Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 2: The Real And The Fake Daughter

Chapter 2: The Real And The Fake Daughter

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Truth be told, since Huo Yao had taken over this body, she had not had the time to take a closer look at this place.

The house had an old-fashioned, rustic look to it. It was a two storey place with a yard in the front. It was fitted with red bricks on the wall, and black tiles on the roof. No varnish or ceramic tiles had ever been applied on the walls. Mold and yellow stains had climbed to some parts of the walls due to lack of repairs.

In a nutshell, this house still retained the standard style of the 1980s. Indeed, the house was old and ragged.

Huo Yao tapped her nose. She had been living in this harsh environment for a year. Suddenly, the realisation hit her that she sure could adapt herself to difficult circumstances!

At this moment, the shrill voice came to a sudden stop.

He Xiaoman, who was wearing a black lace dress, walked out of the room. She had a purple scarf around her neck and was sporting delicate makeup. Her hair was combed into a bun with a diamond hairpin on it. Everything about her screamed wealth. She was taken aback seeing Huo Yao standing in the yard.

But He Xiaoman recovered quickly and came back to her senses. The complicated expressions faded away from the depth of her eyes. “What are you doing here?” She questioned in a cold voice.

Huo Yao stared at He Xiaoman quietly and calmly. But her mind had wandered to a different place already.

A year ago, for some unknown reason, she had taken over this body. Back then, the host’s name was not Huo Yao, but Lu Yao, and she had been the darling daughter of a nouveau riche family of City S.

However, several months ago, she was informed abruptly that this body, this person, was not a part of the Lu Family. When the original host of this body had been born, the nurse at the hospital had ended up swapping two infants due to some confusion.

As a matter of fact, the biological parents of this person were a normal, working-class couple. They had no money, nor any power. It was said that the couple had to raise four sons who were worthless. It was sufficient to say that that household was under tremendous pressure already.

This person’s foster mother, aka, He Xiaoman, got to know that her actual biological daughter was living in a poor family while she had been raising this girl who should have been in that impoverished situation. This sharp contrast aroused a surge of maternal love inside He Xiaoman.

Despite living in a poor family, He Xiaoman’s biological daughter appeared to be gentle and refined with a sweet mouth and a good heart. He Xiaoman didn’t waste much time and picked up her biological daughter from those horrid surroundings to take her back to where she originally belonged. He Xiaoman changed her biological daughter’s name and added her name to the family tree, just so that nothing unfair would happen to her daughter ever again.

As for the fake daughter who had been known as Lu Yao till now, despite being born in a wealthy household, she was never liked by the Lu Family. Since she was a kid, she had lived with He Xiaoman’s mother in a small county. He Xiaoman would only visit her sporadically, once every couple of years.

Since the genuine daughter returned to the family, the fake daughter had to move out. Before Huo Yao’s biological parents came to pick her up, He Xiaoman told her that she did not deserve the Lu surname, and could not continue to live here.

At that time, He Xiaoman had been so full of herself while trying to get rid of Huo Yao. Nothing had changed since. She continued to remain arrogant even now.

Huo Yao pulled her mind back to the present and looked away from He Xiaoman, as if not impressed with what was in front of her.

He Xiaoman frowned and grew furious. “What is with the attitude?”

Her question conveyed her wrath to its full extent which was a source of amusement for Huo Yao. She raised her eyebrows and answered with a question of her own. “Then, who do you think you are to come here?”

As the sound of Huo Yao’s amused voice, He Xiaoman’s well-maintained face became twisted.

Indeed, Huo Yao was not Lu Family’s child. Though she was raised by the Lu Family for a long period of time, she still remained unrestrained, uncultivated, and impolite.

At this moment, He Xiaoman could not help but think of her biological daughter, Lu Xia. While Lu Xia grew up in a humble, average family, she was the epitome of innocence and elegance. She did well in school and was naturally gifted. She was discovered by a talent scout and had become a star already. She was born to bring fame to the Lu Family.

As for Huo Yao, apart from her face, she was worse than Lu Xia in every way possible.

He Xiaoman took a deep breath and reminded herself of her intention to come here. She pushed back the anger and took a few seconds to calm herself down.

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