Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 290: An Encounter

Chapter 290: An Encounter

The marketing team had called Tong Yu in the middle of the night because his celebrity was trending online.

People thought he was picking up his girlfriend at the airport.


Tong Yu shook his head speechlessly before he said, “Stop making trouble and stay in the car.”

Then Tong Yu opened the car door and got off.

He stood by the car with his hands in his pant pockets and waited.

Lu Xia looked at the spot where her family chauffeur usually parked when she got to the school entrance, only to see Tong Yu standing by the roadside.

At first, Lu Xia found him slightly familiar. After she thought more carefully, her eyes opened wide. He was Huo Xiang’s agent, and they had met a couple of times before.

He was clearly waiting for someone. Was he waiting for her?

A slight wave of excitement swept across Lu Xia’s eyes. She straightened her hair before walking over to Tong Yu unhurriedly.

Lu Xia went closer. “Hi! You’re my fourth older brother’s agent, Mr. Tong, right?” She smiled and greeted him.

Tong Yu had noticed Lu Xia coming towards him from a distance. For a moment, he could not recall who she was. He straightened his body and nodded politely to Lu Xia when he realized who she was. “Hi.”

Lu Xia glanced at the car behind him. It did not dawn on her that Huo Xiang might be sitting in. Instead, she veered her eyes and looked at Tong Yu once more and said, “Mr. Tong, Brother Xiang...”

The moment she started to ask, Tong Yu pointed at the car. “He’s inside. Do you want to see him?”

Lu Xia was stunned to hear this. Judging from his words, Tong Yu was not here looking for her.

If he was not looking for her, he must be here for... Huo Yao.

Lu Xia thought about how Huo Xiang had blacklisted her, and she almost could not keep a straight face. Her mind spun swiftly. Then she nodded quickly and walked over to knock on the glass window without waiting for Tong Yu to say anything.

Huo Xiang’s face turned cold when he saw Lu Xia. He pressed the car window button until it was halfway open to reveal only his eyes and forehead.

“Yes?” His voice sounded cold and distant.

Lu Xia clenched her hands so tightly that her nails almost cut through her flesh. She pursed her lips and looked particularly pitiful when she forced a smile. Her face had been pale and weary to begin with.

“Brother Xiang, I called in the afternoon but couldn’t get through. Were you busy?” said Lu Xia softly as she bit her lip.

Tong Yu could not help glancing at Huo Xiang quizzically when he heard this.

If memory served him right, Huo Xiang’s phone only rang once in the afternoon. He even asked Huo Xiang who it was, and was told that it was a spam call.

“Yeah, I was busy.” Huo Xiang was unmoved by the pitiful look on his foster sister’s face. He had seen through her manipulative ways a long time ago.

Lu Xia was shaken by Huo Xiang’s utter disregard for their ties, and her face became even paler.

“Brother Xiang, are you still angry about the mistakes I made?” Lu Xia swallowed her pride as she continued. “I’m sorry. I was too young to realize what I was doing.”

Huo Xiang pursed his lips but was annoyed. “There’s no need to call me brother since we aren’t related by blood. As for what happened in the past...” He chuckled before speaking any further. “It doesn’t matter.”

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