MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 480 - Parents’ Location

Chapter 480: Parents’ Location

After a while, Nanyu and Ningbai* had entered.

T/L Note: In Raw, the author mistakenly called Ningbai as Ningxiang in the entire chapter. Fixed. (Ningxiang is the name of the younger sister of Su Daji, in case anyone forgot.)

It was the first time for both of them to enter the Shifter Emperor Palace.

When they saw how great the Shifter Emperor Palace was, they were impressed.

After they came in, Ningbai then saw Jiang Feng who was sitting on the throne, and she then asked, “Feng Ye?”

Nanyu corrected her and said, “It’s the Shifter Emperor!”

Jiang Feng smiled as he stood up and approached them. “You can call me whatever you like.”

He then turned to Ningbai and said, “Thank you for blocking that attack for me!”

When they were at Mount Shu, Ningbai had blocked an attack for him in order to save him.

While he could easily negate that attack, Ningbai did not know who he was, and yet she did it anyway. His heart was warmed by her action.

When she heard what Jiang Feng had said, she was embarassed as she said, “If I had known you’re the Shifter Emperor, I wouldn’t have saved you. I even lost one level.”

“Haha, I’m sorry about lying to you both,” Jiang Feng said with a smile. “Right, please wait for a bit. I didn’t forget about the pill that I have promised you both!”

He called out the Ghost-White Heavenly Ice-Fire and it began to burn from his palm. He then threw in some herbs.

The herbs began to melt, and after a short while, his palm began to release a medicinal aroma.

Ding. System Prompt. Pharmacy Successful!

As the system’s voice entered his ears, a pill appeared in Jiang Feng’s hand.

The pill was light green in color. It was a pill that was used to dispel curses, and it had no other uses. Creating it was not that difficult.

“This is the pill that you wanted. Once you eat it, it will then break the curse on you!” Jiang Feng then gave the light green pill to Ningbai.

“Thank you, Shifter Emperor!” Ningbai said with a smile as she accepted the pill.

“Welcome. Brother Nanyu, can we speak alone?”

“Of course.”

Next, he spoke with Nanyu and gave him a Super Divine Artifact, as well as explaining a lot of things to him.

As the Necropolitans had joined the Shifters, he naturally had to give something good to Nanyu so he could grow even faster to help him.

After he was done dealing with Nanyu and Ningbai, originally he was going to make another batch of Providence Pill, since he still had five portions of ingredients including the Qilin Grass Spirit.

But after giving it a thought, he gave up.

He was not sure when ling Feiyu was going to give birth. If that happened while he was at a critical juncture when making the pills, it would no doubt affect his emotions and he would definitely fail.

While he was waiting for Ling Feiyu to give birth, Ling Fieyu and he both logged out of the game to have dinner.

As soon as he logged out, he saw a woman pushing a cart with dinner.

The one on top was cooked food while the one below was raw.

The cooked food was naturally for Ling Feiyu and him, while the raw food was for Xiaohei, Xiaohai, and Leiya.

“Young Master, dinner is here. Please take your time!” The woman said respectfully when she saw Jiang Feng in his pajamas.

“Thank you, Aunt Li,” Jiang Feng said to the woman and sat on the dinner table.

Xiaohei and the other two had already begun to dig in.

After a while, Ling Feiyu had also come out of the room and joined them in enjoying the food.

Dong! Dong!

Just as they were eating dinner, he could hear noises at the main door. He was slightly surprised, put down his bowl and chopsticks then headed to the door.

He opened the mansion’s door and there was no one there.

“Boss, over here!”

At this time, there was a voice coming from down below. He looked down, and it was actually Xiaohuang that he had sent out.

After Xiaohuang had accompanied him and digested the Enhancing Pills, he was then sent out by Jiang Feng for secret missions.

Xiaohuang looked very dirty at the moment.

But its power had already gone from Peak Expert to Early Grandmaster. It was just a weasel, but it gave out an extremely dangerous aura.

“Come in first!” Jiang Feng looked around before bringing Xiaohuang back into the mansion.

When Xiaohuang entered the room and saw the food on the table, his eyes beamed with excitement as he pounced toward it and quickly ate a raw chicken.

“Squeak~ So sweet! I was having it tough these two days! You three have the best life as you can eat and drink whatever you want every day!” Xiaohuang complained as he ate.

Xiaohei then licked his lips and said with a smile, “The capable ones are wanted for everything!”

“I like how you spin it,” Xiaohuang said.

Jiang Feng looked at Xiaohuang who had almost finished his food, then asked him, “How did it go? Did you manage to gather any information on what I asked you to?”

Xiaohuang then wiped his mouth with his paw and said, “Got it. I heard that Grandma is being imprisoned in the ancestral home of the Xuanyuan family. They are also looking for Grandpa, and they are guessing that he is in America.”

Xuanyuan family’s ancestral home? And his dad is in America?

He frowned as he listened to the information that Xiaohuang gave him.

He was not surprised that his mother would be in the Xuanyuan family’s ancestral home, and he was able to confirm that she was indeed still alive. And it was just as Xuanyuan Qi had said, she was imprisoned within the Xuanyuan family.

As for why his dad went to America, that was something that he had no clue about.

Could it be because he could not make a living in China anymore? Or was China too dangerous?

His guess was that the latter was more possible.

While China was pretty big, it would still be pretty easy to find someone if the Xuanyuan family wanted to, unless that someone hid in the mountains.

His dad still had a lot to do, so naturally, he would not choose to retreat into the mountains and not come out.

Now that he knew his mother’s and dad’s general location, the next thing he needed to do was to save his mother.

His dad must be very worried about his mother. Only by confirming his mother’s safety would his dad be able to do what he needed to.

“This is your reward. You did well!” Jiang Feng took out an Enhancing Pill and gave it to Xiaohuang.

Xiaohuang had already used up his Enhancing Pill in the past two days when he was spying as well as when he was being chased by the guards. When he saw the Enhancing Pill, he naturally jumped up in joy.

“I want it too, boss!”

Xiaohei wagged his tail and stuck out his tongue as he looked at Jiang Feng with his innocent eyes.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Xiaohei, “You guys are living such a comfortable life and you still want Enhancing Pills? Sure, but I have missions for you.”

“What mission?” Xiaohei asked excitedly.

“We’ll talk about it later!”

He did not have enough Enhancing Pills for the time being since he still needed them to empower the Twelve Soldier Elites and the Twelve Insect Kings.

The poisonous vermin still had not arrived. But once they were in place, that would be another expense. That was why he needed to assign his followers that had already become strong like Xiaohei to various tasks. He could not afford to allow them to keep on enjoying life without paying the price.

At this time, he took out his phone and made a call, “Hello, have you found my vermin yet?”

“We found them, Young Master. They are on their way and will be arriving within the hour.”

“Alright, directly send it to my place!” He hung up the call and looked at Xiaohuang, and then gave him a smile and asked, “Are you full?”

Xiaohuang licked his lips. “Somewhat.”

Jiang Feng said with a smile, “Good. I have a mission for you.”

Xiaohuang looked at him helplessly, “Boss, you can’t do this to me. I just got home, and you are giving me another mission already? I won’t do it if you give me less than five enhancing pills!”


“Whoa! I will do it!”

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