MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Elite Wild Dog

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Jiang Feng stared at The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy and gradually cooled down.

Even if he could use this skill to increase his power and steal their skills, he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have that kind of interest.

But he switched his train of thought. Yes, he couldn’t do it on other monsters, but what about other players?

Because of the marriage system in this game, it had the ability to woohoo1.

Of course, such a thing was not allowed in the game as all female players had a safety feature to protect them.

But of course, the safety feature was only directed at players but not monsters.

That meant that he could force himself upon female players.

“Damn it, what the hell was I thinking?”

He shook his head vigorously to remove the idea from his head.

The scene between a human and a monster. He subconsciously rejected it even just by thinking about it.

‘Oh well, let’s just learn it. Since I can turn into a human, I can tempt a beautiful woman once my polymorph duration has been extended. This skill can still be useful to me.’

With that thought, he had learned The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy.


As soon as he had learned The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, he became awash with dizziness as he was revived.

Once he was revived, he didn’t think twice before running away as he was fearful of being slain by other players.

But just as he started to move by a few steps, he fell on the ground.

He was used to walking with two limbs. For him to suddenly had to walk on four, it was definitely something that he was not used to.

“Hah! Look at this stupid dog! It fell down once it saw me!”

The male player waved the Starter Sword and pointed it at Jiang Feng mockingly.

When the nearby players saw this, they also began to laugh.

‘I will remember you, BirdOnATree. Just wait until I evolved into a Boss, I will kill you first!’

Jiang Feng looked at the player that slashed at him with his Starter Sword and snorted coldly in his mind. He stood up and continued to try to walk using his four limbs.

Originally, he was prepared to polymorph into a human. But when he remembered that it only had a duration of one minute, he gave up.

Not to mention that if a Wild Dog were to suddenly transform into a human, it would shock the players around here. They might even report him, and if the game company censored him, he could never create a character again.

Just as he managed to walk a few steps, several sharp pains came from his back. The numbers of damage done floated on his head, and he disappeared into the white light.

“D*mn, what is the setting for my sense of pain? Why does it hurt so much?”

Jiang Feng shouted in his mind as he returned to the darkness.

After complaining about it for a while, he stared at the two skills that he had.

One was Transmute Monster, the other was Polymorph.

If he wanted to get out of his current predicament, then he had to wait until all the players increased their levels and were no longer farming level 1 monsters. Another way was for him to increase his power and to move out of the level 1 monster area.

The only way to increase his power lay on Transmute Monster.

Transmute Monster could be separated into two abilities. One was the ability to transmute other monsters. The second one was to fuse two monsters.

Using Transmute Monster’s first ability would allow him a chance to obtain the Evolution Pill, which would allow him to evolve directly. This would be the fastest way to increase his power.

“I wonder what will happen if I fuse with another monster?”

His mind gave rise to a weird thought as his eyes fell on the second use of his ability.

This thought had instantly taken root in his mind, tempting his curiosity.

“Once I’m revived, I will try both of them!”

After waiting in the darkness for five minutes, he was revived once again.

After his revival, he didn’t care about the other players and had his eyes focused on a Level 1 Wild Dog next to him.

He approached it clumsily and used his paw to touch the Level 1 Wild Dog.

“Transmute Monster, transmute!”

He muttered in his mind. And in the next moment, a blaze of fire appeared surrounding that Wild Dog.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have gained one Dog Hide and one Level 1 Experience Pill.

Level 1 Experience Pill: Once consumed, gain 50 Experience Points.

He didn’t care much about the Dog Hide. But when he looked at the description of the Experience Pill, he was happy. And he didn’t hesitate to eat it.

“Shit, what happened to my monster? What’s happening?”

As soon as he ate the Experience Pill, the voice of a confused player rang out.

Hearing the player’s monologue, he knew that he could not see the fire, and did not know why that Wild Dog had disappeared.

Looking at his experience bar that had been filled up by one fifth, he was quite pleased. He then chased after another Wild Dog, preparing to try the other Transmute Monster’s another function.

“Oh my, the little dog still wanted to run!”

After running a few steps, a player’s voice came from behind him. Before he could even touch another Wild Dog, he was killed once again.

Despite being killed again, he had some results at least.

He could jog now, and he had also learnt on how to use Transmute Monster. He could transmute Experience Pills, allowing him to level up. He could also transmute the monster’s material. Of course, the materials were not as useful to him currently, and they even used up space.

One must know that he was a normal monster and had no inventory. He only had the Drop panel with five compartments that the system gave him.

What it meant was that the items in the Drop panel were the loot that players could get for killing him. At that point in time, it was one to ten bronze pieces and one piece of Level 1 White equipment.

His third revival was at the corner of the Wild Dog spawn area. There were more monsters nearby, but fewer players.

He was filled with joy and quickly approached a Wild Dog nearby.

“Hey bro! Come here, let’s merge like two Saiyans.”

He smiled as he walked over to a Wild Dog, and smacked at the Wild Dog and yelled at it.


‘Um, I didn’t know that I could cause damage! Looks like even monsters can fight each other!’

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned as he looked at the blood-red number floating out of the Wild Dog’s head.


The Wild Dog that was smacked barked at him angrily and started attacking him.

“Hehe, you want to say no? That is not up to you. Transmute Monster!”

He gave it a crooked smile and muttered in his heart. He used the second function of his Transmute Monster Skill. Suddenly, a giant cauldron fell from the sky and covered both the Wild Dog and him. Next, the cauldron began to spin quickly.

Jiang Feng, who was in the cauldron was being spun so quickly he began to get dizzy. It wasn’t long until a blazing flame covered both the Wild Dog and him, and both of them began to come closer together.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful.

When he once again heard the system’s voice in his ears, the cauldron had disappeared. And he had spun for a few more rounds before he could stabilize his own body.

“I did it! Let’s see my current stats!”

Jiang Feng became joyful and quickly opened his status windows.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 1 Elite Wild Dog

HP: 200

Attack: 20

Defense: 4

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy

Equipment: None

Drop: 1-10 bp (Bronze Pieces) and Level 1 White Equipment

“Haha, my attributes have doubled, and I became an Elite Wild Dog!”

Looking at his attributes that had doubled, Jiang Feng became very excited. While he was still drooling, he pounced on another nearby Wild Dog.

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