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Chapter 673 - Huo Yao Helped Avoid A Traffic Accident

Chapter 673: Huo Yao Helped Avoid A Traffic Accident

“Turn on the warning lights, signal to turn left.” Huo Yao kept looking straight ahead and spoke calmly without showing any sign of anxiety or fear.

Huo Xiang’s mind had flown into chaos when he realized that the brake was malfunctioning. But when he heard his little sister’s voice, he inexplicably calmed down a little and automatically did as she said.

There were a lot of cars in front, but it was impossible to slow down and they were becoming increasingly close to the car in front of them.

The car in front seemed to notice that something was wrong with them and honked nonstop.

“Yao... I am so sorry.” Huo Xiang’s face turned ghastly pale and his heart was in his mouth. Other than stepping on the brake, he did not know what else he could do.

If he had sent his little sister home last night, this would not have happened to her.

It seemed as though Huo Yao could not hear him. Instead, she kept looking outside the car window until she saw the empty sidewalk on the right and the speed bumps on the road.

She leaned sideways and extended her hand to turn the steering wheel. The car swerved right and the tires screeched against the ground as it started to decelerate a little.

Huo Yao steered the car right once more and the tires rolled over the speed bumps. After doing this a few times and slowing down the car, Huo Yao finally turned the wheel and said, “Protect your head.”

The moment she finished her sentence, the car drove straight up the sidewalk. The car banged into the flower bed on the sidewalk and finally stopped.

Even though she had slowed the car down the best she could, the car hit the flower bed with such huge impact that it made them feel breathless and the windscreen in front of them shattered immediately.

“Cough cough...”

Huo Yao suppressed the discomfort in her chest and turned to check on Huo Xiang in the driver’s seat. He was lying prone on the steering wheel. She immediately straightened his body. Other than some minor injury on the head, he wasn’t badly hurt.

Huo Yao placed her hand on his pulse. She confirmed that nothing was wrong with him. He had simply passed out from the impact. She heaved a sigh of relief finally.

The moment the accident occurred, someone had already called the police. The traffic police and ambulance arrived on the scene in a matter of minutes.

Huo Xiang was an artist, so he was highly recognizable. Huo Yao retrieved a mask from her pocket and covered his face before the ambulance arrived.

Huo Yao called the school to inform them that she could not come to school before heading to the hospital.

Tong Yu hurriedly arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later.

The doctors had just completed a full-body physical examination of Huo Xiang. They had pushed Huo Xiang back to the hospital ward and he still remained unconscious.

The moment Tong Yu entered the room, he asked worriedly., “How are you? Are you both okay?”

Huo Yao sat in the chair with her hand bandaged. The broken windscreen had scratched the back of her hand a little. She pulled her sleeves down and said calmly, “Nothing serious.”

Tong Yu looked at Huo Xiang from top to bottom when he heard this. Other than some injuries on his forehead, everything seemed alright, so he heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you guys are okay. I was terrified when I got the news.”

Even though Huo Yao did her utmost to conceal Huo Xiang’s identity before they were sent to the hospital, the public came to know of the accident. News about Huo Xiang getting sent to the hospital after being in a traffic accident was already trending online.

On the way to the hospital, Tong Yu had already seen pictures of the accident taken by the passersby. The front of the car was completely smashed and the accident looked particularly serious. As a result, he almost got a heart attack when he saw the pictures.

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