MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 586 - Mysterious Blood Stains on the Rock

Chapter 586: Mysterious Blood Stains on the Rock

Jiang Feng did not expect that Zhao Yun would be so excited in seeing him, and he was not sure what was happening.

But what made him glad was that his name was known at a place like this.

That also proved that he had a great influence on the game.

Zhao Yun once again grabbed hold of Jiang Feng excitedly. “Shifter Emperor, can you help me with something? As long as you are willing to help me, I am willing to serve you all my life!”

‘Um… I haven’t even tried to recruit him and he is already offering to serve me? I wonder what is it that he wants me to do?’ Jiang Feng thought to himself.

He then asked Zhao Yun, “What do you need me to do?”

Zhao Yun pointed at the egg in the pit and said with sorrow, “Save her!”

“Who is she?” Jiang Feng was quite curious about the egg.

“My wife, the Frostfell Phoenix Lulu!” Zhao Yun looked at the egg in the pit softly.

‘Holy?! Isn’t Zhao Yun’s wife the younger sister of Ma Chao, Ma Yunlu? How did his wife become a Frostfell Phoenix?!’

As he did not know if this scene was designed by a designer, he did not give the question too much thought in terms of real-world history and the game’s history.

“What happened to her?” Jiang Feng asked.

When the topic of the Frostfell Phoenix was brought up, Zhao Yun was drowned in his memories and began explaining what happened.

“About a hundred years ago, Mount Chang was a very beautiful place. It was warm here all seasons and littered with small animals. It was completely unlike what it is now. On the day that I was going to wed my wife, an old man appeared here and froze this entire place and cut out Mount Chang from the rest of the world. He also created an altar on the peak of Mount Chang.”

“In order to create the altar, he killed all the animals here. He did not let my wife be. Luckily, my wife is the descendant of the phoenix, and has the ability to revive herself.”

“Just when my wife was undergoing rebirth, the old man wanted to shatter my wife. I blocked his attack and protected her, but her rebirth became problematic. With her shell fractured, her life aura has become weakened and she doesn’t have the ability to complete her rebirth.”

Jiang Fan then asked him, “Who is that old man? Where is he now?”

Zhao Yun shook his head and said, “I do not know who he is. I only know that after he had injured me, he seemed to be in a rush and used the altar to go somewhere else. After he left, something supernatural had happened from the sky and shattered the altar. Afterward, the entire Mount Chang became like what you see now. Not only that, everyone else except me has transformed into monsters. Being immortal and unable to die, they live their lives in eternal suffering!”

When he heard what Zhao Yun said, Jiang Feng then remembered the village that he was at when he had just arrived.

The ones in the village were not monsters, but the villagers that used to live in this place.

He frowned when he remembered the scene where the villagers were eating their own bodies.

Forcing the villagers to eat their own body parts and live in eternal suffering and pain.

It caused Jiang Feng to feel incredibly upset and angry.

Unfortunately, that old man was no longer here and he did not know where he went. No matter how upset he was, he could not change this place.

“What should I do to save your wife?” Jiang Feng asked Zhao Yun.

“The… Providence Pill!” Zhao Yun gave Jiang Feng a glance and told him.

The Providence Pill was a Heavenly Saint level pill and was worth a lot. He was quite worried that Jiang Feng was not willing to take it out.

But he was out of choice. Only Jiang Feng had the Providence Pill in Silvermoon. That also meant that Jiang Feng was the only one that could save his wife.

Jiang Feng still had two Providence Pills on him and plenty of ingredients for creating the pills. Therefore, one Providence Pill was not worth as much as Zhao Yun.

Except he could not take out the Lianyao Flask in this place and was unable to open the Lianyao Flask. There was no way for him to retrieve the Providence Pill.

“I would give it to you, but I can’t retrieve the Providence Pill. I can only do it outside of this place. However, we do not know how to leave this place. Do you know the way?” Jiang Feng asked Zhao Yun.

Zhao Yun shook his head in helplessness. “I do not know as well. However, I have looked in this place for hundreds of years. If my power can be restored, we should be able to leave through several of the arrays.”

“Restoring power?” Jiang Feng then gave Jiang Fan a smile. “It is all up to you again, my son!”

“Yes.” Jiang Fan nodded.

Zhao Yun looked at the little one next to Jiang Feng with doubt.

He was not sure what good reasons the Shifter Emperor would have to depend on a child.

“Before leaving this place, all of you should leave this place for a bit. I want to go take a look at the mountain peak!” Jiang Feng gave it a thought and decided to go to the peak of Mount Chang.

Since that old man had built the altar on the mountain, he must have left some clues despite the altar having been destroyed.

He then mounted on Liang-Liang and gave it a pat. It then extended its wings and began to fly, heading straight to the peak of Mount Chang swiftly.

Their location was not that far from the mountain peak. And that was why they arrived after a short while.

He looked down at the peak from the sky.

The peak of Mount Chang looked like it had been bombarded by bombs. There was a gigantic hole in the middle with many shattered rocks and indications of burning.

He was not sure why, but snow did not fall here. As such, it still looked like how it was after being destroyed by the explosion.

Jiang Feng jumped down from Liang-Liang and walked toward a giant rock.

There were many runes on the giant rock.

He was familiar yet alien with these runes.

That was because he could see them on the Teleportation Circle of every city. That meant that on the altar, there used to be a teleportation circle.

However, he could not understand what kind of teleportation circle would need the blood of monsters.

“I feel like I have stumbled into a gigantic plot, and I do not like it at all!” When he saw the teleportation circle, he thought about this place and the Bottomless Pit, and he then looked at the Teleportation Circle in front of him. Many things inside the game had suddenly become quite complex and mysterious.

Including the information that he would gain when he reached the level of Mythic Saint.

“No matter what it is, this game has a great connection to the Monster Transmutation System. I have to keep on growing. I want to know where something overpowered comes from and who created it!” Jiang Feng’s grip became harder as his eyes showed determination.

At the very beginning, he was only planning to use the game to earn some money and to improve his father’s and his life.

But seeing that he was no longer at lacking funds, he was then playing this game because he was curious and wanted to know about the unknown.


At this time, he saw blood splatter on a rock some distance away. Curiously, he went over and had the rock in his hand, giving it a look.

“Can it be that the old man was already struck at the time when he used the altar to leave? Or this is the blood of monsters during the sacrifice?”

Jiang Feng took the rock the size of his fist with him as he was not sure what it meant, and then jumped on Liang-Liang and flew downward.

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