Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 230: All Kinds Of Strange Dudes With Peculiar Dressing Sense

Chapter 230: All Kinds Of Strange Dudes With Peculiar Dressing Sense

Huo Yao placed her hand against her chin. After she waited for a long time, he finally replied.

Huo Xiang: [Never mind, it’s okay.]

How could he have come up with this after typing for so long?

So Huo Yao sent him another question mark.

Huo Xiang: [Class must be starting. I won’t hold you up then.]

Huo Yao put down her phone. Her fourth older brother certainly was behaving strangely today.


Huo Yao’s phone rang after school before she made it to the school entrance. It was her fourth older brother calling.

She picked up quickly and said, “... I’ll be out in two minutes.”

“Is someone from your family picking you up?” asked Meng Ying casually.

Huo Yao placed her phone back inside her pocket. “Yup, it was my older brother.”

Meng Ying glanced at Huo Yao’s breathtaking profile. She could not help touching her chin as she said, “Your brother must be very handsome!”

Huo Yao raised her brow and looked at her from the side. “That goes without saying.”

Meng Ying blinked. She suddenly felt offended.

Was Huo Yao pushing Meng Ying around because she did not have a big brother?

She trotted behind her and wanted to see what her sibling looked like.

Before long, they walked out of the school gates.

Meng Ying scoured the place. Her eyes landed on a man covered from head to toe standing by the roadside. Instinctively, she said, “Tsk tsk. These days, there are all kinds of strange dudes with peculiar styling sense.”

Huo Yao glanced in that direction and her lips curved upwards.

“Sister Big Shot, where is your older brother?” asked Meng Ying.

Huo Yao indicated towards the strange guy whom Meng Ying was just talking about.

Meng Ying’s mouth dropped open instantly. After a long time, she finally stammered. “No way... Don’t tell me that’s your older brother?”

How could someone as exquisite as Huo Yao have such an odd brother?

There was nothing in common between them.

Huo Yao coughed. Even if Huo Xiang was not famous, she could not make fun of him for acting like he was a top celebrity. She walked towards Huo Xiang and turned to look at Meng Ying.

She said airily, “Yup, that’s my older brother.”

Meng Ying: “...”

This was awkward.

Nonetheless, Meng Ying followed behind her curiously.

“Brother Xiang,” called out Huo Yao softly after coming closer.

Huo Xiang automatically looked away from his phone when he heard his little sister’s voice. “That was fast.”

He was wearing a mask and sunglasses.

“Mhm.” Huo Yao nodded.

Huo Xiang paused when he noticed Meng Ying standing beside Huo Yao and asked politely. “Is this your classmate?”

“Yup, Meng Ying sits right next to me,” introduced Huo Yao briefly.

Since Huo Yao brought her classmate along, they must be quite close. Hence, Huo Xiang removed his sunglasses to reveal his sparkling, upturned eyes and nodded slightly to Meng Ying. “How do you do?”

Huo Xiang looked very cool at this moment. He gave off a striking aura even when only his eyes and forehead were exposed.

Meng Ying was astounded. After she gathered her thoughts, she shyly nodded and said softly, “H-hi!”

Heavens, he was clearly gorgeous and far from strange.

No wonder he covered himself from top to toe.

But why did Huo Yao’s older brother seem so familiar? She seemed to have encountered him before.

Meng Ying scratched her head but couldn’t seem to recall him.

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