Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 7: Something Unexpected About Her

Chapter 7: Something Unexpected About Her

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He Xiaoman came back to her senses and shook her head at his words. “My mom has not been taking any other medicines.”

She must have lost her mind for a moment there. Her mom’s disease had defeated many doctors. Where could that wild kid have gotten any special medicine from?

The doctor cracked a joke and said, “Then this must be a miracle.”

He Xiaoman managed to put on a fake smile in response. She had decided that she would get Yang Qiuhua to another hospital for a check-up after they returned to City S.


By the time she arrived at City S, it was already 10 at night. Huo Yao got off the plane and switched on her phone. Instantly, she received a surge of text messages and WeChat messages. Even before she had a chance to read those messages, her phone started ringing.

The call was from a number that she did not recognize.

She paused for a second and then pressed on the ‘answer’ button. An unfamiliar voice of a young man came through from the other side.

The caller was none other than Huo Yanxi, the biological big brother of the owner of this body.

Huo Yao was a bit surprised that Huo Yanxi would be waiting at the airport. Then, she remembered that she had sent her grandma, Yang Qiuhua, a message before she boarded the plane. She did not quiz Huo Yanxi on this and simply told him, “I’ll be out in five minutes.”

With that, she hung up and stuffed her phone into her pocket randomly. Post that, she headed toward the Baggage Claims location, following the signboards at the airport.

Huo Yao went towards the exit shortly after retrieving her suitcase. She ran her eyes through the waiting crowd and soon noticed a young man with a slim figure. He was currently on the phone.

Huo Yao adjusted her backpack and dragged her suitcase along as she went towards that man.

Several months ago, when the biological parents of the owner of this body had come to meet her, they showed her the pictures of the four brothers. She had a good memory and the genes of the Huo Family were strong. Her brothers were easily recognizable. Hence, she managed to pick out her brother from the crowd, immediately.

Huo Yanxi hung up his phone. He was just thinking that his sister whom he had never met was about to come out. Since he wasn’t sure of how she looked, he browsed through his phone and looked at her picture that he had saved to ‘Favorites’ on his WeChat.

He had just raised his head and was about to look for her when he found that a girl was standing in front of him.

She was in white sportswear, with a black backpack on her left shoulder, and a mid-sized suitcase in her right hand. Her complexion was fair and the face was without any makeup. Her facial features were exquisite and beautiful. At this moment, she was staring at him with clear, bright eyes and did not show any signs of shyness.

Huo Yanxi was surprised. He checked the picture on his phone again. This girl resembled the girl in the picture but he was still uncertain somehow. “Yaoyao?”

Huo Yao nodded. “Yes.” She gave a brief reply.

Huo Yanxi scratched his head. Disbelief was clearly visible on his good-looking face. A long moment later, he finally found his words. “You look a bit... different from the picture.”

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows. Since she was tall enough, she was able to catch a glimpse of the picture which Huo Yanxiao had pulled up on his phone.

In the picture, the girl’s two long braids dangled onto her chest. The blusher on her cheeks was bright and she was showing a cheesy and tacky victory sign with her hand. This was the standard style of a village girl.

The vein on Huo Yao’s forehead popped up. She remembered this picture. A while back, Huo Yanxi had friended her on WeChat and asked her for a picture. Huo Yao was never fond of selfies so she dug out a selfie clicked by the original owner of the body and had sent it to him.

Looking at the picture, Huo Yao could see why Huo Yanxi was stumped.

Huo Yao cleared her throat and maintained a straight face while saying, “Perhaps, I am not photogenic?”

Huo Yanxi once again cast a glance at her outrageously beautiful face and his mouth twitched.

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