Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 223: Are These Grades Considered Lousy?

Chapter 223: Are These Grades Considered Lousy?

Mr. Lu’s confidence trembled for a moment and he clenched his fists. Giving a weak smile, he said, “You’re mistaken. That wasn’t what I meant.”

The Principal’s eyes turned cold. He picked up a stack of test papers from the office table and handed them to Mr. Lu. “Please take a look. Are these grades considered poor?”

Mr. Lu’s eyes landed on the test papers. He hesitated for a second before taking them from the Principal.

These were Huo Yao’s last month’s exam results along with a printout of the No.1 Middle School entrance exam. She had taken the exam online and attained full marks in it.

Also, there was a result slip containing her total score for each subject. Shockingly, Huo Yao was first in all the tests.

Mr. Lu’s face lost all its color as he looked at Huo Yao’s perfect grades and ranking written in bright red. He flipped through the sheets a few more times, worried that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

“Do you think someone with grades like hers needs to cheat using some stupid notes?” The Principal was openly mocking him now.

“Erm... This is impossible. Her grades were never this good,” muttered Lu Xia’s father as he shook his head.

Even if his foster daughter made a vast improvement, there was no way she could top the level.

The Principal seemed to have known that Mr. Lu would not believe him, so he picked up another sheet of the test papers. “Fine! Mr. Lu, why don’t you take a look at this?”

It was a photocopy of the recent National Quiz Contest.

“Mr. Lu, you might not understand the questions, but you can always ask your friend at the Education Association to look at it and see if Huo Yao used the methods found in the notes to answer the questions.”

Despite the Principal’s calm tone, his imposing voice sounded stern.

Mr. Lu’s strategy had been to push all the blame on his foster daughter. Since the Lu family raised her for 17 years, she could repay their charity by taking the fall this once. At worst, he would have made up for it with money in the future.

After all, his biological daughter’s future was at stake, and he did not want her records to be tarnished.

Mr. Lu looked at the test paper in his hand, and a sour taste rose in his heart. He had not foreseen his foster daughter doing so well in school, going so far as to gain the Principal’s favor...

“Mr. Lu, are you still going to push blame onto Huo Yao?” sneered the Principal coldly with no intention of sweeping things under the rug.

Since he was the one who invited Huo Yao to enter the school, no one was allowed to slander her.

But Mr. Lu had already done so, so it was too late to retract now. If he took his words back at this moment, it was as good as slapping his own face.

He pressed his temple with his fingers and looked at the Principal. Just as he was about to speak, the Principal’s phone rang.

The Principal frowned when he saw the caller ID. He walked over to the window to answer the phone.

It was from the Education Association.

Two minutes later.

“... Okay. I understand.”

After the Principal hung up the phone, his deep eyes became even darker. He walked up to Mr. Lu and said, “The matter regarding the National Quiz Contest notes ends here.”

Mr. Lu heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. He had called his friend, who was the Secretary of the Education Association before he came here.

It appeared that his friend had made the call to the Principal.

The Principal looked at Mr. Lu coldly. “But Lu Xia is no longer allowed to participate in the nationals.”

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