Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 202: Not For Sale

Chapter 202: Not For Sale

“You said your friend suffers from a spinal injury. Other than suppressing poison, Yuqing pills are also good for nerve injury, so it will definitely work on him,” added Old Mr. Pei very quickly.

Tong Yu felt relieved when he heard this.

“But I suggest that your friend get his blood tested. Some slow poisons are undetectable during early stages,” said Old Mr. Pei calmly.

Since the drug was precious and had highly specific properties, no one would give it to a patient without such needs.

The truth had started to become clearer.

Tong Yu narrowed his eyes as he contemplated his words. He bowed to Old Mr. Pei and said, “Can you examine my friend? Don’t worry. We will definitely pay whatever your consultation fee is.”

Although Huo Xiang’s third older brother was a neurology expert, he had not discovered any signs of poisoning. However, he could not help feeling worried when he heard Old Mr. Pei’s words.

After all, Chinese and Western medicine were completely different from one another. What if Old Mr. Pei managed to cure Huo Xiang?

Old Mr. Pei looked at Tong Yu before his eyes landed on the medicine inside the clear pill bag in his hands. In a mulling tone, he said, “I don’t mind seeing your friend, but I have a favor to ask.”

Tong Yu could tell what Old Mr. Pei was driving at, so he said immediately, “Thank you, Old Mr. Pei. I will ask my friend’s sister right away about the place where she got the meds from.”

Old Mr. Pei nodded with a look of anticipation in his eyes.

Since Tong Yu did not have Huo Yao’s phone number, he could only call Huo Xiang.

The call went through quickly, and Tong Yu briefly explained the situation to Huo Xiang.

“I’ll ask my baby sister,” replied Huo Xiang.

Tong Yu hung up the phone. He recalled bumping into Huo Yao at the hospital earlier and could not help sighing. He would have brought her along if he saw this coming.


Huo Yao was already in a cab when Huo Xiang called her.

Huo Yao put on her earphones and answered the call. “Brother Xiang.”

“I want to ask about the place where you bought the medicine for me. I feel it’s quite effective.”

Huo Xiang did not mention anything about Tong Yu’s call to her.

If his little sister found out that Tong Yu had asked a doctor to check the medicine, it might hurt her feelings.

Huo Yao looked out of the car’s window. It was no coincidence that Huo Xiang asked her about this, considering she had just bumped into his agent at the hospital. She replied in a crisp voice. “My friend gave me the meds, but they aren’t for sale.”

Huo Xiang went quiet. He couldn’t think of any way to probe her further and said, “Oh okay. When are you getting home?”

“In about ten minutes,” replied Huo Yao.

“Take care.”

Huo Xiang hung up the phone and called Tong Yu to share every word his little sister had said.

Old Mr. Pei fell into a silence. Despite his disappointment, he could understand the other party’s decision. Moments later, he handed the pill to Tong Yu.

He seemed reluctant and sad when he returned it to him.

Tong Yu also extended his hand awkwardly. However, the moment he recalled how priceless Old Mr. Pei said the medicine was and how suitable it was for Huo Xiang, he could not bring himself to give it away.

He placed the pill inside his pocket with barely any guilt.

Since Old Mr. Pei was a highly respectable Chinese medicine physician, he certainly would not miss this one pill.

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