MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Greenwind Wolf King

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Imperial Dragon City was a city that was built based on the Forbidden City.

It had red walls, green tiles, wide streets, and tall buildings. It gave an air of magnificence.

At the heart of the city was a golden dragon statue.

The golden dragon raised its head into the heavens, its snake-like body fully extended, its five-fingered claws fully opened and its sharp claws reflected a cold light. The statue felt it was alive with an imposing aura.

“Ho… I’ve never seen the Forbidden City. But now that I’m in a city that looks like it, only then could I feel its magnificence!”

Jiang Feng walked out of the Respawn Point and looked at Imperial Dragon City, feeling with pride.

“I should use this time before my Polymorph skill expires to buy some things.”

After having a short moment, he remembered what he wanted to do. He opened the map, looked at where the Herbal Shop was, and quickly ran towards it.

Imperial Dragon City had four gates, and each of them had their own Teleportation Circle and shops. It didn’t take him long before he reached the Herbal Shop.

After spending two gold pieces, he bought two sets of 30 Recovery Pills.

Small Recovery Pill: Rank 3 Pill.

Recover 300 hp every second for 10 seconds. Cooldown of 3 seconds.

After he bought the Small Recovery Pill, he then headed to the General Store and the Restaurant. He bought torches and wood from the General Store and bought food and water from the Restaurant. Only then he ran towards the outside of the city.

The official site had mentioned that the Starter Village had no day and night cycle, no seasons, and no weather effects. The players also wouldn’t feel hunger. However, once they’d left the Starter Village, all of these would come into play.

That was why he bought all these things.


Greenwind Wolf: Level 10 Rank 3 Monster

Health Points: 8000

Attack: 300-350

Defense: 180

The Greenwind Wolves stats weren’t anything special, but they could move very fast and they fought in groups.

Looking at the Greenwind Wolves roaming around the Greenwind Ridge, Jiang Feng did not go over in his Tiger King form.

All the monsters above Level 10 had an Aggro Radius. If one had entered the Aggro Radius, the monsters would then attack.


He took out the Qiankun Gourd and released the fifty Elite Piebald Tigers.

“Kill them!”


With one order, the fifty Elite Piebald Tigers let out a roar and pounced towards several groups of Greenwind Wolves.

A battle between monsters had begun.

Jiang Feng did not join the battle, but instead gave commands from the sideline and killed those who had few HP left.

Under his leadership, the battle capabilities of the Elite Piebald Tigers had increased by one level.

Within seconds, there were already three Greenwind Wolves with only a slither of hp left. He ran over and killed the three Greenwind Wolves, obtaining the experience points.

In a short while, the groups of Greenwind Wolves had been killed and his experience had increased by 3%.

“It is so difficult to increase the level now. Luckily, Transmute Monster can even transmute bodies. They even produce Experience Pills, so that means that I can gain double the experience points from each hill!”

He could only mumble as he looked at the slow growth of his experience bar. He then came to the side of the Greenwind Wolf and used Transmute Monster to transmute it and gained a material and a Level 10 Experience Pill.

After having fifty Elite Piebald Tiger followers and Transmute Monster, his experience bar increased as if it were on a rocket.

The only thing that this tactic lacked was that killing normal monsters or transmuting normal monsters wouldn’t yield him any equipment.

In order to kill the monsters even quicker, he allowed the fifty Elite Piebald Tigers to attack thirty Greenwind Wolves while he himself would join the fray by going in and out of the battle, harvesting the lives of near-death Greenwind Wolves.


An Elite Piebald Tiger gave out a wretched roar as it fell to the ground. Perhaps it was because of fighting a larger amount of monsters, the pressure on the Elite Piebald Tiger’s was increased as well. Casualties began to appear.

However, the death of the Elite Piebald Tigers did not cause him any heartache. Instead, he would go to the side of the Elite Piebald Tiger and use Transmute Monster to fuse with it.

Because the Tiger Race’s bloodline wasn’t enough, his evolution would be flawed. In order to prevent such flaws, he needed to fuse with the Piebald Tigers or to obtain bloodlines via transmutation.

After fusing with an Elite Piebald Tiger, a roar came from afar.

He looked over, and a Greenwind Wolf that was as large as a calf stared at him angrily.

Greenwind Wolf King: Level 15 Monster

Health Points: 20,000

Attack: 450-550

Defense: 230

Skills: Swift, Shred, Greenwind Blade

“Tiger King, are you trying to start a war?” The Greenwind Wolf roared at him angrily.

Seeing the appearance of the Greenwind Wolf King, he was momentarily startled but quickly said with a smile, “That’s right. If you are willing to listen to my commands, I will let all of them stop!”

“Roar! You’re seeking death!”

The Greenwind Wolf King roared out with rage and pounced towards him.

“Kill him!”

Seeing the Greenwind Wolf King had come to give him free equipment, he was overjoyed and quickly commanded the Elite Piebald Tigers to attack the Greenwind Wolf, while he waited for an opening by the side.

But the Greenwind Wolf King was indeed worthy of its title as the pack leader. It was very strong. As its large body moved past the Elite Piebald Tigers, each swipe would cause flesh to be torn and blood to be spilled.

Very quickly, a few of the Elite Piebald Tigers fell under its sharp claws.

But it wasn’t looking good for the Wolf King itself. Being surrounded by dozens of Elite Piebald Tigers, its HP was continuously falling. Within minutes, its HP had been reduced to half.

In truth, the Wolf King had many wolf underlings. Unfortunately, it could not give out commands to its followers during battle. The Greenwind Wolves that didn’t have any aggro walked leisurely, disregarding the danger their leader was in. But this could be considered as a setting that was implied to be allowed by the system. If it wasn’t, then players could never kill boss monsters.

And because of that, despite the power of the Greenwind Wolf King, despite the number of its underlings, few had come to support it.

It wasn’t long until the Greenwind Wolves only had a slither of HP left. Jiang Feng did not hesitate to rush over. High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, and Bite. He used all three of his skills and killed it immediately.

Ding! Congratulations. You have killed a level 15 Greenwind Wolf King, received 5,000 experience points.

“Transmute Monster, transmute!”

Once the Greenwind Wolf King was dead, he promptly transmuted the body of the Greenwind Wolf King.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute monster successful. You have received one Greenwind Wolf King Skin, a drop of Bloodline, a piece of equipment, and one level 15 Experience Pill.


After transmuting the Greenwind Wolf King, he took in all thirty-six of the living Elite Piebald Tigers back into the Qiankun Gourd. After picking up all the things that he had transmuted, he ran towards a place without anyone.

He then checked his gains this time behind a giant rock.

Bloodline: Wolf Race

Greenwind Staff: White-Silver Equipment

Spirit +15

Agility +5

Magic Attack +40

-10% Skill Cooldown

20% chance of triggering Wind elemental damage

Greenwind Blade: Instantly summon three blades, each blade inflicts 120% base damage, uses 150MP, cooldown 1 minute.

Equipment Prerequisites: Level 15, Spellcaster Classes

“Haha, I knew it. While I couldn’t get any loot from killing normal monsters, if I transmute bosses there is still a high chance that I can obtain great pieces of equipment. This Greenwind Staff’s stats are even better than the Black Silver Sword. What’s more, I even got a drop of the Wolf Race Bloodline!” Exclaimed an excited Jiang Feng as he looked at the two items that he had obtained from the Greenwind Wolf King.

He looked at the Equipment Leaderboard. Indeed, the Greenwind Staff’s ranking had risen to the top, ranking above the Black Silver Sword!

He kept the Greenwind Staff and took out the Bloodline and consumed it. His stats had once again improved by manifold, and he had obtained the Wolf Race’s bloodline.

Looking at the Greenwind Wolves mobs that were in Greenwind Ridge, he raised his eyebrow with a smile and said, “After the boss in Greenwind Ridge is killed, a new boss will only respawn in 24 hours. I suppose I will go to the other monsters’ territories and kill the other bosses!”

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