Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 262: Someone Wiped The CCTV Footage Clean

Chapter 262: Someone Wiped The CCTV Footage Clean

It was already 9:30 pm by the time Huo Yao got back to the hotel. On her way back, the Dean had already called her twice.

In his first call, he told Huo Yao that she scored full marks in the National Quiz Contest and had qualified for the finals.

In his second call, he told her to take care and not stay out late. He instructed her to come back to the hotel to have an early night and prepare for the finals, which were being held the next day.

Huo Yao assured the Dean repeatedly before he ended his conversation with her.

She took out a change of clothes after she returned to her room, took a shower, and lay on her bed. She stared at the ceiling as she thought about the accident.

She had noticed the motorcycle aiming at her for first, but it changed course after coming closer. It distinctly altered its direction when Min Yu pulled her away.

If she was not mistaken, the guy was actually after Min Yu. Also, the motorcyclist was a martial artist. She could tell that with one look despite his attempt to disguise it.

Huo Yao flipped over and propped her leg up on the blanket, lazily.

Even if the target had been her, she was capable enough to dodge it.


Meanwhile, Zhuo Yun called Yang Yi and got him to have the doctors on standby at the villa.

The moment Yang Yi heard about Min Yu’s motorcycle accident, he retrieved the laptop and pulled out all the CCTV footage near the night market.

He quickly discovered that the footage during that time was compromised and had been wiped from the system.

Yang Yi laughed coldly and typed swiftly on the keyboard. A few black computing interfaces instantly popped up on the screen. The numbers jumped rapidly. In a minute, the deleted CCTV footage was recovered.

Yang Yi maximized the footage and took a close look at the entire process of how the culprit rammed into Min Yu.

However, Yang Yi could only see the motorcyclist charging straight for the young woman beside Min Yu and failed to realize that it was actually aiming for Min Yu, due to the blind spots in the system.

After watching the footage several times, he realised that the vehicle had been aiming for Huo Yao and Min Yu bore the brunt on her behalf.

His face turned sullen and his impression of Huo Yao went completely downhill.

If it were not for Huo Yao, his boss would not have ended up getting hurt. How could this have happened if she did not ask to meet Min Yu at the night market?

Yang Yi inhaled deeply. He quickly took a screenshot of the culprit and the motorcycle and sent it to his subordinates.

Since Min Yu had gotten implicated in the whole thing, he did not care why someone would target the young woman and even go as far as wiping CCTV footage.

He could not allow someone to wreak havoc on his territory in the capital.

Min Yu and Zhuo Yun got back to the villa ten minutes later. A few of the family physicians hurried over and examined Min Yu one after another before heaving sighs of relief.

“Fortunately, he only suffered superficial wounds.” Zhuo Yun wiped his face fearfully after the doctors left.

Min Yu glanced at Zhuo Yun coldly.

Zhuo Yun shivered when he caught sight of the look on Min Yu’s face.

“Yu... Yu... let me explain... I was just worried that you’d suffer a relapse, so I didn’t send Miss Huo back to the hotel first. After all, the motorcyclist was clearly out to get you.”

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