Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 913 - Apologize!

Chapter 913: Apologize!

“No matter what happens, I will be on your side. Even if you have to apologize, it is no big deal. People make mistakes all the time when they are doing experiments,” said Liu Qian earnestly after he completely disregarded what Huo Yao had said.

Huo Yao went quiet.

It seemed he completely did not understand what she was driving at.

Liu Qian failed to notice the look on Huo Yao’s face. Instead, he was already thinking about how to minimize the damage later and protect her dignity.

Huo Yao did not know what Liu Qian was thinking, but she did not continue to convince him otherwise. Instead, she leaned into the seat lazily, looking completely relaxed and even bored, so she took out her phone and played with it.

Liu Qian’s blood pressure instantly skyrocketed when he saw her reaction.

He finally caught on to the fact that she was not a potential troublemaker. Instead, she was the perfect troublemaker. Even though she ought to be worried now, she was absolutely relaxed and enjoying herself.

For some strange reason, he did not find her actions ridiculous.

Liu Qian felt that he must be possessed.

Jiang Mingyue and her team members suppressed their anger and felt absolutely triggered by what Huo Yao had said.

She could claim that the experiment would not work out, but they could not take it lying down when she called it trash.

There were serious looks on their faces as they created the DNA model along with Jiang Mingyue. They checked every step repeatedly before moving on to the next.

The DNA model finally appeared on Jiang Mingyue’s computer 30 minutes later. She looked at the computer screen and inhaled deeply before she clicked on the top left corner of the screen to generate the data.

“Mr. Liu, please go ahead and conduct comparative testing.” Jiang Mingyue had already uploaded the results of the simulation to the biological computer beside her.

She could not wait to see the results.

Liu Qian got up from his seat and walked over to the computer. Just as he was about to start testing, he looked at Huo Yao. She remained completely calm, so he could not help but sigh in his heart.

Before long, he clicked on the application and uploaded the data onto it. After he clicked confirm, the computer promptly started to do its job.

The chip in the biological computer was over 10 000 times faster than the high-end computers on the market, so the numbers were jumping swiftly on the computer screen as it tested the results.

Jiang Mingyue raised her head to see Huo Yao sitting calmly with a confident expression on her face and a look of contempt swept across Jiang Mingyue’s eyes.

Huo Yao could pretend all she wanted for now. This could not go on forever.

Jiang Mingyue veered her eyes and looked at the computer screen fixedly.

A faint blue light was flickering on the computer screen as she waited for the results anxiously.

Time passed second by second. Two minutes later, the results were finally out.

Just as Liu Qian expected, there was an 86% level of accuracy. This meant that the experiment plan worked.

Jiang Mingyue looked at the results on the computer screen. She was clenching her fists by this side of her body, but she finally relaxed. This meant this experiment had worked!

Jiang Mingyue sighed in relief in her heart. She stood where she was without moving as she raised her chin and looked at Huo Yao triumphantly. She said unhurriedly, “Apologize.”

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