Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1696 - 1696 Brother-in-Law

1696 Brother-in-Law

Huo Yao could hear her phone beeping the moment Shangguan Yun finished his sentence.

She took out her phone, saw a seven-digit bank transfer, and could not help feeling happy. In a split second, she raised her head and extended her hand to hug Shangguan Yun by the neck. She looked at him genially and said, “It doesn’t matter if you slow me down.”

Shangguan Yun went quiet.


He knew he could not compare to a long string of numbers.


Huo Yao went to the airport to see Li Chenhui and the others off at roughly 5:00 pm.

They had only extended their air tickets by a couple of days. Also, they were working on projects back home, so they could not stay any longer in Country M.

At the security check gate.

“Junior Sister, be careful out there…” Li Chenhui looked at Huo Yao and spoke. He thought about Huo Yao’s nimble moves and her gun movement during the abduction incident the other day and eventually stopped talking.

Huo Yao smiled and understood what Li Chenhui was thinking about. She did not explain anything to him and simply nodded. “I know.”

Li Chenhui looked at her hesitantly before he patted Huo Yao’s shoulder. “No matter what, be careful, okay?”

Huo Yao nodded solemnly. The kidnapping incident probably affected her senior brothers seriously, so she simply said, “It’s safer back home, so things like this won’t happen.”

She meant every word she said. The power behind Shangguan Hou was not located in the country. Also, they simply wanted to make the people from the Shangguan family appear, so they would not deliberately cause trouble for her senior brothers anymore.

After all, her senior brothers would become very important researchers one day, so the school would keep them safe. She was unafraid history would repeat itself.

Li Chenhui knew that she was trying to console them. He acknowledged her and did not continue nagging. Before long, they went through the security check.

Huo Yao stood outside and watched until they were out of sight before she turned to head back to the lounge outside.

There were hardly any people in the lounge. Shangguan Yun and Min Yu were sitting there chatting. From a distance, the atmosphere seemed good.

Huo Yao raised her brow in surprise. As she approached them, she asked. “When did you get so chummy with each other?”

Shangguan Yun had a cap on his head. The moment he heard her voice, he raised his head. His youthful face clearly looked happy. “Brother-in-Law said he would let me choose a gun.”


She had just come back from seeing off her senior brothers and the others. In just a matter of minutes, Min Yu had succeeded in buying over the kid.

Complicated emotions flooded her heart as Huo Yao looked at Min Yu. “That’s certainly thoughtful of you.”

Min Yu adjusted the black mask on his face. His deep eyes looked bright now. He sighed and replied. “What else can I do, right? I have to be good to him since he’s your little brother.”

Huo Yao promptly did not know what to say. She turned to kick Shangguan Yun sitting there complacently. “Don’t you have any backbone?”

Shangguan Yun jumped up. Unexpectedly, he did not go to Huo Yao. Instead, he leaned toward Min Yu and said with his head tilted sideways, “I already sent you a million yesterday. If you have anything to say, you should return the money first.”

Huo Yao went speechless.

“Brother-in-Law, when are we going?” Shangguan Yun acted as though he could be close to anyone as long as they were good to him.

Huo Yao did not know what to say.

Min Yu glanced at the angry Huo Yao. He paused and said, “It depends on when Huo Yao is free.”

“Well, I’m not free.” Huo Yao felt she could not let the kid get everything he wanted.

The young man already wanted the gun badly and was dying to get it now. When Huo Yao claimed she was not free, he gritted his teeth as he took out his phone. “No, you’re free!”

When Huo Yao heard a familiar chime coming from her phone, she did not know what to say.

Kids could be so innocent.

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