Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1362 - Hiding Something

Chapter 1362: Hiding Something

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Chairman Wang snapped out of his shock. He pondered briefly and shook his head. “Nope.”

“Really?” He Shu was not entirely sure about Huo Yao’s diagnosis for the time being. Since Chairman Wang’s health was at stake, he decided to tell him more just to be on the safe side. “Can you think harder?”

“Did Huo Yao give you this diagnosis?” asked Chairman Wang suddenly.

He Shu nodded. “Uh huh. She said that the chronic poison was triggered, and you aren’t doing very well.”

He did not dare to tell Chairman Wang he was dying. He did not want to give Chairman Wang any more pressure.


Chairman Wang tightened his hands slightly as they lay on top of the blanket and went quiet briefly. After some time, he raised his head to look at He Shu. He said with certainty in his eyes, “I’m sure I didn’t take any other medicine.”

He Shu felt Chairman Wang was not lying either after looking into his eyes. He said, “Perhaps she made a mistake with the diagnosis then.”

“Uh huh.” Chairman Wang nodded. He further said, “I know my condition well. I’ve been suffering from these ailments for a long time, so it’s no big deal.”

He Shu pondered and agreed. After all, Chairman Wang was an excellent physician. He felt a little better after hearing this. He lowered his eyes and looked at the medicine bottle in his hands. He paused briefly before he said, “In that case, you should stop taking this medicine.”

He would rather be safe than sorry.

“Sure,” acknowledged Chairman Wang without asking anything else about the medication or the Apothecaries’ Association.

After chatting briefly, He Shu noticed that Chairman Wang was tired, so he stopped talking to him and helped him lie down in bed.

He Shu was about to leave the room with the medication when he suddenly paused and turned back. He looked at Chairman Wang and said, “Oh yes. I forgot to ask you something. How are Miss Huo’s medical skills?”

Chairman Wang veered his head sideways slightly looking at He Shu as the young man stood against the light. He replied with the utmost respect. “Her medical skills are far superior to mine. If you have any medical questions, feel free to seek her guidance.”

He Shu became worried. Since Huo Yao’s medical skills were that good, this meant she was probably spot on about the diagnosis.

Chairman Wang was hiding something from him.

He Shu parted his lips wanting to speak. Just as he was about to say it, he changed his mind and instead said randomly, “I see. I’ll be sure to seek her guidance if I need any help. Rest well.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he stepped out of the bedroom. He had trouble walking and his face looked terribly worried.

Meanwhile, inside the bedroom.

Chairman Wang was completely sleepless. He looked at the ceiling overhead for a long time before he smiled sadly.

He genuinely did not realize that those pills contained chronic poison. Even if he did, it would never dawn on him that something was amiss.

In Chinese medicine, poison could still be used as medicine. Also, taking medication long-term often came with certain side effects. Even then, patients were able to recover.


When Huo Yao went to Chairman Wang’s residence in the afternoon, Min Yu tagged along. The butler was there to receive them and welcome them into the living room.

Chairman Wang was waiting for Huo Yao in the living room. When they arrived, he quickly stood up. “Huo Yao, Young Master Min, thanks for coming over.”

Min Yu nodded and said, “Hello, Chairman Wang.”

Chairman Wang smiled. He invited them to sit down before telling the butler to serve tea.

After Huo Yao took a seat, she raised her head to look at Chairman Wang’s face and promptly frowned. Even though only a night had passed, the poison was spreading quickly.

“Did you take those meds again?” asked Huo Yao candidly without making any small talk.

Chairman Wang sat with his hand on the armrest.

The moment he heard what she said, he trembled slightly. He shook his head and replied. “No, I didn’t. I’ve been like this for some time now.”

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