Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 482: Another Pushy Old Man

Chapter 482: Another Pushy Old Man

Huo Yao had seen this disciple before. He was the supervisor at Old Mr. Yi’s medicinal cuisine restaurant, Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was not particularly impressed by Huo Yao and did not like her much.

He was rather surprised to see Huo Yao here. He did not expect Old Mr. Yi to invite her to dinner, so he paused in surprise mid-way through conversation with Pei Feng.

Pei Feng could not help looking up when Chen Xiang suddenly went quiet.

The smile on Pei Feng’s face suddenly disappeared when he saw Huo Yao.

Chen Xiang did not notice anything to be amiss with Pei Feng’s expression. He nodded somewhat distantly to Huo Yao. “Huo Yao.”

He knew that she was classmates with Yi Lianfan, so he greeted her accordingly like a middle school student.

Huo Yao nodded to Chen Xiang.

Pei Feng said nothing and acted as though he was unacquainted with Huo Yao. He did not greet her and deliberately turned his head away.

Since his father and Min Yu were not around, he did not have to act friendly and did not even bother to patronize her.

Huo Yao looked past Pei Feng calmly before she headed to the main hall and bumped right into Old Mr. Yi.

Old Mr. Yi’s eyes lit up when he saw Huo Yao. He walked over quickly and said, “Huo Yao, I’m on my way to the kitchen. Do you want to come along with me?”

Huo Yao halted in her steps. She could see how enthusiastic Old Mr. Yi was. She pursed her lips and said, “I don’t think I should go in.”

“Of course it’s okay. My grandson, Yi Lianfan, is the chef today. Since you are classmates, you should go over and give him some pointers.” Old Mr. Yi disregarded Huo Yao’s refusal.

Old Mr. Yi paused and added. “It’s my birthday today.”

Huo Yao pressed her forehead. Here came another pushy old man!

Chen Xiang took two steps forward when he saw his master. There was a bad taste in his mouth when he saw Old Mr. Yi lowering himself to convince the young lady to go to the kitchen with him.

He was aware of his master’s interest in taking Huo Yao in as a disciple, but he found it unfathomable that Old Mr. Yi should have to lower himself and beg like this.

Huo Yao should have been the one begging and passing all tests before Old Mr. Yi accepted her as a disciple.

Chen Xiang glanced at Huo Yao to see how reluctant she was. He veered his eyes and narrowed them as he suppressed his feelings.

Two seconds later, Chen Xiang called out to Old Mr. Yi.

Old Mr. Yi finally noticed Chen Xiang’s presence. His face instantly looked slightly serious. “Chen Xiang, carry on.”

His eyes landed on Huo Yao again. “Just hang out with me, will you?”

Huo Yao looked at Old Mr. Yi. “Fine.”

Old Mr. Yi immediately chuckled and beamed. “Let’s go.”

He walked up ahead to lead Huo Yao to the kitchen. He paused when he crossed Pei Feng and greeted him courteously before walking past.

The two of them quickly walked away.

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