roared and intended to whack him with their greatswords.

He swung the Feihe Sword and blocked the other guard’s attack while moving away, dodging the attack from another guard.

In order to stop himself from being ambushed by a Black Pill, he immediately activated the Chi Shield.

It was just as he had thought. The moment he activated his Chi Shield, the two guards summoned their Black Pill to attack him.

Jiang Feng smiled coldly as he had expected it. He jumped up using Cloud Walk, lifted the sword in his hand, and struck away one of the Black Pills. When the other Black Pill had breached his Chi Shield, the Black Pill within his body flew out and crashed into the other Black Pill, stopping it.

One of the guards fell from the sky with a slam of his palm. Jiang Feng attacked with his palm. When the two of them struck each other, he was forced a few meters back as he caught the ground with one hand.


The two guards had their swords in hand and were making their way to him when Jianbao’s gigantic body smashed into them. It managed to kill one of the guards. One of its claws crushed the guard’s neck and pressed it into the ground. It then violently stepped on it twice, and then its Earth Soul was unleashed upon it, killing it immediately.

While its power was also suppressed, it had an Earth Soul. An Earth Soul and a Black Pill were two different levels of existence. A C Rank Earth Soul could even swallow its enemies’ Black Pill, and that was how terrifying it was.


At this time, Kalosi, who was roaming on the battlefield, immediately killed the guards with her double daggers. She was extremely quick. Combining her swiftness and her Black Pill, she could severely injure an enemy as long as she was given the chance.

With three fewer guards, their combat became much smoother.

Jiang Feng, Kalosi, and Jianbao immediately went over to support the other three and they managed to quickly kill the other seven guards.

After taking care of the ten guards, Jiang Feng then used Transmute Monster on one of the guards.

Ding. Monster Transmutation System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed!

“I see. The guards aren’t considered monsters. That means I can’t transmute them.”

It was just as he had thought. The guards were humanoids and not monsters. He could not transmute them.

“Into the castle!”

The gate of the castle was shut tight, and it had a million worth of HP. It meant that they would need to break down the gate before they could enter.

The five men and one beast began to attack the castle gate with all they had.

With their attacks, the castle gate’s HP kept on reducing. In the end, there was a huge explosion and it cracked open.

The moment the gate was destroyed, two patrols immediately attacked them.

“Aren’t they supposed to attack us one by one? Why would they send two patrols at once? This is bullying us because we have fewer people! This is illogical!” Huang Xiaoyu cried out and quickly retreated when he saw the twenty guards rushing toward them.

“Don’t worry, we’ll fight at the gate. There is limited space at the gate and not all of them can attack at the same time. Xiaoyu, prepare your array. Everyone else, handle two of them. Stop the guards on the outside from entering, but be careful and avoid their Black Pills!”

“I have an array palette now! I don’t need to carve an array on demand anymore!” Huang Xiaoyu said and then drew some patterns on the ground using his brush. He then took out five yellow crystals and placed them on the pattern.

In the next moment, a yellow light encompassed everyone, and all their defense and Inner Chi’s strength were increased.


With the array’s buff, Jiang Feng attacked two guards with the Feihe Sword in his hand. As the Sword Chi flew, the two guards immediately lost a few mirror fragments. Next, his Black Pill flew out and crashed into one of the guards’ bodies, dealing critical damage to it.

There were more enemies than expected so he needed to deal as much damage as possible to clear off a few guards. If not, things could go awry too easily.

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