Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 29: Missing Acceptance Letter

Chapter 29: Missing Acceptance Letter

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After breakfast, Huo Yao took the black card and headed downstairs with her father. In the elevator, Huo Yao asked him a seemingly random question. “Dad, isn’t our family poor?”

Huo Jinyan was surprised by this question. He did not know where she learned that the family was poor. Some past events came rushing back to his memory and he heaved a sigh. “Our family is not that rich. But don’t worry, my daughter. I will not let you suffer.”

He had given her a black card and would not stop insisting that she could spend without holding back. His actions did not match with his words. She tilted her head and stared at her father. Evidently, she did not buy his reply.

Huo Jinyan was unnerved by her stare. Luckily for him, the elevator dinged and the door opened. He cleared this throat and hurried out of the elevator.

Huo Yao smiled and followed him at a sedate pace.


The neighborhood which the Huo Family lived in, was not too far from No.1 Middle School. It was just a twenty minutes’ drive. As a result, Huo Yao did not have to live on campus.

Huo Jinyan intended to send her daughter to the Office of Academic Affairs to register in person. However, on the first day of school, there was no parking space available. Huo Yao had to assure him several times that everything would be fine before he was finally willing to leave from there.

After Huo Jinyan left, Huo Yao walked to the gate in an unhurried manner.

Students and faculties had to swipe their cards to get in. Since she had just been transferred here and was without a student card, the guard stopped her at the gate.

Huo Yao took out the Acceptance Letter from her backpack and gave it to the guard. “Will this get me in?”

The guard took it and looked at Huo Yao again. There was a strange expression in his eyes. He called another colleague over and said to Huo Yao, “Wait here. I need to go to the Office of Academic Affairs to verify this.”

Before Huo Yao could say anything, the guard left with the Acceptance Letter.

As the guard walked away, Huo Yao scrunched her eyes. Why did she have to go to so much trouble just to get into a crappy high school?

Though annoyed, she waited patiently.

But that guard had not come back even after 10 minutes passed. Huo Yao felt that she had a lot to complain about the school’s efficiency.

“Can you give a call to your colleague?” Huo Yao asked the other guard politely.

Those with good looks were usually likable. The guard nodded and made a call. The call went through but no one answered.

The guard tried several more times but still, no one answered.

He said to Huo Yao apologetically, “I think he forgot to take his phone with him. He is not answering. I’ve tried several times already.”

Huo Yao frowned. If that guard didn’t come out, did she have to stand here and wait forever?

She looked at her watch and asked again. “Do you have the number of the Office of Academic Affairs or the principal?”

The guard scratched his head embarrassingly. “I am sorry but I am new here. I don’t know any of those numbers. Please wait for a couple more minutes. My colleague will surely come back soon.”

Fine. Huo Yao was not in the mood to ask this ignorant guard any more questions.

Right at this moment, a black sedan pulled up by the gate. The guard hurried over to the side.

The window was lowered and the person inside showed something to the guard. Immediately, the guard became respectful.

Since Huo Yao’s gaze was fixed elsewhere, she did not notice this. She only looked in the direction of the car after the black sedan honked.

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