Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 271: The Cultural Relic Exhibition

Chapter 271: The Cultural Relic Exhibition

[How is your leg?]

Huo Yao put down her phone when she did not receive a reply immediately.

She put on her sportswear and adjusted her wristwatch before unzipping her bag and rummaging through things. Then she left the room.


Min Yu had just finished giving out orders to his subordinates. He was leaning against the couch and rubbing his forehead. He was a little tired.

Zhuo Yun could not help asking softly. “Yu, do you feel unwell?”

Min Yu rested his eyes for a long time before he opened them. “I’m fine.”

Zhuo Yun rubbed his nose as his eyes landed on Min Yu’s calf. He wanted to raise the topic but was afraid Min Yu might get annoyed and might exile him to the frontier.

Min Yu picked up his phone from the coffee table and turned it on as he asked casually. “How is the exhibit doing?”

Zhuo Yun straightened his back and automatically put on a solemn face. “Everything is normal. Yang Yi has just gone over. Nothing can go wrong with him around.”

Min Yu nodded. He had already logged into his WeChat and quickly replied to Huo Yao: [It’s fine. Is the contest over?]

Huo Yao was already in a cab on her way to the cultural relic exhibition when he texted back.

She held her phone and typed: [Yup. I’m just waiting for the results.]

Min Yu: [Tell me when the results come out.]

Medicine Pill: [Okay.]

Min Yu: [When are you flying back?]

Medicine Pill: [Tonight at 7:00.]

Min Yu’s fingers paused before he wrote: [Have a safe trip.]

After their conversation, Min Yu looked up. His striking features were pale at this moment if scrutinised closely. He looked at Zhuo Yun and said, “Bring the car over.”

Zhuo Yun scratched his head. “Yu, do you want to go to the exhibition?”

“Uh huh,” replied Min Yu lazily. The moment he stood up from the couch, he felt a sharp pain in his calf. However, it disappeared quickly.

It almost felt like an illusion.

Min Yu frowned slightly.

Zhuo Yun detected something amiss on Min Yu’s face and could not help asking him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Min Yu shook his head and walked out.

Zhuo Yun said nothing and followed closely behind instead.


The hotel was a little far from the cultural relic exhibition, so it took Huo Yao approximately 40 minutes to reach there.

After paying the cab driver, Huo Yao got off. She raised her head and gazed at the ancient-looking building. Her lips curved into a slight smile and her eyes were shaded under her cap. She slung her bag coolly over her shoulder before she headed over unhurriedly.

Visitors of the cultural relic exhibition did not have unrestricted access and could only enter with the organizer’s pass. Naturally, the people who could get their hands on these passes were influential folks.

A 360 degree infrared surveillance system was installed at the main entrance. Also, four security guards guarded the main entrance expressionlessly.

Meanwhile, in the CCTV control room.

“Yi, everything is normal.”

After patrolling the exhibition hall, Yang Yi returned to the CCTV control room. He removed his leather gloves and randomly threw them on the table before taking a chair nearby and sitting down.

His eyes landed on the huge monitors before him with dozens of security footage continuously pouring in. He scrutinized the footage before he nodded and told his subordinate beside him. “Pass me the laptop.”

His subordinate hurriedly took a black laptop from the table behind and handed it to Yang Yi respectfully.

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