Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 258: How Can Boss Go To Such A Place?

Chapter 258: How Can Boss Go To Such A Place?

Huo Yao posted the picture on social media before she started eating.

The noodle shop owner pulled up a chair nearby and quietly watched while Huo Yao ate. A smile emerged on his old, wrinkled face.

Although the young lady’s beauty and grace looked incongruous in this environment, it was strangely harmonious.

The noodle shop owner could not help feeling a sense of déjà vu, but he was certain that it was the young lady’s first trip to his shop.

Huo Yao paid no attention to the old man’s expression. Halfway through dinner, she recalled something. She picked up her phone and sent Min Yu a text.

[Want some supper?]

Min Yu had invited her to see the sights at night, but she rejected him. She had been unsure about how much time it would take to make Huo Xiang’s medication.

Since she was done making the medicine, it was about time she called him out for supper. After all, he had treated her to dinner several times, so she ought to return the favor.

Huo Yao received Min Yu’s reply after two minutes.

[Sure. Are you at the hotel? Send me your GPS, and I’ll swing by.]

Min Yu did not take notice of her social media updates.

Huo Yao sent the night market’s GPS location to him and typed: [I’m outside. Lots of people had recommended this night market. I found it to be pretty decent. Do you want to come here?]

Min Yu opened the GPS location Huo Yao sent and realised that it was the old city district. His fingers hovered over the phone while he contemplated.

He replied half a minute later: [Sure. I can reach there in about 20 minutes.]

[Okay, see you.]

Min Yu stood up and clicked on the GPS location, and handed his phone to Zhuo Yun. “Take me here.”

Zhuo Yun looked at it and went into a daze after expanding the location. After a few seconds, he exclaimed loudly. “Yu, isn’t this in the old city district? Why are you going there at this hour of the night?”

Yang Yi was sitting right next to Zhuo Yun. The veins on Yang Yi’s forehead started throbbing when he heard Zhuo Yun calling Min Yu by his first name.

Yang Yi pressed his temple before he looked at the phone and said instantly, “I think that’s the night market.”

Zhuo Yun had not been in the capital for a few years, so he was not entirely familiar with the place. He could not help looking at Yang Yi in surprise. “A night market?”

“Yup. I believe that a lot of young people, especially tourists, love the spot. It gets pretty lively at night,” explained Yang Yi.

In other words, it was a crowded place.

Zhuo Yun touched his nose. Something dawned on him suddenly. No wonder Min Yu would suddenly want to go to such a place. He stood up and replied with full enthusiasm. “Yu, I’ll bring the car over now.”

Huo Yao must be there.

Yang Yi grabbed Zhuo Yun’s hand automatically. “It... it’s a night market, so it’s very crowded!”

How could their boss go to such a place?

Zhuo Yun glanced at Min Yu, who had already put on his jacket before he waved Yang Yi off. “It’s just a night market. It’s fine.”

Yang Yi found Zhuo Yun’s actions unfathomable. Why was he encouraging Min Yu to go there? However, Min Yu looked determined, so Yang Yi stood up and followed behind Zhuo Yun. “I know the night market well. I’ll take him.”

Zhuo Yun pretended that he did not hear Yang Yi’s offer to drive and walked away swiftly.

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