Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 27: Careless Brother

Chapter 27: Careless Brother

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He Xiaoman turned ghastly pale as soon as she heard this. “Huo Yao, what is wrong with you?”

Huo Yao grinned at the dramatic reaction from the other side. She threw herself onto the comfort of her bed and stared at the ceiling.

She turned her voice softer and irked her foster mother a bit more. “Since the Lu Family is not the wealthiest in the world, who gave you the courage to brag about it?”

Why couldn’t people have a little more integrity?

Huo Yao heaved a sigh and hung up.

He Xiaoman was quaking with rage when the call was disconnected. She threw the phone on the side table. With a loud noise, the phone clattered to the ground.

Lu Xia, who was standing besides her, trembled as if she was scared. She picked up the phone from the ground, gingerly and put it back on the table. The screen was broken.

Lu Xia sat down next to He Xiaoman and patted her shoulder, gently. “Mom, don’t be upset. Don’t lower yourself to the same level as hers. She grew up in grandma’s house and has always been a wild kid. It’s no surprise that she would say such harsh words. Don’t take them to heart. It’s not worth getting angry because of her.”

He Xiaoman had turned on the speaker while talking so Lu Xia heard everything that Huo Yao said.

To be honest, she was surprised that Huo Yao would adopt such an attitude. Her voice had sounded normal but Lu Xia picked up traces of overwhelming arrogance in her tone.

He Xiaoman was a person full of self-pride. No wonder she would be upset after Huo Yao dissed her.

Lu Xia continued to comfort her. After a long time, He Xiaoman finally calmed down. She looked at her cute and polite biological daughter and patted her head. “You are such a sweet girl.”

Once again, He Xiaoman felt lucky that her biological daughter had returned to her. If she had continued living her life with her foster daughter, she would have died of anger sooner or later.

He Xiaoman took a deep breath and finally remembered the reason for staying up so late tonight. She turned and took out a card from the purse which was kept next to her.

She said, “The new semester is about to begin. This card has half a million in it. Take this and let me know if you want more.”

Lu Xia handed the card back to her immediately. “Mom, I have enough money with me. You already gave me some.”

He Xiaoman did not allow Lu Xia to refuse and stuffed the card back in her hand. “You are a member of the Lu Family. I cannot let people think you are stingy. Besides, you are in the Stars Training Camp. You have gained so much popularity. I must help you keep up your appearance.”

Lu Xia looked at the card and then at her mother. “Thank you, Mom.” She said, happily.


After Huo Yao hung up the call, she was ready to take a shower and turn in. She had just taken out her pajamas when she heard a knock on the door.

She heard Song Ning’s gentle voice.”Yaoyao, are you still up?”

Huo Yao put her pajama down and went to open the door.

Song Ning gazed at her calm and adorable daughter and her eldest son’s behavior came back to her mind.

Looking at her face, Song Ning asked, carefully. “Are you upset about your big brother?”

Huo Yao was confused. “What?

Song Ning was relieved that Huo Yao didn’t understand the question. It meant that she didn’t seem to mind what had happened tonight. But, at the same time, Song Ning felt even more frustrated.

She comforted Huo Yao by saying, “Your brother can be really careless sometimes. He neglected your feelings. Yaoyao, don’t mind him.”

Huo Yao finally understood what Song Ning was referring to. “I know. I am not mad at him.”

Her answer was concise and comprehensive.

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