Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 264: The CCTV Was Hacked

Chapter 264: The CCTV Was Hacked

Zhuo Yun had gotten hold of Huo Yao’s number when he investigated her and decided to add her to his contacts after she gave Min Yu the nerve-soothing incense.

[Miss Huo, Yu only got a slight scratch. Nothing else is wrong, so don’t worry.]

After sending the text, he waited for a while. Since she did not reply, he yawned before heading back to the villa.


The next day.

Huo Yao woke up early. She was not in a hurry to get up and wrapped herself in the blanket lazily. She pulled her phone from under her pillow. The moment she turned it on, she saw the text Zhuo Yun sent last night.

She had just wanted to know if Min Yu was fine and replied to the text: [Okay.]

Huo Yao held her phone and swiped through her WeChat chat groups. She quickly recalled something and closed the application before opening the internet browser and searched for the ‘cultural relic exhibition’.

Information about the cultural relic exhibition quickly popped up. There was quite a bit of hype surrounding the Western Zhou jade that was on exhibition.

“The Western Zhou jade?” Huo Yao pondered as she rubbed the screen gently with her finger.

She recalled Cool Autumn’s reminder.

Despite the information clamp down, a lot of material about the Western Zhou jade could be found online. She found it rather peculiar and felt as if someone was deliberately leaking the information.

Huo Yao’s lips curved into a playful smile before she checked the exhibition’s operating hours.

The exhibition was going to be held for two days and had started yesterday. Since her flight back to City S was at 7:00 pm, she would lose out if she did not go take a look at it.

She had never seen the Western Zhou jade before.

Huo Yao jumped out of bed energetically at this thought. Then she turned on the laptop in the room.

Huo Yao quickly entered a command on the keyboard. The laptop screen went dark instantly, and long strings of symbols jumped on the screen rapidly.

A few video surveillance feeds appeared on her screen 30 seconds later. One of them was surprisingly flagged as the cultural relic exhibition hall.

Huo Yao kept looking at the screen while her fingers typed nonstop. Two minutes later, she closed the programs and deleted her search history.

Huo Yao stretched lazily before she walked into the bathroom and washed up. Then she put her phone in her pocket and left the room.


Huo Yao went to the buffet restaurant on the second floor. After she had made her selection, she turned to find a seat and spotted Yi Lianfan sitting at the furthest window from the entrance.

His head was lowered while he scribbled on a piece of paper.

Huo Yao contemplated for a couple of seconds before walking over with her plate to sit down across him. Her eyes landed on the contents of the paper in front of him.

It was the physics question from yesterday’s exam.

Huo Yao did not interrupt his train of thought and chewed on her bun slowly.

Yi Lianfan only realized that someone was sitting across him, five minutes later. He looked up to see Huo Yao eating her breakfast leisurely.

Huo Yao caught sight of the dark circles around his bloodshot eyes and could not help ask him. “Did you not sleep last night?”

The kid probably studied until he went bonkers the previous day.

Yi Lianfan’s throat was dry. He picked up a glass of water beside him and took a big sip before he said hoarsely, “Nope. I just woke up early.”

Huo Yao’s mouth twitched.

That didn’t seem to be the case!

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