MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Armor Piercing Claw

Once players reach Level 10, they could then start to learn Craft-Profession skills.

At this stage, most players had reached Level 10. Many Crafters had appeared in this game.

These players’ main objective was to earn money in the game.

As such, there were plenty of materials in the Trading Hall such as ores, pelts, wood, leather, animal bones, pills, meats, and others.

But these materials’ levels were all too low.

Even the highest level ore was only a middle-level Green-Bronze ore. The Quality wasn’t that great, There was two high Quality ore with a Purity of 7, but all of them were below 5.

Other than levels, ore also had Quality.

A Purity of 1 to 3 was considered being low Quality, a Purity of 4 to 6 were considered being middle Quality, a Purity of 7 to 9 were considered being of high Quality. An ore with a Purity of 10 was known as an Ore Essence and was considered to be of the best Quality.

“Oh well, I’ll just buy some and treat it as a practice.”

All the materials on the material page were traded using in-game currency.

He had spent 1gp on the two high Quality ore with a purity of 7, then spent another 1gp on 30 middle Quality ore with a Purity of around 5.

After he had bought all the materials and running, he still spent around half an hour before arriving at the outskirts of the Imperial Dragon City

“Whew. I should buy a few Town Portal scrolls from the general store later. Next time, I should just polymorph and teleport back,” said Jiang Feng as he was out of breath from all the running and combed his fur.

After taking a look at the outskirts of the Imperial Dragon City, he looked for a place where there were no players. He then used Polymorph and quickly ran towards the Imperial Dragon City.

He had already evolved four times, and the duration of his Polymorph had reached 41 minutes. This was enough time for him to forge a few pieces of equipment during this time.

He had polymorphed into a humanoid form and entered the Imperial Dragon City.

The Imperial Dragon City’s south gate had a commercial district that had smithies, general stores, herbal shops, and other kinds of shops.

He went to the General Store and spent 1gp on a stack of 20 Town Portal scrolls. He took five out, set the Imperial Dragon City as the return point, and then entered the smithy.

“Wow… so hot!”

As soon as he entered the smith, a heatwave washed over him, causing him to frown.

Dang! Dang!

There weren’t many players in the smith. A sweaty man without wearing outerwear was hammering at an ore next to the forge, and this man was the smithy’s boss.

“Boss, I would like to rent a smithy room.” Jiang Feng said with a smile as he approached the boss.

The boss stopped what he was doing and then scanned Jiang Feng, then said in surprise, “It’s you, master. It is a great honor for you to visit my humble smithy. Which level of smithy room would you like?”

“There are differences between rooms?” The boss of the smith’s only had the skill of an Adept, so he was naturally polite when he saw a Master ranked smith. However, he didn’t quite understand how the smithy worked, and so he asked.

The boss of the smithy wiped his sweat away, then answered with a smile, “Smithy Rooms are separated into three types. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each room’s forge has a different type of fire. The flames in an Advanced room smelt ores quickly, and if you add some Molten Iron Powder, ore could be smelted into liquid within breaths. They also had various types of molds, allowing you to smith even quicker.”

“Can I forge pet equipment?” He asked again after understanding the Smithy Rooms.

“Of course! No matter what kind of equipment you forge, when you succeed they will be bestowed attributes!”

“I understand now. Can you give me an Advanced Smithy Room?”


Renting an Advanced Smith Room costs 5gp per hour.

In comparison, he had bought so many ores for only 2 gps. How expensive Smithy Rooms were was apparent.

A Smithy Room was basically a secret room. There were a forge and a hammer, and there was a jar of water and some Molten Iron Powder. The racks in the room had many molds for various types of weapons, and there were also molds where no shapes had been sculpted into it yet.

Looking at the molds that hadn’t been sculpted, he took the mold with a pair of pliers, then approached the side of the forge where flames as hot as real flames were burning. He used the pliers to carry the mold and let the fire carve the mold.

This was a game, so it wasn’t as complicated when compared to reality.

He had only started to carve a shape to the mold, and a window came out in front of him. Inside was the image of his carving, and beside the picture there were two functions, Search and Draw. He wasn’t that good at drawing, so he had naturally chosen to search. He was able to find a 3-dimensional image of a sharp claw, and then the old began to change and the image of a claw had been printed on the mold.

After he had managed to complete the mold, he took out 10 of the middle-level ores into the forge, and sprinkle some Molten Iron Powder on them. The ores were liquified very quickly.

He then poured the liquid into the mold and used water to cool it down. He then used the smithy hammer to hit it.

With each strike, the shape of a claw began to form.

At this time, he quickly used his Smithing skill.


A red light appeared, and the claw in the mold cracked.

Ding! System prompt: Smithing failed. Proficiency +1.

“Hm? Why would it crack directly?”

Jiang Feng looked at the cracked claw curiously. And when he was thinking about it, the broken claw in the mold disappeared.

“Let’s continue!”

He took out another ten ores and threw it in, then he continued crafting.

Ding! System prompt: Smithing failed. Proficiency +1.


Ding! System prompt: Smithing failed. Proficiency +1.


Ding! System prompt: Smithing failed. Proficiency +1.


“Shit! Why do I keep failing?”

After failing 9 times continuously and lost 3gp worth of ore and twenty minutes had already passed, he became agitated.

“Oh, that’s right. It was commonly said that striking a metal a thousand times turns it into steel. Steel is the toughest and doesn’t crack easily. I should try hitting it a few more times!” Jiang Feng remembered something, then gritted his teeth and threw the two middle level high Quality ores as well as eight normal quality ores, and threw them all into it.

This time, after the molten iron was poured into the mold, he repeatedly hit it a dozen times. When the claw was formed, he threw it into the forge to smelt it and then poured it back into the mold just to continue hitting it again.

After doing this a dozen times and he had around 10 minutes left on his polymorph, he ported it into the mold and hit it a dozen times again, and then used the Smithing skill.


When he used the Smithing skill, the claw in the mold let out a green light as it trembled.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on creating the “unnamed” equipment, proficiency +100. As you are the first player to have forged a White-Silver equipment, you have gained 200 reputation points and 10gp. This would also be announced to the whole server, to encourage other Crafters. Do you wish to hide your name?


After hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng became very excited.

Ding! Server announcement: Congratulations to player Jiang Feng on creating a White Silver “unnamed” equipment. As he was the first player to have forged a White-Silver equipment, he has been awarded 200 points of reputation and 10gp. It was hoped that Crafters all around would take him as an example. Work hard and create weapons of various kinds!

He didn’t have the time to care about the server announcement and turned to look at his claw-shaped equipment.

Unnamed: White-Silver Equipment

Physical Attack +100

Defense +20

20% chance of causing Shred

20% chance of armor pierce

Piercing Claw: Active Skill. When triggered, the weapon will fly and strike the target, causing 150% of armor pierce damage. You may have the weapon return to you with a call. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Prerequisite: Level 15 Pet

Since you have the pierce armor attribute, and even a pierce armor skill, I’ll call you Armor Piercing Claw!

Ding! System Prompt: Naming complete!

“I don’t have much time left for my Polymorph. I should leave quickly!”

He packed the Armor Piercing Claw, and then looked at the remaining duration for Polymorph. He only had 5 or 6 minutes left. He quickly checked out of the room and left the smithy, then ran towards the outskirts of Imperial Dragon City.

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