MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: I Will Return that Slap

The message came from Mu Xi, and she said that she had collected three Donghuang Bell fragments.

Three Donghuang Bell fragments!

Jiang Feng was pleasantly surprised as he didn’t think that his solution was actually working.

“I heard that there were six people that have obtained the Donghuang Bell fragments. If you could find those six, I will give you the Secret-Class Class Change Letter!” replied Jiang Feng.

“I can’t. Two of those were owned by Shen Ye, and the other one in Ling Yun. I had spent 50,000 to get these three. Perhaps we can do it this way. Three fragments and 10,000. Is that acceptable for the Secret-Class Class Change Letter?”

Three Donghuang Bell fragments and 10,000?

Jiang Feng gave it a thought as he lowered his head, and decided to sell it to Mu Xi, “Alright, you can sell to me the three Donghuang Bell fragments via the Trading Hall for 1bp, and transfer the money to my account. I will then sell the Secret-Class Class Change Letter to you.”

The Secret-Class Class Change Letter was completely useless to him. Amongst the players, Mu Xi possessed the most Donghuang Bell fragments, and she even gave him an extra 10,000. He was content with the results.

Very quickly, the funds had been transferred to his account, and he spent another 3bp to buy the three Donghuang Bell fragments at the designated Trading Hall page. The Secret-Class Class Change Letter had also been bought by Mu Xi.

“I never thought that the other three fragments were in the hands of Shen Ye and Ling Yun. Looks like it’s going to be a bit troublesome to get those.” He said with a frown as he placed the three fragments into the Qiankun Gourd.

“Oh well. I’ll think of a way later. Now, I need to find the fragment in the Cave of the Undead first!” He looked at the time and mumbled. “It’s already six, and I should log out.”

He did not continue slaying the monsters. Instead, he returned Yanhu and Heifeng into the Qiankun Gourd and logged out.


Dragon City Riverbed, level two.

A handsome young man stood majestically in front of a hundred Crab Shifters with a sword in hand.

He wore clothing in white and held a sword. His emotionlessness gave him the look of a dispassionate swordsman.

If any players were here and checked on his identity, then they would know that this man was the person that had opened the Dragon City Riverbed dungeon, Qiu Si. He was also the second-best on the leaderboard.


Qiu Si brandished his sword, and a golden dragon rushed out from the sword. All the Crab Shifters that were on the golden dragon’s path had numbers in the thousands floated out on their head for five seconds long. It was terrifying to behold.

“As expected of a Divine Artifact! Despite being suppressed, the Dragon God Sword’s abilities are still so damaging! I need to quickly increase my level and unlock more of the sword’s abilities!” mumbled Qiu Si as he looked at the Dragon God Sword in his hand coldly.

He then jumped into the group of the Crab Shifters and waved the Dragon God Sword in his hand to cause damage again and again.

If Jiang Feng were here, he would no doubt be surprised.


After Jiang Feng went offline, he made dinner, fed the animal, then left home. He went to clean the streets near the university.

Once he had finished the cleaning and his father’s work, he did not go home. Instead, he went to the bank to take out 50,000 and headed to the hotel that Zheng Tao operated.

He was going to repay the loan from Zheng Tao.

He had one principle in life. And that was his dislike of owing someone something. Even if he owed someone something, he would do his best to repay them.

Zheng Tao had operated several hotels in the slum district, and he quickly found the one closest to him.

This hotel was open near the market. It wasn’t very big, and a female receptionist was there.

“Hello, is your boss Zheng Tao available?”

Jiang Feng walked over and asked the receptionist.

She looked at Jiang Feng, then said to him in contempt, “What do you want with our boss? Our boss won’t simply see just anyone.”

To the receptionist, her work was quite easy, and she was paid well. So, she looked down on those from the slums, and more so on those that came to borrow money.

She had met a lot of poor people that came over to see Zheng Tao to borrow money, so she treated Jiang Feng as one of them.

Jiang Feng did not care about her disdain, and said to her with a smile, “I’m here to repay the loan I owe your boss!”

“To pay him back?” The receptionist then scanned at Jiang Feng. “Our boss Zheng Tao is at his new bar in the city. It’s called ‘Waves Remain Unchanged.’ You should go there to look for him.”

Once he knew where Zheng Tao was, Jiang Feng looked for a car and headed to the city.

After spending half an hour, he finally found the bar that Zheng Tao had opened.

The bar wasn’t very big, but it was at least well renovated.

Just as he came close to the bar, booming music beats came from within. Because the bar was quite new, they had specials on offer. As if it was already at night, it had attracted quite a few patrons.

Once he entered the bar, he could hear the music blasts, the loud chatter, and many men and women moved maddeningly on the dance floor. He frowned, as he hated these kinds of environments.

He then asked around for a while and found where Zheng Tao was.

Zheng Tao was on the second-floor drinking with a few other of his clients by a table.

“Zheng Tao, I have something I need to talk to you about. Can we find somewhere quieter?”

Zheng Tao was not impressed with being disturbed from his drinks, and looked at Jiang Feng in annoyance. “Oh, it’s you. The poor kid. Are you here to ask for an extension? Let me tell you the answer now, no way!”

“Yo, Brother Tao, who’s this cutie-pie?” asked a woman that had over-dressed sitting opposite of Zheng Tao as she looked at Jiang Feng curiously.

Zheng Tao was surprised that the woman would ask him that, then gave her a smile and said, “Sis Hua, this kid is from the slums. That rubbish of a father of his borrowed money from me to get him to university. I guess he’s here to get some extension since he couldn’t repay me back.”

“I won’t allow you to insult my father like that!”

Hearing Zheng Tao insulting his father, he called him out with a frown.

Hearing his words, both Zheng Tao and Sis Hua were slightly astonished that he would be so prideful despite owing money.

“Kid, have you fucking forgotten who are you talking to? I’m going to tell you this right here, right now. Forget about paying me back in one week. If you don’t fucking pay me back tomorrow, I will have my men drag those animals from your house!” Having lost face in front of his clients, Zheng Tao stood up angrily and gave Jiang Feng’s face a light tap with his hand.

“We don’t have to wait for tomorrow. I’ve brought the money. Give me a receipt.”

Jiang Feng placed the bag carrying the cash on the table, then revealed the 50,000 cash inside.

Looking at the 50,000 cash, Zheng Tao was truly surprised and squinted his eyes at him. He smiled, “Not bad, kid. Did you rob a bank? Where did you get the money?”

“Even if I rob a bank, committed murder or arson it had nothing to do with you. I paid back the money, now give me the receipt!” Jiang Feng replied coldly.

Sis Hua sat there as she crossed her legs and swirled the wine in her glass as she looked at Jiang Feng with interest.

“Fine!” Zheng Tao smiled coldly, then called a waiter over. He took the pen from his pocket and wrote a receipt for Jiang Feng, then whispered into his ear, “Not bad, kid. Not bad. But you’ve made me lose face in front of my clients. I will settle this with you at another time!”

Jiang Feng took the receipt and said, “It wasn’t me that wanted to make you lose face, it was you that insulted my father first. And then, that slap you gave my father, I’ll find a chance to give it back to you!”

With that, he turned and left ignoring the anger from Zheng Tao.

For a poor kid like him, he would be in a lot of trouble once he had crossed someone as rich as Zheng Tao.

But he couldn’t stand by and do nothing when someone insulted his father.

This was a society of law, and it wasn’t easy for him to gather his riches and reach the status he had today. He wouldn’t kill him. Because if he did, he would ruin the rest of his life if he were caught.

Not to mention that he loved his money, and Jiang Feng didn’t cause him any losses, so he would never put a bounty on his head. Zheng Tao was no fool, he wouldn’t kill anyone over a scuffle!

Not to mention that he had just opened his new shop, he wouldn’t have the time to settle with someone as nameless as him.

Because of those reasons, that was why Jiang Feng had the courage to speak in a disrespectful manner.

After he had repaid the money, he put the receipt in his pocket. When he reached home, his father was already asleep, so he didn’t go and disturb him. He went back to his room to continue playing the game.

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