Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 248: Level A Mission

Chapter 248: Level A Mission

The wind eliminating seeds that Huo Yao wanted was a rare Chinese herb, so it did not come cheap. Fortunately, the seller was offering it at a reasonable price. Hence, she quickly bought it and sent the money.

After completing the transaction, the Cloud Realm administrator approached Huo Yao.

Cloud Realm Administrator: [Dear Little Darling, please send me your shipping address.]

Huo Yao’s nickname on Cloud Realm was Bold Little Darling.

Huo Yao’s hands paused over the keyboard as she looked at the administrator’s salutation before sending Lei Xiao’s address.

Cloud Realm Administrator: [Thanks, Little Darling! We will deliver the goods sharp at 10:00 am tomorrow.]

Bold Little Darling: [... Okay. Can I ask if there is any way I can lodge complaints about the website?]

Cloud Realm Administrator: [?]

Bold Little Darling: [Dear Little Darling?]

Cloud Realm Administrator: [...]

One minute later.

Cloud Realm Administrator: [Miss Bold, there isn’t any channel available for you to lodge complaints on this site. Have a pleasant evening. Goodbye.]

Huo Yao’s lips twitched before shutting the administrator’s chat box. She noticed her avatar blinking with a new message from someone else. She clicked the message open.

Cool Autumn: [I just saw your post. Are you helping someone buy this herb?]

Bold Little Darling: [Uh huh.]

Cool Autumn: [I see. Bro Little Darling, can I ask you something personal?]

The administrator had called her ‘Dear Little Darling’, while Cool Autumn addressed her as ‘Bro Little Darling’. Huo Yao’s face turned dark as she leaned back into her seat. This trashy website was really ruining her image. It was time to change her nickname.

Huo Yao finally typed half a minute later: [Go on.]

Cool Autumn: [Are you from the capital?]

Bold Little Darling: [Nope.]

Liang Qiu scratched his head in surprise on the other end. He pondered for two seconds before he typed: [I recall you took on a level A mission once.]

Huo Yao’s fingertips hovered over the keyboard for a few seconds.

In the meanwhile, Liang Qiu sent another message when Huo Yao did not reply: [The city is on a clamp down recently, especially during the cultural relic exhibition.]

Huo Yao raised her brow slightly before she typed: [Oh? I don’t have time to look around anyway.]

Liang Qiu’s lips twitched. Did she mean that she would have looked around if she had the time?

Cool Autumn: [I’m only telling you about this because we’re old friends. Lie low and don’t get into trouble.]

Huo Yao stroked her chin. She had no interest earlier, but now her curiosity was piqued.

She could not help asking: [When is the cultural relic exhibition going to be held?]

Cool Autumn: [?]

Huo Yao typed a question mark too, but he had gone offline before she managed to send it.

Huo Yao pursed her lips before she shut the web page. She picked up her phone and glanced at her WeChat chat groups. She placed the phone back on the table and stood up. After taking out a change of clothes from her suitcase, she headed to the bathroom.


The next day.

Huo Yao woke up early in the morning and went down to the buffet restaurant after washing up.

There were barely any other patrons in the restaurant at this hour.

Other than Huo Yao, Yi Lianfan was the only other schoolmate at the restaurant.

Yi Lianfan was surprised to see her. He placed food on his plate and asked her. “You’re up early as well. You couldn’t sleep last night because of the contest?”

Huo Yao glanced at Yi Lianfan. He had dark eye rings and appeared tired. Clearly, he had experienced a restless night. She had no intention of hurting his feelings, but she replied bluntly. “Nope. I’m used to waking up early.”

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