Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 246: Are You Still A Student?

Chapter 246: Are You Still A Student?

The Principal glanced at Huo Yao’s receding back before he turned to the Dean. He raised his brow and said calmly, “I am 100% sure.”

The Dean was stunned. 100% certain she would get the first rank? Was the Principal that confident?

“But Yi Lianfan only lost to her by two points previously.”

The Principal smiled. “Although it was only two points, he won’t have an easy time surpassing her this time.”

Since she could bring many college education systems to their knees, it was no mean feat to surpass her. Her level of knowledge was well beyond that of the current syllabus.

Yi Lianfan was undoubtedly a straight A student. However, the moment he encountered Huo Yao, he was destined to play second fiddle to her.

The Principal thought himself to be fortunate that he managed to convince Huo Yao to join their school. If she had entered some other middle school, he would have been having a real headache right now.

The Principal gathered his thoughts before he patted the Dean on his shoulder. “It doesn’t matter who comes first or second as long as both of them are kids from No.1 Middle School.”

“You’re right.” The Dean laughed.

“I have something to attend to at night. I will leave the kids in your care. Don’t let them leave the hotel unless it’s something important,” said the Principal as he raised his watch to check the time.

The Dean nodded with reassurance. “Don’t worry.”


Huo Yao sat down in the corner after taking her plate.

She took out her phone as she ate.

She opened her contacts and tapped on someone called, ‘Lei’.

In a minute, she sent out a text: [My dear, shall we meet in person?]

Lei Xiao was eating dinner when he received the text. His hands trembled the moment he saw the message, and his phone almost fell into his bowl of soup.

They had not spoken ever since she asked him about the Education Association. He had not dared to disturb her, but here she was, asking him to meet face to face.

The invitation was absolutely out of the blue.

He had hinted at meeting in person several times in the past but was heartlessly rejected every single time.

Lei Xiao suppressed his shock and hurriedly replied: [Are you in the capital?]

Huo Yao was surprised at how quickly he responded.

She typed back: [Yup.]

Lei Xiao could no longer be bothered with eating.

Instead, he stood up and walked out as he replied: [Just tell me where. I’ll come over immediately.]

Huo Yao’s hands stilled. Yi Lianfan had come over with his plate while she was typing. He took a seat right across her.

Huo Yao raised her brow at him.

In return, Yi Lianfan glanced at her calmly and said, “The Dean told me to pass on a message. No one is to leave the hotel tonight.”

Then he lowered his head and started to eat.

“Mhm. Got it,” replied Huo Yao.

She texted Lei Xiao: [Sorry. Not now. I’m taking part in a contest tomorrow, so I have to revise tonight and don’t have time to come out. Why don’t we meet after the contest?]

Lei Xiao had already reached the door when he caught sight of her last message. He froze in shock yet again.



Could Miss Big Shot really be a student?

Lei Xiao recalled her talking about studying before as well. He was suddenly dumbstruck. It felt as though something in his head shattered.

After some time, he finally gathered his thoughts and typed with trembling fingers: [Are you a student?]

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