Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Spatial Spirit Palace

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Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Qing Ge were people linked through the heart, while Feng Jiu, was just a stranger…..

Things that she wanted to do, she would only depend on herself. Regardless that this man was someone that Feng Qing Ge highly trusted, she still wouldn’t tell him the real situation before her now.

It was always better to rely on oneself, than to beg for help from others.

And Murong Yi Xuan was at a loss for words as he saw the two figures depart.

[Younger sister?]

[That man had said she was his younger sister? Then that was not Qing Ge?]

His heart, suddenly felt endlessly empty. He was suddenly disappointed, yet at the same time, rather glad. Maybe, it had all just been his imagination going wild…..

[Afterall, his suspicions was just too inconceivable. If his suspicions were true, wouldn’t that mean that the Qing Ge who was currently on her way back home an imposter? Even if his heart was suspecting that she was not real, but how could it be possible that even her father and grandfather would not recognise it if that was so?]

[Maybe, he had just been thinking too much.]

On the other side, Guan Xi Lin and Feng Jiu went around to take a look at several houses with a yard, and they finally found one that was tranquil and quiet which they liked. Although the location was rather remote and out of the way, but the quiet peace attracted them and the surrounding environment was rather nice.

That same day, the two of them went out to purchase some daily necessities and they moved into the place right away.

After explaining it a little to Guan Xi Lin, she went on to carry out a closed door cultivation of seclusion…..

For three successive days, the tightly shut door had not opened a single time.

While in the yard, Guan Xi Lin stood guard throughout the three days while he practised using the sword with his left hand.

He was blessed with rather outstanding gift and he possessed explosive power. From being completely awkward initially till currently showing some adequacy, though not as adept as wielding it with his right hand, he was however growing in strength at it.

Inside the room, sitting in a lotus position on the bed, Feng Jiu’s hands were laid atop her knees on each side, a red mystical energy visible to the eye swirling around her body. The mystical energy was swirling at an immensely high speed, it could almost be said that the mystical energy was surging into her sea of Qi between her brows, to gather up into a mass.

As an amateur cultivator, to advance into the Warrior stage, would require several years before a cultivator would be able to enter the initial mystical levels of a Warrior.

Take for example the original Feng Qing Ge, her cultivation powers had only been at the second level of the Warrior stage, while currently, Feng Jiu had merely used three days’ time and she had had had some small accomplishment with her Qi sea, and she had already entered the initial level of the mystical stage, which had greatly increased her powers.

It must be known that a Warrior in the mystical stage was already considered to be rather accomplished and they held a significant amount of power. Like the middle aged man in the Warrior stage that she had previously encountered in the Nine Entrapment Woods, that kind of power could already be considered to be one of the pillars of strength in a family clan.

Moreover, that opponent had only been in the mid levels of the mystical Warrior stage.

In that encounter, the mid leveled mystical Warrior had not even been a match for her and it was needless to compare with the current Feng Jiu after she had managed to successfully cultivate her Qi sea, and managed to enter the second level of the mystical Warrior stage.

When she blew her breath out lightly and opened her eyes, from within her mind, came the little Fire Phoenix voice filled with excited surprise.

“Foolish woman, the boundary barrier within the space here had been broken by revered me! Come in quick to take a look!”

A tinge of surprise showed within her eyes and she immediately went into her consciousness and flashed into the Spatial Ring. The moment she got in there, she could not help herself but be startled.

“This is…..”

“What do you say? I told you my revered self is really powerful didn’t I? The boundary barrier that that old man had not been able to overcome had been broken down by me!”

The little Fire Phoenix looked at Feng Jiu proudly and continued to say: “I don’t know what kind of Heaven defying luck you are blessed with, but you have even been able to gain such a rarely encountered spatial dimension like this. Cultivating in here for a day would be equivalent to cultivating outside for three days.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu also found it highly unbelievable as the moment she entered the space, she had immediately felt that after the boundary barrier had been broken down, the spirit energy in here had gotten very thick and dense.

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