Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1205 - Got What She Wanted

Chapter 1205: Got What She Wanted

Chairman Wang’s eyes instantly lit up when she mentioned ancient prescriptions. “What were you saying about an ancient prescription?”

Huo Yao acknowledged gently. “I think it’s called the Qinglian pill.”

“Qinglian pill?” Chairman Wang seemed unfamiliar with the pill’s name. He contemplated briefly before he shook his head and replied. “I have never heard about this pill before.”

The Apothecaries’ Association had access to a lot of ancient Chinese medicine texts, but it did not mean they had every book on the planet. It was completely normal for Chairman Wang to be unfamiliar with the medicinal pill.

Mi Wei raised his head and looked at Chairman Wang. Was he talking about the Qinglian pill?

Chairman Wang failed to notice Mi Wei listening in on his conversation. He continued talking to Huo Yao on the phone. “Did you see this sold online?”

“I heard it was on sale online, but I do not know all the details,” said Huo Yao. Since some other students had entered the stairwell, she did not linger there and continued walking ahead instead.

“Okay then. I will check around.” Chairman Wang nodded. Before long, he hung up the phone.

Qinglian pill… Chairman Wang kept thinking about the medicinal pill. He turned to look at his assistant. “Can you find out if anyone is selling the Qinglian pill online when you get back?”

“Yes, Chairman Wang.” The assistant nodded.

Mi Wei asked the chairman quizzically. “Chairman Wang, were you talking about the Qinglian pill? What is it? It doesn’t sound like a usual medicinal pill.”

Chairman Wang put his phone back in his pocket. Since he got along well with Mi Wei, he replied candidly. “I hear that it is an ancient prescription, but I have never heard of this medicinal pill before.”

As for its effects, he knew even less. Since Huo Yao said it was an ancient prescription, he trusted her.

Mi Wei rubbed the tobacco pipe hanging from his waist. He said quietly, “Chairman Wang, I won’t be eating with you tonight. I have something to handle.”

Chairman Wang glanced at him a couple of times. Everyone was busy tonight. He did not insist upon dining with Mi Wei. “It’s alright. We can dine anytime, so It is perfectly fine.”

Mi Wei nodded and acknowledged politely.


After Huo Yao got what she wanted, she hung up the phone and placed her phone back in her pocket.

Before long, she left the school and headed to the gate.

Chen Ming had already been waiting at the entrance for 30 minutes. When he saw her, he greeted her reverently before opening the passenger seat door for Huo Yao.

After getting into the car, Chen Ming left Tsing University. He said, “If everything goes smoothly, the Song family will probably cough up your mother’s inheritance in a couple of days.”

“Uh huh.” Huo Yao nodded. She did not seem worried. “Thank you, Uncle Ming.”

Chen Ming cleared his throat awkwardly. “You are welcome. It was my job anyway.”

He updated Huo Yao about Song Qi’s situation. Huo Yao veered her eyes from the car window after she heard what he said. She replied softly. “Don’t let her make trouble for my mother.”

“Okay,” acknowledged Chen Ming as he nodded.

The car pulled up at the residents 20 minutes later. Leaning sideways, Chen Ming retrieved a manila envelope from the front passenger seat and got off the car with Huo Yao.

“Oh yes. Miss Huo, the chief steward will not be in town for a while. Before he left, he wanted me to pass this to you.” Chen Ming handed the envelope to Huo Yao.

Huo Yao’s eyes landed on the manila envelope. She could only see a slightly thicker manila envelope, but it was impossible to see its contents. She did not take the envelope right away. Instead, she asked cautiously. “What’s in there?”

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