MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Unlocking the Divines and Infernal Factions

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 With Heiya seeing Jiang Feng stopping at his tracks, he was delighted and thought to himself, ‘This tiger cub has quite a high intelligence. I will allow you to retrieve the Qiankun Gourd so that I may escape. Then, I shall kill you and retrieve the Qiankun Gourd!’


Jiang Feng didn’t know Heiya’s thoughts. But even if he knew it, he would not fear him. Since he was not a boss from the game and would not be able to be revived after being slain, he could be revived.


“Roar~Where is the Qiankun Gourd?”


Jiang Feng turned around and roared at Heiya.


Heiya managed to guess at Jiang Feng’s intentions and smiled. He extended his finger and pointed at the center of the altar. “The Qiankun Gourd is at the center of the altar, in a slot. If you can take it out, then the Qiankun Gourd will be yours.”


‘At the center of the altar?’


Jiang Feng walked over with suspicion and advanced with care.


Once he had reached under the altar, he could feel an evil trying to escape from the altar. And it was terrifying.


But he was not afraid, and he approached the top of the altar.


Once he had touched the altar, a coldness extended from his limbs into his heart.


‘Damn, it’s just an altar. Do they have to make it so exaggerated?!’


Jiang Feng was speechless, but he gritted his teeth as he walked over.


Once he had reached the top of the altar, he looked at Heiya who was still tied up on the column and then looked at the center of the altar.


Indeed, at the center of the altar, there was a slot. Within the slot, was a golden gourd.


Divine Gourd: Divine Level Object


Introduction: The Qiankun Gourd is formed from the fragment of the Primordial Divine Artifact, the Lianyao Flask. It has been obtained by the Human Sovereign Fuxi, transmuted its hatefulness away, and used it to suppress the Kings of the Infernals and his Infernal Army.


Qiankun World: A small world exists within.


Carrying Requirements: None


‘Um~ So this is the fragment of a Primordial Divine Artifact? So there are no other effects other than possessing a small world?’


Looking at the effect of the Qiankun Gourd, he was slightly disappointed.


In his imagination, the Qiankun Gourd should have great power. Even if it was at its worst, it should have at least increased his attributes by the hundreds or thousands.


Seeing that Jiang Feng was staring at the gourd, Heiya became anxious and told him, “Brother Tiger, that’s the gourd. Think of it as a gift from me, take it.”


‘Hoho. How kind. If I take this gourd, wouldn’t you simply be restored to your full strength?’


Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heiya, and thought to himself as he looked at the Qiankun Gourd.


In truth, the Qiankun Gourd wasn’t unattractive to him at all. With the gourd, he could simply suck all his underlings into it when he recruited them in the future. And when he was expected to fight, he could also directly release them. How convenient.


Not to mention once he was able to collect the other two gourdes, he could possibly restore the Lianyao Jar. And he would be rich then!


“But before I take the gourd, I need to get some things from him first.”


Jiang Feng’s lips curled up, and he extended his paw and used his claw to write on the altar with his back to Heiya, ‘Do you think I’m stupid? If I take the gourd out, wouldn’t you be freed? If you want me to take the gourd out, it’s fine. But give me something good first.’




Looking at the words written on the ground by the altar, he was surprised and stared at Jiang Feng. He had never thought that Jiang Feng not only possessed high intelligence, but he could even write words. This had astonished him.


“I never thought that you would be able to write. Fine, tell me what you wish. If I have any, I will give them to you.” Heiya gave him a gloomy smile.


‘High-level equipment, high-level skill books, high-level runes, anything is fine,’ he wrote on the ground.


These few items were the most valuable within the game. If he could get even one, he would be happy.


“I do not have any equipment or rune as all my possessions had been taken away by Fuxi. I do have a skill book on me. If you wish to have it, then come take it,” Heiya told Jiang Feng with a smile as his eyes rolled.


Jiang Feng looked at Heiya cautiously and jumped. He jumped to the chains in front of Heiya, and his paw reached into Heiya’s garb.




As soon as his paw was looking within Heiya’s garb, it felt like he had shredded something. He took his paw out, and it was a talisman.




Looking at this, he quickly retreated as his face paled.




As soon as he had retreated into the middle of the altar, he saw Heiya was surrounded by a puff of black smoke. Next, the chains around his body had all been destroyed, and he was freed from the bindings of the chains.


“Ahaha~ I am finally freed!” Heiya roared into the heavens and walked toward Jiang Feng with a sinister expression. “Hehe~Little beast, no matter how intelligent you are, you still fell into my trap. The Qiankun Gourd was only used to seal the other Infernal Kings and the Infernal Army. And the talisman was the real thing that was used to suppress me. To think that you would dare to ask me for anything, you have yet to know the horrors of death!”


Heiya then prepared to advance towards Jiang Feng.


Jiang Feng quickly raised his right leg, making a stop sign, then wrote on the ground.


Heiya did not attack him directly and looked at what Jiang Feng was writing on the ground with interest. He was hoping to see how Jiang Feng would beg for his life.


The moment that Jiang Feng had finished writing, he quickly used High-Speed Movement and moved towards the Qiankun Gourd. Using his claw to hold it and take it into his Spatial Bracelet, and quickly escaped.


‘Go to hell!’


Once Heiya saw the three words written by Jiang Feng and again saw that the Qiankun Gourd had been stolen, he was angered.


“Little beast, I will slay you!”


At this time, Jiang Feng had escaped using that small gap and quickly ran towards the outside of the cave.




The moment he had escaped, the peak behind him had been blasted open. A wide beam of black light shot into the sky.


“Hehe~We have finally escaped…”


“And at this time, many black shadows had flown out from it and scattered all over while snickering with a tone that hurt the ears.


Suddenly, the skies became darker than ever and the lightning struck and thunder rolled. A black maelstrom appeared on the sky of the Starter Village, and a profuse scent of blood came from the maelstrom.


When Jiang Feng, who was hiding in a corner, saw this, he was shocked. ‘My god. Seems like I have caused some big trouble!’


Ding! System Prompt: As you have unlocked the Divine and Infernal Faction System, you have been rewarded 1,000 Reputation Points, 10GP, and 10,000 Experience Points.


Ding! Server Announcement: As Player “Jiang Feng” has unlocked the Divine and Infernal Faction System, he has been rewarded 1,000 Reputation Points, 10gp, and 10,000 Experience Points. Once a player has reached Level 10, they can choose a faction. Wish you all a great gaming experience!


“Whew~ So I’ve just unlocked another way to play this game, and here I thought I had caused some unredeemable sin.”


Once he had heard the system’s voice, Jiang Feng heaved a heavy sigh of relief.


That meant that even if the Divine and Infernal Faction System wasn’t unlocked by him, it would have been unlocked by others. Or the game itself would update itself to reflect that. Since the Divine and Infernal Faction System was meant to be one of the ways to play this game, meaning that it would definitely come out eventually. The question had always been when.

With the Divine and Infernal Faction System unlocked by him, he was able to receive a great amount of reward and the Qiankun Gourd, and that made him extremely excited.


“But with the Infernals returning to the world, that was quite horrifying. Hopefully, he couldn’t find me.”

Jiang Feng1 curled his body in a hole within the Blazing Wolf Canyon and used the grass and flowers to cover his body. A pair of eyes stared towards the direction where the cave was.


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