Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 254: Are You Interested In Accepting Disciples?

Chapter 254: Are You Interested In Accepting Disciples?

The door opened, and the waiter came in with their food.

After the waiter left, Lei Xiao immediately asked her to clarify the doubt in his mind. “Then in the past, how did you...”

Huo Yao picked up her chopsticks unhurriedly and took some pork ribs before she replied. “Oh. I just guessed it. I didn’t do any testing.”

Lei Xiao was stunned. “!!!”

She managed to accurately solve problems that had plagued the research institute for years simply by making a wild guess... He did not know why but he was starting to regret meeting her.

It was way too big a dent to his pride.

Lei Xiao decided to change the subject. “You aren’t from the capital, right?”

“Nope,” replied Huo Yao without raising her head.

Lei Xiao had no choice but to suppress his curiosity when she didn’t offer any more information. He lowered his head to eat.

After finishing their lunch quietly, Lei Xiao brought Huo Yao to his residence. It was the same address that he had given Huo Yao for receiving the package.

His personal laboratory was located in the villa’s basement. There was plenty of equipment inside.

Huo Yao glanced at the apparatus in there. She was even more determined to study hard now. She turned to Lei Xiao and said helplessly, “Your lab might not be the only thing I need to borrow.”

Lei Xiao was at a loss. “Huh?”

“I’ll need you too,” said Huo Yao bluntly.

Every word Medicine Pill uttered was shocking.

Lei Xiao coughed before he said, “I’m happy to help. But I have really shallow knowledge in making of medicine. I don’t know anything about their components and dosage...”

“It’s fine. I can take care of that. You just need to help me with using the equipment,” interrupted Huo Yao.

Then she put down the ingredients and continued. “Do you have a pen and a paper?”

“Yup. Let me go get them.” Lei Xiao walked up to the table and opened the drawer to retrieve a stack of white paper and a pencil. He handed them over to Huo Yao.

Huo Yao pulled out a chair and sat down. She picked up the pencil and started doing data analysis using formulae and listed each ingredient’s dosage and the steps for production. She did not stop even once in the middle as though this information was at her fingertips.

Ancient methods of creating medicine differed from modern methods. It was tough to ensure the efficacy of ancient prescriptions.

This was a real testament to her Chinese medicinal knowledge.

Lei Xiao paid serious attention as Huo Yao worked on the data. The more he looked, the more astounded he appeared.

Since he was a researcher as well, he could tell how accurate her data was. If she did not already say that she was inexperienced in handling laboratory equipment, he would not have been this badly stupefied.

Her incredible reasoning power had probably already exceeded that of a senior researcher!

Lei Xiao looked at Huo Yao with a complicated expression. She was just a young girl. How was her brain so powerful?

It was a real blow to his dignity.

Huo Yao finally put down the pencil thirty minutes later. She rubbed her slightly sore wrists. It was at times like this when she missed the pharmaceutical laboratory of her family. It did not require all this complicated data.

She stood up and handed three completely filled papers to Lei Xiao. “Take a look.”

Lei Xiao took the sheets from her. He could not contain himself and asked her. “Are you interested in accepting disciples?”

Huo Yao: “...”

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