Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 220: Courting Disaster!

Chapter 220: Courting Disaster!

Lu Xia immediately realized that she had lost control of her emotions. She inhaled deeply and did her utmost to sound gentle before she said, “Didn’t you post it anonymously? I don’t think the school will end up finding out the real culprit.”

She felt that the school was not about to hire hackers to check Chang Yingying’s IP address just because of a post.

“But the Principal said he was going to investigate thoroughly. Moreover...” Chang Yingying did not dare finish her sentence.

Lu Xia frowned. She had a feeling this dumbass must have done something else behind her back. “Moreover what?”

Chang Yingying hesitated for two seconds before gritting her teeth to continue. “If it was just an anonymous post, I wouldn’t be so worried... I... I told the homeroom teacher about it.”

Lu Xia’s blood started to boil when she heard this. She was at a loss for words to describe her emotions now. “Are you stupid? You had already posted it online. Did you have to tell the homeroom teacher too?”

Lu Xia pressed her forehead and raised her head. “You’re really courting disaster.”

Chang Yingying was on the verge of tears now. “I felt indignant and upset after hearing how your foster sister made your father pull connections to obtain those notes and cheat during the contest, so I reported it to the homeroom teacher.”

Lu Xia recalled how she purposely mentioned the National Quiz Contest notes to Chang Yingying in the hope that she would spread it among the other students and help make Huo Yao’s life in school a little harder.

But she did not think Chang Yingying would end up becoming a burden and work against her instead.

“Xiaxia, what should I do now? I have a feeling that I will get called to the office after the assembly.” Chang Yingying’s face had gone ghastly pale.

“There’s nothing that I can do. You were the one who did it, so you better pray hard that nothing happens,” sneered Lu Xia.

Chang Yingying staggered back and instinctively wanted to grab Lu Xia’s arm for support, but Lu Xia had already turned away. She found the distant look on Lu Xia’s face as though she wanted nothing to do with her.

If Lu Xia did not complain to Chang Yingying, why would she impulsively want to seek justice for her?

Yet Lu Xia wanted to push all the blame on Chang Yingying at this moment.

Chang Yingying felt stifled in her heart.

Lu Xia’s eyes went cold after she turned away. She quickly took out her phone from her pocket and sent a text.

[Dad, Huo Yao ended up telling the Principal about the notes after Ziming sent them to her. I might get punished by the school. I can’t afford to get my school records tainted. Is there anything you can do?]


After the assembly ended, Chang Yingying got called into the office by Wei Mingzhe, just as she had dreaded. The Principal was waiting for her inside.

The Principal’s imposing aura and Wei Mingzhe’s stern questioning made Chang Yingying buckle under pressure. Even though she wanted to deny the accusation, she crumbled and confessed real soon.

Wei Mingzhe had believed Chang Yingying when she reported the incident to him yesterday because of how confident she had sounded. After Chang Yingying told them the real story behind it, it was as good as getting his face slapped in front of the Principal again.

He had taught many students, but none of them were as prejudiced as her.

“Leave! Tell Lu Xia to come here.” Wei Mingzhe did not feel like seeing Chang Yingying any longer and even his voice sounded cold.

Chang Yingying looked at Wei Mingzhe before looking at the Principal. Her eyes were already red from crying and were filled with regret. “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t think things would go overboard. Please don’t expel me from school.”

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