Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Xu Family’s Rage

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Guan Xi Lin stared blankly a moment upon hearing that and he found it a little strange. Why had she suddenly brought back two people like this?

“Get on!” Feng Jiu gestured for the young girl to carry her brother onto the carriage.

“Yes.” She acknowledged and climbed into the horse carriage.

Guan Xi Lin pulled Feng Jiu to the side and suppressed his voice to ask softly: “Little Jiu, you want to bring those two people to leave together with us? The youth doesn’t look very healthy to me! Will that really be fine? Will anything suddenly happen midway?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Let’s go!” As she said that, she noticed that there wasn’t a coachman and she asked: “Big Brother, don’t tell me you intend to drive it yourself?”

“Yup, I can do it. Rest assured, even with just one arm.” He grinned widely and ushered her onto the horse carriage quickly.

Hearing him say that, she did not persist in asking any further, and quickly climbed into the carriage.

Guan Xi Lin climbed aboard himself after all of them had seated themselves within and drove the horse carriage towards the outside of the town’s gates, setting forth on his return journey to the Cloudy Moon City…..

-On the other side, Cloudy Moon City, Xu Family-


On the Master’s seat, a middle aged man slammed his palm to crash heavily upon the tabletop, suddenly standing up in utter disbelief. He stared angrily at the guard kneeling below him, his voice shocked and chilling.

“What? What did you say? Tell it all to me once more!”

The conqueror’s aura and his powerful presence made the face of the guard kneeling below turn deathly pale, cold sweat to break out from his body, and his heart to fill with terror, but at the same time, he had no other choice but to repeat himself again.

“Re….. reporting to Mas….. Master. The Rock Forest Town’s Head sent people here to inform us that they discovered three sets of bo….. bodies who were wa….. warriors, and they sus….. suspect that they are from our Xu….. Xu Family.


The middle aged man fell back into his chair dispirited as he said in disbelief: “How is that possible? How is that even possible? With the Senior Elder’s and the Four Elder’s powers, how could it be possible that there is anyone in a place like the tiny Rock Forest Town who is capable of killing them?”

The guard kneeling on the ground did not dare to reply and he just remained there trembling in fear.

“Who? Who was it that killed them?” His suddenly bloodthirsty gaze stared at the guard below. “The two guards who accompanied them? Did they come back?”

The kneeling guard answered in a trembling voice and said: “It….. It is not known who killed them. And the two accompanying guards were afraid that they would be punished and has run away.”

The Senior Elder, the Fourth Elder and the Second Master had all been killed. If the two of them had come back, the Master’s rage was not something that would be pleasant to face, hence, those two people had naturally take the opportunity that they were outside and fled far away.

“Good! Very good!”

His fists clenched up tightly, his insidious voice chilling and bloodthirsty as he said: “Look into it! Investigate into it deeply!”

[His Xu Family was just a mid level family in the Cloudy Moon City. Although their might could not be compared to the Eight Big Families and the Four Big Mights, but they had still managed to hold significant repute in this place. And now, in the short span of less than one month’s time, his son had been killed, his brother had been killed, and even the Senior Elder and the Fourth Elder had also been killed!]

[If he doesn’t find out who the culprit is, how is he going to be able to swallow this!]

Cloudy Moon City, in a certain courtyard

Dressed in an all black robe, with highly outstanding countenance, Leng Shuang looked on at the figure in the courtyard dressed in her plain white inner clothes, executing a soft and feeble style of martial arts, her gaze looking highly complicated.

Her brother had awoken the other day and that very night, she had kept her promise where she had stripped herself bare and laid upon Feng Jiu’s bed. At this moment, she could still remember when Feng Jiu had lifted the blanket and saw her stark naked body, the startled expression of Feng Jiu and the look she gave, helplessly torn between conflicting urges whether to laugh or to cry.

And it was through that time, that Leng Shuang found out that Feng Jiu was female.

But if Feng Jiu did not need her to warm her bed, and wasn’t attracted to her beauty, then why did Feng Jiu agree to help her?

But, regardless of the reason, since she handed her life over to Feng Jiu, Feng Jiu would be her Mistress. That was a point, that would not change.

“Leng Shuang, has my Big Brother returned yet?”

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