MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Level You Down to Zero

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Killing Zhang Qian and Li Yi allowed him to gain a large number of Experience Points, and he even obtained loot.

This had allowed him to find a way to earn money.

Since he couldn’t obtain loot from killing monsters, but he could by killing players!

Once the thought crossed his mind, he licked his furry lips. He then rushed forward towards the players that are rushing towards him, his eyes filled with killing intent.

The players’ average level was around Level 4, and as such their attributes could not be compared to his.

He jumped into the air using his four limbs, avoiding attacks and opening up his jaw. He then sank his teeth into a player’s neck and caused Weakness Damage. He did not wait for the player to retreat. His sharp claws mauled into the player’s heart, killing him instantly.

At the same time, he felt a sharp pain from his back. He turned around and gritted his teeth as he saw a girl holding a sword looking at him with fear. He pounced on her without any mercy and clawed her across her chest. The bounciness made him feel pleasant, but he opened his jaw and crunched her neck. Suddenly, blood splattered everywhere, and it became extremely gory.

Of course, only those who had adjusted their visual effects setting could see the bloody scene.

It was possible to adjust the visual effects in-game, and most chose to hide all blood. Even their Sense of Pain had been reduced to 20%. Unless there were crazy, or they were those that could not adjust it like him.

In an instance, four players died in his hands. The other players’ excitement faded away and became fearful.

“Hmph, want to escape? No way, Jose!”

Seeing some of the players wanted to escape, he quickly chased them down. After a few swipes, and one more went down. How could he let the Experience Points escape him?

In less than five minutes, the players that surrounded him had all been killed.

That was a curb-stomp battle from having high attributes!

Ding! System Prompt: You have killed a Player, received 400 experience points.

Ding! System Prompt: You have killed a Player, received 300 experience points.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 7. You have received 1 free attribute point.

After killing that group of players, he had successfully increased his level to 7.

Unfortunately, he did not get any loot other than some bronze pieces. It would seem that the players at the current level were too poor!

Luckily, he had some results. At least he then knew that killing different players yielded him a different amount of experience points.

For example, killing a first-level player would yield him 100 experience points. A second level player would yield him 200 experience points, and so on. The pattern was very obvious.

“I wonder if I kill someone above my level, will that give me more experience points?”

Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the blood on him and slowly disappeared.

He really wanted to kill a player that was higher level than him to test his theories. Unfortunately, the highest-level player from the Starter Village had probably only reached Level 7. Perhaps no one had reached that level.

“I am not in a rush to level myself. I should find a way to evolve and see what I can evolve into.” Jiang Feng mumbled to himself, but his demeanor turned fierce. “Before I do that, I will level Li Yi down to zero first.”

With that, he sped towards the Starter Village. On his way, he looked at the Black-Iron equipment’s stats.

Masterwork Longsword: Black-Iron Equipment

Strength +2

Physical Attack +5

Equipment Level: 5

“Quite basic. But I can’t use it. I’ll save it first. When my Drop Panel is full, I’ll sell it!”

With that said, he closed his Drop Panel, and continued to run towards the Starter Village.

After Li Yi was killed, he appeared in the Respawn Point. He looked extremely angry.

Zhang Qian approached him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Yi could only grit his teeth as he replied, “The Black-Iron Equipment that I’ve spent several hundred on was dropped.”

Zhang Qian advised him, saying, “It’s going to be alright. When we kill the mobs later, maybe we can get a few good pieces of equipment as well.”

Li Yi angrily said, “No. I have to kill that dog!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just as Zhang Qian and Li Yi were talking, the Respawn Point behind them kept glowing. Players with long faces came out of the Respawn Point, cursing.”

“Damn it, it’s just a Wild Dog King. Why is it so strong? Are the Bosses near the Starter Village that strong?”

“My goodness. The instance it killed me, I think I saw the white dog sneering at me. Is that dog intelligent?”

“Sniff sniff~ Little Yang Yang, that dog touched my chest just now. That’s a lustful dog, I hate him!”

As Li Yi saw the players that watched Jiang Feng being killed and sent back, he was slightly stunned. But his brains ticked, and he quickly came up with a plan and then walked towards the group of players.

“Yo, bro. If we solo it, we will never kill that boss. Why don’t we find more people, kill him, and we can play rock-paper-scissors to determine whoever gets the loot? We’ll kill those who turn on us, what do you say?”

“What a good idea. Let’s go, we’ll find people to kill him now. I want little, all I want is a few green-bronze level equipment.”

“Count me in!”

In a short moment, Li Yi had gathered a group of around thirty players. They left the Starter Village in high spirits to look for Jiang Feng.

But just as they passed by a tree in front of the Start Village, a white shadow swooped down from the tree and appeared before Li Yi.

Before Li Yi could react, it instantly killed him instantly.

The white shadow that had sneaked to the Starter Village and waited for Li Yi was none other than Jiang Feng.

After killing Li Yi, Jiang Feng quickly ran to the side of the giant tree. Using his sharp claws, he climbed back to the top of the tree. Once there, he lazily lay down with his jaw upon. It looked as if he was mocking the players arrogantly.

“Hot damn, why is this beast here? Don’t monsters have a specific area they patrol? Also, why does he know how to escape? Why does he know how to climb a tree? Is this a quest?” A male player exclaimed in surprise.

“Looks like a quest, if not it won’t act so unusual.” Another player agreed with him.

Just when a group of players stared at Jiang Feng as they discussed, Li Yi ran towards them angrily.

“D*mned animal! Why don’t you kill the others and only kill me? I will definitely kill you this time!”

After being killed twice and his levels dropped by two, Li Yi lost his cool. He shouted at him with rage and took out his Starter Sword while preparing to climb the tree.


Jiang Feng watched with disdain before jumping down and fell on Li Yi’s head. Two and three swipes later, Li Yi had been killed and he went back to the top of the tree.”

“Hm? That dog focuses on him. Maybe that bro triggered some kind of quest?”

As the players saw that scene and were momentarily stunned, they began to question if Li Yi had triggered some quest that caused Jiang Feng’s aggro to be maintained on him.

After being revived, Li Yi once again ran over. This time, becoming more cautious as he hid behind the group and yelled at him.

“Damn you, why the hell are you targeting me? Do you have a grudge against me?”


Jiang Feng did not waste any time and jumped down from the tree. He quickly ran past the crowd and headed towards Li Yi.

 Seeing this, Li Yi became fearful. Knowing that Jiang Feng was really targeting him, he was so shocked that he quickly ran back towards the Starter Village.

But he didn’t even manage to make the first few steps before a sharp pain came from his back. Only at Level 2, his attributes weren’t that high. So. he was killed again.

After killing Li Yi, Jiang Feng climbed up the tree again relaxingly. He did not care about the other players.

“Haha, this is so good! That guy is so unlucky!”

“I can’t stop laughing. This dog is so interesting. I’m going to post this on Weibo. Maybe I can get myself on the favorite search and get myself some fans.”

“Looks like this really is a quest. That guy was thinking of using us to help him kill it, so he can finish the quest and get the quest rewards. He deserves this.”

Remembering how Li Yi had been enticing them to kill Jiang Feng, they had already determined that this was a quest and they lost all interest in trying to kill him. Since even if they killed Jiang Feng, it was only to help Li Yi finish his quest. They wouldn’t even receive the rewards.

What they did not know was that Li Yi, who exited the Respawn Point, was already in tears.

“D*mn it, that rabid dog. That has to be a rabid dog.”

While he was cursing, he still walked to the edge of the Starter Village, but he didn’t dare to leave the Starter Village.

“You dog! I am now in the Safe Area. Let’s see how you are going to kill me!”

He screamed at Jiang Feng, who eyed at him coldly as he lay on top of the tree.

Again, Jiang Feng did not waste any time and jumped down from the tree, and chased him into the Starter Village.

Li Yi did not think that Jiang Feng would dare to enter the Starter Village, and he quickly ran into the Starter Village fearfully.

As he ran, he even turned back and yelled, “Are you done…”

He did not even finish his sentence and Jiang Feng’s attack had already hit his body, causing his level from 1 to drop to 0.

“Monster, you shall not commit your savagery!”

 “Sh*t, the guards are here. I have to leave the Starter Village!”

Looking at Li Yi’s body on the ground, a gruff voice rang out. Jiang Feng turned over and saw two Level 50 Starter Village Guards rushing towards him.

Seeing that, he merely looked at the surroundings and ran into an herbs store.


Once he ran into the herbal shop and saw no one, he immediately used polymorph to change himself into a human.

Once he became a human, he turned around and left the herbs store. The guards eyed him for a second, ignored him, and ran into the herbs store.


Seeing that the guards did not recognize him, he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly ran out of the village.

Polymorph only had a duration of one minute.

Luckily, the Starter Village was very small. In a matter of tens of seconds, he left the Starter Village.

“Hm? Jiang Feng? Impossible, he cannot afford a Divine Dominion terminal. Maybe something is wrong with my eyes.”

As he ran out of the Starter Village, Zhang Qian, who was standing at the village gate muttered after being stunned momentarily when she saw his figure from behind.

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