Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 749 - Principal Yu’s Kind Intentions

Chapter 749: Principal Yu’s Kind Intentions

A thought rose in Chen Yu’s mind as she looked at Huo Yao with complicated emotions flowing through her heart. It probably had nothing to do with guilt. Instead, Huo Yao simply did not want to do those test papers.

Did Huo Yao think Chen Yu did not know what was going on in her head? Each time Chen Yu gave her more revision material, Huo Yao acted as though it would kill her to do them.

Chen Yu pressed her forehead and said, “Enough. I know what you are trying to say. It is impossible for you to wriggle your way out of doing those test papers. Moreover, you definitely have to give the speech as well. There is only one more month before your final exam, so you just have to work hard for a while more. This will be a good exposure for you.”

The moment Huo Yao heard this, she felt miserable.

Chen Yu noticed Huo Yao’s face instantly collapsing and could not help feeling bad. She contemplated before she said, “Why don’t you give back three of those test papers?”

A thought rose in Huo Yao’s mind. “Why don’t you take back five of them?”

Chen Yu’s lips twitched. “You are the first student who has ever tried to haggle with me.”

She shook her head sadly before she thought about the genuine improvement Huo Yao had made recently and waved her hand. “Never mind.”

Huo Yao instantly straightened her back and bowed to Chen Yu reverently. “Miss Chen, you are the best. I will go back and bring those test papers to you. Also, I will definitely prepare a speech and make you proud.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she turned and strode out of the office at top speed.

Chen Yu went speechless.

After Huo Yao left the teachers’ room, she wanted to go back to the classroom but was stopped by the principal. He asked her to join him at his office.

“I heard from your homeroom teacher about your language results improving vastly.” The serious look on Principal Yu’s face disappeared and he smiled genially at Huo Yao. He poured her a glass of water.

Huo Yao thanked the principal before she answered unhurriedly. “Miss Chen’s revision material was great.”

Principal Yu sat on the chair and nodded. “Miss Chen is a really good teacher. After she is done with this semester, she will probably receive the title of the most outstanding teacher in the school.”

Huo Yao said unhurriedly, “Since she is a very capable teacher, it is only a matter of time that she gets the award.”

Principal Yu smiled. “Oh yes. Did she tell you about our alumni from Tsing University coming back to give you a speech?”

Huo Yao nodded. “She just told me about it.”

“Okay. In that case, be sure to prepare well. All these alumni used to be straight-A students at No.1 Middle School. You should try to be friends with them and get their contact numbers so that they can help you out when you enter Tsing University,” said Principal Yu slowly.

Huo Yao knew that the principal meant well, so she acknowledged courteously. “Got it.’

Principal Yu knew that Huo Yao was a smart girl, so he did not go on with this subject the moment she agreed with his suggestion. After chatting about her studies briefly, he let Huo Yao go back to her class.


The speech would be taking place on Friday afternoon. The third grade students consisted of over 1000 people.

Huo Yao bumped into Yi Lianfan on Friday during lunch when she arrived at the canteen with Meng Ying. A young man dressed in a casual outfit was sitting beside Yi Lianfan.

Thanks to her perfect memory, she promptly remembered who he was. “Hi, Feiyu.”

It was none other than Yi Lianfan’s cousin, Yi Feiyu.

Yi Feiyu had shown her and Yi Lianfan around Tsing University’s Physics department when they had gone there for a competition.

The moment Yi Feiyu caught sight of Huo Yao, his eyes lit up. “Yao, I see you still remember me.”

Huo Yao nodded. She thought about what he was doing here before she asked. “Are you here to give a speech to the seniors?”

Yi Feiyu nodded candidly. “Uh huh. It is an honor that the principal invited me over to do it.”

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