Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 10: Frustrated

Chapter 10: Frustrated

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When Lu Xia grabbed his arm, Huo Yanxi frowned but stopped himself from freeing his arm. “What is it?”

Lu Xia blinked cutely. With innocent expressions and carefully applied make-up, she looked like an angel. “I have been focusing a lot on the talent show recently. I am feeling bad that I haven’t visited mom and dad in a long time. Yaoyao has also just come back. I believe she may find her life here somewhat unfamiliar. I want to come along and stay home for a couple of days. For one thing, I can spend some quality time with mom and dad, for another, I can help Yaoyao get adjusted.”

Huo Yanxi thought for a few seconds before he nodded in agreement. “Good. We won’t have to worry so much if you can stay with Yaoyao.”

Lu Xia chuckled lightly at his response. Then, she raised her chin at Huo Yao and let go of Huo Yanxi’s arm. She went ahead and sat in the front passenger seat.

She was behaving as if she was the hostess here.

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows at the other girl’s childish behavior. However, her curled lips were covered by her mask. She did not say anything and simply opened the door and sat on the back seat.


Lu Xia spent their entire way back to tell Huo Yanxi stories about the girl group which she had joined. From there, she shifted to talking about the talent show. Every now and then, Lu Xia would steal glances at Huo Yao from the rearview mirror. Since Huo Yao had taken her mask off, Lu Xia was actively seeking traces of envy on her face.

However, Huo Yao remained unmoved. She did nothing except for playing on her phone. She was lost in her own world as if nothing else mattered to her.

This was such a huge blow to Lu Xia’s superiority complex.

Lu Xia told herself that Huo Yao could remain this calm because this village girl came from a small county and knew nothing about the entertainment industry.

She soon came up with another idea. She switched from her conversation of the entertainment world and directed her questions towards Huo Yao. “Yaoyao, we were born in the same year. You should be starting your senior year in high school as well, right?”

Huo Yao’s fingers paused while on the phone. A moment later, she looked up slowly. The gentle, pale light in the car cast a hue over her face, offsetting some of the sharpness in her eyes.

“Yes.” She replied without any emotion.

Lu Xia blinked. Somehow, in this moment, she felt Huo Yao was quite seductive, especially when complimented by her hoarse voice.

Lu Xia stopped her thoughts from showing on her face and put on a forced smile. “I heard from my mother that when you left my grandmother’s place, you obtained all the documents for school transfer.”

She had deliberately stressed upon the words ‘my mother’ and ‘my grandmother’. Of course, one would not notice if one did not listen carefully.

Huo Yao grinned and darted a meaningful look towards Lu Xia.

Lu Xia felt her heart miss a beat. Immediately, she looked away to avoid eye contact with Huo Yao. The natural grace had disappeared from Lu Xia’s voice but she continued speaking, “Have you picked out a school yet? I can ask my father to help if you need it. My mother told me that your grades weren’t exactly...”

“Thank you, but no. I have decided upon which school to attend.” Huo Yao cut her off, carelessly.

The word ‘great’ remained stuck in Lu Xia’s throat. A long moment later, she managed to speak even though the smile had frozen on her face unnaturally now. “Have you? Which one?”

Huo Yanxi, who was busy driving, was surprised to hear this as well.

Because of his work, Huo Yanxi was away from home often. Even so, he was aware that his parents had been bothered about the school transfer. They were contemplating which school to choose for his baby sister who had been taken away by another family at birth and grew up in a small county after that.

He had realised that his parents’ struggle stemmed from the fact that his sister’s grades were bad. But his parents were unwilling to send her off to an average school. At the same time, they were worried that she could get an inferiority feeling even if they found some connections and managed to get her admitted to a prominent school. This was because she may fall behind in her studies in the new prominent school as well...

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