MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Third Side Wins

As soon as he had taken the Corpse Pill and became a Zombie, several players appeared at the portal.

When these players appeared, they then noticed Jiang Feng by the teleporter. A pervert by the name of “StabYourButtocks” used a sword and stabbed at Jiang Feng’s buttocks.

“Shit! Who the hell stabbed my ass!” His sense of pain was very high, and this stab made him scream out in pain.

While it didn’t really penetrate him, it did leave a mark on his buttocks.

He turned and looked angrily, then saw the perverted man taking a sword to attack him once again.


Once he became a zombie, all his attributes increased by 10% and his movement speed fell by 30%. While his movement speed had decreased, his speed was similar to a normal player. Chasing down a player was still possible.

Jiang Feng jumped and dodged StabYourButtocks’ attacks, then he jumped to the side of StabYourButtocks and used his claws to stab his chest.


A very normal attack and it had caused a thousand plus damage to StabYourButtocks. This alarmed him greatly and he retreated quickly.

Unfortunately, by the time he realized what was happening, it was already too late. Jiang Feng’s stiff arms flailed and blew him away, killing him instantly.

After killing StabYourButtocks and seeing a few other players coming towards him, he plotted for a bit and decided not to fight with those players. Instead, he rushed into where the Zombie Wizards were, and used the Zombie Wizards to hide.

He was planning to take advantage of the situation, so of course, he wouldn’t show himself too early.

He was going to wait until the Zombie Wizard King was slain before starting the slaughter, and of course, pick up the equipment that the Zombie Wizard King dropped.

He hid behind a few Zombie Wizards and wasn’t attacked. Most of the players were concentrating on the Zombie Wizard King, and some of them were clearing the grounds of the normal Zombie Wizards. None of the players cared about him, and none of them would have thought that he was actually a tiger.

‘I should use this chance to clear out some players so that I won’t get overwhelmed later,’ Jiang Feng thought to himself as he stood in the middle of a group of Zombie Wizards, then carefully sneak attacked the players.

It wasn’t long until a dozen players had died by his hand.

“The boss is almost dead! Let me be clear, whoever steals my boss will be hunted down by the Axe Gang!”

“Oh, shut up! Whoever killed the boss owns the equipment!”

“Kill it!”


After hearing the players’ discussion, he then looked at the boss.

The boss only had a bit of HP left. Seeing that the players’ attacks were going to connect, Jiang Feng made his move.


He dismissed the Corpse Pill’s effect and restored himself to his original form. His claws grabbed at the ground, and his body jumped into the air, and at the moment the players killed the boss, he let Yanhu and Heifeng out, blocking the players from picking up the equipment.


The three tigers let out the tigers’ roar, and it intimidated the players that were just going to snatch the equipment.

“Kill the player that gave the boss the final strike!”

While the players were still surprised, Jiang Feng jumped at the player that gave the boss the final strike. He did not wait for him to react and killed the player in two swipes.

After killing that player, that meant the items cannot be picked up within five minutes. That way, he would have to worry about the equipment being snatched away.

“What’s happening? Why are there three different tiger bosses here?”

“Must be a game bug! We’ve killed one boss already, and now there’s three more? Is this the game’s way of blessing or cursing us?”

“Why are we thinking about this? Let’s kill the bosses first!”


Seeing that Jiang Feng had killed a player, the players had all come back to their senses and stared at them in shock.

Many of the players took their weapons and rushed towards the three of them.

While they did wonder about why the Blackwind Tiger King, Flaming Tiger King, and the other tiger king would appear in the Cave of the Undead, they couldn’t think about it.


Seeing that the players were coming for them, he roared at Heifeng and Yanhu with only one word.

“Roar! Kill!”

Yanhu roared excitedly and pounced towards the players.

Heifeng was more direct and smacked a player to the ground.

With Yanhu and Heifeng’s current strength, while they couldn’t battle with the players for a long time, they wouldn’t have any problems stalling them for five minutes.

As for him, he guarded next to the items that were on the ground. Anyone that went close to him had been killed.

Yanhu and Heifeng were rank 4 bosses, and he was a rank 5 boss. Adding to the fact they know how to position themselves and evade the attacks, their overall strength was much higher than the Zombie Wizard King. Those players that wanted to kill them did not have much advantage over them. In fact, around a dozen players had been slain by them.

“Damn it! Why are these three bosses so strong! Not only do they know how to evade attacks, they even know how to position themselves!”

“What happened to the law that states that monsters cannot ascend after the establishment of the nation? Aren’t these three bosses’ intelligence too high?!”


After a dozen players died by the hands of Jiang Feng, Yanhu and Heifeng, none of the players dared to come close

They require a large amount of experience to level up now. Once they had been killed, their level would drop, and they didn’t want to lose a level without getting anything in return.

Therefore, they only dared to curse from afar. Some even said that they would complain to customer service.

Since it was in the introduction of the Cave of the Undead that every level only had one boss. Four had appeared in this level, so it wouldn’t be weird if they had a gripe.

Seeing that the players did not dare to come forward, his lips curled and used Transmute Monster on the Zombie Wizard King’s corpse.


A light sound echoed, and the body of the Zombie Wizard King burst into flames.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Corpse Pill, one piece of equipment, and one Level 25 Experience Pill.

After the successful transmutation, he then packed the items into the Spatial Bracelet.

Next, the Zombie Wizard King’s body disappeared.

Luckily, the other players could not see the flames and process when he transmuted a monster. If not, it would cause another round of chaos.

As time passed by, there were fewer and fewer players who dared to try to snatch the equipment. And finally, none of them dared to test their luck.

After a short moment, five minutes had passed. Jiang Feng excitedly kept all the items that were dropped by the Zombie Wizard King. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd quietly and took Yanhu and Heifeng back, then quickly ran towards the portal on the second level.

“Stop it! Don’t let it escape! It might drop a Divine Artifact if we can kill it!” A spellcaster player yelled quickly as he saw Jiang Feng escaping.

“Don’t be an idiot! It’s so strong, how are we supposed to stop it! Stop talking nonsense!” Cursed a warrior player as he rolled his eyes at him.

Because no one dared to challenge Jiang Feng, he had easily used the portal to reach the first level from the second level.

After returning to the first floor of the Cave of the Undead, he then ran out of the cave as many players in that level looked on with surprise,

At this time, a very beautiful woman chased after him. She looked at his running figure in surprise and then followed him.

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