Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 31: Proud And Arrogant

Chapter 31: Proud And Arrogant

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Huo Yao was not that familiar with Min Yu. They had known each other for nearly a year but the number of their interactions was quite limited. She didn’t know what he did for a living. In fact, this was the first time that she had learnt his name and only because he brought it up himself.

Min Yu tilted his head. “Do you think I look like one?”

Huo Yao sized him up and down and shook her head, critically. Post that, she said, “Nope.”

No school would hire a teacher like him unless the school’s intention was to have students’ minds distracted from their studies.

Min Yu smiled faintly. “Indeed, I am not a teacher.”

In a sense, she was right.

Huo Yao turned her face and looked outside the car’s window. She was not in the mood to ask any more questions. “Please pull over and drop me on the side. I can walk to the admissions office from here.”

Zhuo Yun slowed the car down but did not pull over. He was looking at Min Yu through the rear view mirror.

“Okay.” Min Yu gave his consent.

Only then did Zhuo Yu gently apply the brakes.

Huo Yao threw a look at Zhuo Yun. The interaction between these two was interesting. After she said thanks to both of them, she stepped out of the car.

Zhuo Yun did not re-start the car immediately. and watched as the girl walked further and further away from them.

After that, he asked in a low voice. “Yu, is she the girl whom you asked us to look up? Huo Yao?”

Min Yu gave a brief answer. “Yes.”

His detached and indifferent expression had been restored on his face. He was tapping his index finger on his knee, unconsciously.

“She is pretty but I didn’t notice anything special about her.” Zhuo Yun commented in an off-hand manner.

He could not figure out why his master was so into this high school girl. If his family found out, it would cause a major stir.

Min Yu gazed at her receding back and replied with a faint smile on his face. “Prettiness in itself, is a special strait.”

Zhuo Yun could not help but refute by saying, “There are so many beautiful young ladies from wealthy families in the capital. I have never seen you ever paying so much attention to any of them.”

“So superficial.” Min Yu sneered.

Every expression on his handsome face was saying that he despised Zhuo Yun’s remark.

Zhuo Yun, “...”

This was hypocrisy! Double standard!

Zhuo Yun shook his head and steered the conversation away from Huo Yao.

His tone had turned serious now. “Yu, there’s another update. The agent still hasn’t managed to trace Shangguan Yu. Do you think... that there is no such person, to begin with?”

Cloud Realm was a platform that had access to all the top-level information chains around the globe. If no concrete information could be found about Shangguan Yu on Cloud Realm, naturally, Zhuo Yun would think so.

Min Yu pressed his thin lips together. “Are you saying that the medicines concocted according to ancient prescriptions are fake as well?”

Zhuo Yun was also distressed about this matter. “But we have been searching for over a year now...”

“Then let’s search for another year.” Min Yu sounded casual but Zhuo Yun could tell that he was also feeling impatient.

Zhuo Yun looked at him through the rearview mirror and nodded his head.


After Huo Yao got out of the car, she asked someone for directions to the Office of Academic Affairs. Not long afterward, she reached her destination.

She knocked on the door and entered only after the person inside gave her the permission to do so.

There was only one teacher in the office. He was in his late thirties and was busy writing something down.

Huo Yao went to him and used simple words to explain why she was here.

Surprised, Wei Mingzhe put his pen down. “Are you the person who passed the online test with a perfect score from Fuxian County? Are you Huo Yao?”

Huo Yao adjusted her backpack and raised her eyebrows in a haughty way. “Yes, I am.”

Wei Mingzhe evaluated the girl with his gaze. Her demeanour revealed her pride and arrogance.

His initial thoughts were hidden under his gaze. He believed that kids from small, remote counties were really full of themselves and didn’t know what modesty was.”

He shook his head and said, “Give me your Acceptance Letter.”

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