Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 288: Blacklist Lu Xia

Chapter 288: Blacklist Lu Xia

Tong Yu could not help glancing sideways at Huo Xiang when he let the phone ring non-stop with no intentions of answering it. “Who is it?”

Huo Xiang rejected the call before he replied rather coldly. “A scammer.”

“Oh, I get those a lot too. Just blacklist the number,” said Tong Yu casually.

“Mhm.” Huo Xiang hung his head and looked at Lu Xia’s name in his call history. His fingers paused for a few seconds before he blacklisted her number.

Huo Xiang raised his head after turning off his phone and asked him. “Oh yes. When does the filming for Mr. Qu’s show start?”

“The producers haven’t contacted me yet. I’m guessing that it will start at the end of the month,” said Tong Yu slowly.

He contemplated briefly before he suddenly gave a cold laugh. “Luckily, you have recovered completely. Jin Xuyuan keeps trying to make me give up the slot to Xiang Nan ever since he found out Mr. Qu invited you to appear on ‘Countryside Life With My Family’.”

Xiang Nan’s agent, Jin Xuyuan, had tried to make Huo Xiang leave Phenom previously.

“Even if I had been unwell, I won’t have given up the slot. Huo Xiang leaned into his chair with a chill in his eyes.

He was going to appear on the show with his baby sister, so it meant a lot to him.

“Don’t worry. Even if he tried to compete for the slot, Mr. Qu might not be interested,” sneered Tong Yu.

Huo Xiang softly said, “Mhm.”

He looked out the car window and noticed that they were heading towards the company. He glanced at Tong Yu. “I’m still on vacation.”

“Aren’t you well already? Why don’t you go back? Your fans are still waiting for you to release a new album. Have you done any songwriting while you were home? Have you been practicing piano? Also, you haven’t touched your Weibo for over a month, right?”

In an instant, Tong Yu started blathering nonstop.

Facing his agent’s interrogation, Huo Xiang calmly replied. “I have slogged for you for years. Based on the amount of leave a regular office employee gets, I should still have at least one more month of leave, right?”

Tong Yu glanced at Huo Xiang in disbelief. “I can’t believe you said that. Did I ever stop you from taking leave?”

“In any case, I will be on vacation until Mr. Qu starts filming.” By now, Huo Xiang was accustomed to hanging around at home doing nothing. He wanted to rest for as long as he could. After a moment, he continued with a smile. “Enough of this. Take me to No.1 Middle School. It’s almost time for my little sister to get done with her classes.”

Tong Yu: “...”

Hehe, if he did not know better, he would have thought that his little sister was three years old.


Lu Xia finally mustered the courage to call Huo Xiang again after class. But he hung up right away.

She initially thought that he was occupied, so she called him again after her last class. All she got was a message saying he was not within the service area.

Even a fool could tell that he had blacklisted her.

Lu Xia looked particularly upset. Her face was pale and weary, devoid of her usual proud glow.

She had not slept well last night after seeing the picture that her foster father posted online. Today, her agent called and urged her to get in touch with Huo Xiang about appearing on the entertainment program. After she gathered the courage to call Huo Xiang... she ended up getting blacklisted by him.

Lu Xia would not have tried to beg Huo Xiang personally if Huo Yanxi did not sound him out and told her about Huo Xiang’s aversion to letting her join the show.

Lu Xia inhaled deeply and took out a small bag from her desk.

Shortly after leaving the classroom, Lu Xia’s phone rang in her pocket. She halted and pulled out her phone.

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