Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 275: Find Out Who This Is

Chapter 275: Find Out Who This Is

The security cameras seemed to get jammed as she pressed the button on her watch. The surveillance footage came to a standstill and froze with the image of Yang Yi approaching the foreigners.

Huo Yao finally moved from her position.

Inside the CCTV control room.

“Erm. The second floor’s surveillance footage is frozen.” Zhuo Yun, who was monitoring everything in the CCTV room, quickly realized this problem.

“The signal has been jammed,” said Min Yu looking coldly at this familiar scene.

He got up from his chair and scrutinized the second floor’s frozen footage before his eyes locked in on someone wearing a cap in the crowd. He pointed at the image and said, “Find out who that is.”

The person in the cap had not looked up even once since the moment he entered the exhibition. Despite his normal appearance, Min Yu instinctively felt suspicious.

The moment Min Yu finished his sentence, he walked out with a murderous look on his face.

Zhuo Yun glanced in the direction his boss had left. Then he ordered his men to take action before he followed behind him and left the CCTV control room.


Huo Yao was quietly counting down in her heart. The moment the foreigners cut through the glass cover, she came close and extended her hand in. In a blink of an eye, she effortlessly retrieved the jade.

She was so swift that the foreigners failed to detect her.

After Huo Yao got her hands on the jade, she glanced at it and could not help feeling astonished by its beauty. However, she suddenly frowned when her hands reached its bottom.

Did she spend $50 in coming here to see a fake?

Huo Yao’s face instantly went dark. She quickly shoved the jade back in its original place.

Anyone who wanted it was welcome to have it.

A look of shock instantly emerged on the foreigners’ faces when they snapped out of their daze and saw the jade reappear inside the cabinet.

Huo Yao suddenly detected another murderous aura in the atmosphere. She looked around but could not locate the man. Instead, she took two steps back to evade Yang Yi before darting towards the passage leading to the bathroom.

She could see a dense maze of infrared beams in the passage. No matter where she went, she would trip it. Also, two men were standing guard in that corridor.

Huo Yao turned back to glance at the staircase connecting the two floors. It had been sealed as well.

It would probably take them a minute to crack through her signal jammer, so she had about ten seconds left before the surveillance went back to normal. Hence, she had to leave before that.

Huo Yao quickly considered all the passages in the entire building. Before long, she looked at the nearby alarm system. She walked over and smashed it before the security could notice her.

In an instant, the shrill alarm went off through the entire building. The fear in the already worried and anxious visitors instantly amplified when they heard the sound.

In the darkness, the lightboxes hanging over the doors at the end of the passages became their beacons.

In an instant, everyone went into survival mode. People automatically swarmed towards the exit signs without any forethought.

Regardless of technology, nothing could rival the human instinct for survival. Hence, the organizer had no choice but to deactivate the security system in the passages.

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