Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 234: Tell Me When It’s Time To Shoot

Chapter 234: Tell Me When It’s Time To Shoot

The moment Huo Xiang recalled how he had confidently told his agent that he could convince his little sister to come along, his face burned with embarrassment.

As Huo Xiang’s imagination ran wild, he looked at Huo Yao with hurt and indignance brimming from his eyes.

Huo Yao had already stood up. She pretended that she did not take notice of Huo Xiang’s adorable reaction and asked him nonchalantly. “Brother Xiang, where’s the bathroom?”

Huo Xiang pointed to the corridor on the right and said weakly, “Turn left at the end of the corridor.”

Huo Yao’s eyes turned into half crescents. She took two steps before she suddenly stopped and enquired. “When will the recording start?”

Huo Xiang hung his head. He was still thinking about how he should convince her when he heard her question. He raised his head to look at her. “Oh... not so soon.”

“Okay. Just tell me when it’s time to shoot,” said Huo Yao before heading to the bathroom.

“Okay...” Huo Xiang nodded automatically. A while later, he suddenly gathered his thoughts. What did his little sister say?

Did she just agree to appear on the program with him?!

Yay! She agreed!

Huo Xiang’s face surged with joy. He retrieved his phone and sent Tong Yu three text messages at a go.

[My little sister said okay.]

[Who said I couldn’t handle this matter?]

[She’s my little sister. So how could I fail?]

Tong Yu happened to be holding the phone when he saw his artist texting him. The first text was still okay, but the other two were baffling. Why all these questions if he had already convinced his little sister to appear on the show?

Tong Yu scratched his head and replied: [Okay, great.]

He paused and added: [Give me your sister’s contact number. I have to tell her about some details ahead of time.]

Huo Xiang’s eyes narrowed as replied: [No need for that. I can tell her all those things personally.]

Tong Yu: [You? What do you know? What can you tell her?]

Huo Xiang: [...]

Tong Yu: [It’s good enough if you don’t hold us back. Hurry up and send me her contact number.]

Huo Xiang: [...]

Here Tong Yu was demanding his little sister’s phone number while expressing his loathing for him.

Hmph! Get lost, Tong Yu!

Huo Xiang compressed his lips and stopped chatting.

After Huo Yao came out of the bathroom, Huo Xiang told her in a grave manner. “Yao, if anyone asks for your WeChat ID or phone number, ignore them. You never know what they are thinking. You have to be careful lest you get conned.”

Huo Yao looked at him cluelessly. “?”

Huo Xiang cleared his throat awkwardly. Then he stood up and collected his jacket from the sofa. “Let’s go. I’ll take you out for dinner.”

Huo Yao looked at Huo Xiang thoughtfully.

Were people with a cool exterior always so adorable inside?


Huo Xiang went to get the car from the parking lot, while Huo Yao slowly walked out of the villa. She looked at the surroundings and saw that even the landscaping was filled with contemporary design elements. Since it was not a townhouse, the villa offered a lot of privacy and felt serene.

Villas like these were a real jewel in the city and they did not come cheap.

Huo Yao was waiting by the roadside when she suddenly heard a faint click. She narrowed her eyes and looked up to her left. She saw a quick flash at the corner of the villa’s wall.

Huo Yao turned back to see that there was no sign of Huo Xiang. She walked over stealthily, barely making any sound.

A man was hiding in that corner of the villa wall, holding his camera. He was reviewing the photos he had just taken with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“What are you looking at?” said an icy voice from behind.

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