Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Who is the True Love

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Because of the doubt in his heart, he went down the stairs to search out the red figure he saw…..

On the other side, Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin found themselves a good restaurant and booked a private room ordering more than ten dishes and two jars of wine, closing the door tight before they sat down to eat.

Setting the face veil down at the side, Feng Jiu poured out the wine as she said: “Big Brother, let’s just stay here for a period! Let’s go find a quiet little place with a nice yard out for rent. It will be a lot more convenient than staying at an inn.”

“Alright, we’ll go look for one right after this.” In regards to that, Guan Xi Lin completely had no objections.

“Little Jiu, don’t just keep drinking wine. Have some double boiled soup first.” He filled a bowl up with the soup and used a scoop to ladle out a piece of meat fried with egg: “Try it, see if it’s good.”

“You eat! I’ll do it myself.”

As she said that, she noticed that he wasn’t really used to having to use his left land and couldn’t even hold his chopsticks properly, hence she picked out a bit of every dish and piled it up into his bowl and she said: “After a period when I am able to raise up my cultivation, I will go find all the herbs that is needed to heal your right hand.”

Hearing those words startled him a little and he asked: “It can still be cured?”

“Mmm, only that the things needed are not easy to find.” She drank up the bowl of soup and her chopsticks picked up a few mouthfuls of the dishes as she said: “But there will be no problem, I have complete confidence that I can restore your arm to the way it was before.”

With her skills in Medicine, as long as she was able to find all the necessary herbs, there was no ailment that she would not be able to treat.

Not mention that it was just the tendon around the shoulder that had snapped from the bite, even if the arm was completely torn off, she would be able to rejoin the limb back.

Although he did not rue the fact that his arm was crippled, but hearing her say that it was still possible to be treated had nevertheless made him feel very glad. “Little Jiu, if my arm can really be cured, then I will work extremely hard at my cultivation and protect you.”


She nodded and smiled. She knew that he held considerable power. Having been able to defeat a pack of wolves and a ferocious tiger with just his own strength, it could be imagined how explosive his power must have been when pushed into a corner.

She also believed that he would grow even stronger in the future!

Downstairs, Murong Yi Xuan was drinking at a table on the first level, his collected eyes looking deep in thought.

He did not know what made him follow the figure all the way here and he did not understand why his mind was thinking that the figure is red was Qing Ge. But with that one glance from upstairs earlier, the back view had really been very much alike.

But after following them all the way here, he was no longer that sure at that moment, because the disposition of the two people were not the same.

Qing Ge was gentle and soft spoken, while the lady in red was wild and alluring. The suit of red clothes on her were highly attention grabbing and also his Qing Ge was outstanding as well, but, different from this person. Moreover, she never wore red.

Why would he suspect that the Qing Ge who was already on her way back was an imposter? Those mannerisms, each scowl and each smile was just as familiar and it was obvious it should be her!

However, a voice in his heart was still questioning it, that gave him no choice but to be suspicious.

After a long period of time had passed, when the doors of the private room upstairs were opened, the figure in red appeared before him once again. The shocked and mesmerized eyes of the diners both upstairs and downstairs could not help themselves but follow her figure helplessly. The face veil that swayed slightly as she walked made all of them wish fervently for a strong gust of wind to blow at that moment, that would blow that darned face veil off and reveal what’s underneath.

Murong Yi Xuan lifted his eyes to look and he saw the lady in red with her attention grabbing disposition slowly walk down. Every single step she took was confident was filled with grace, her red clothes like fire, bright as the setting sun. But from her being, a cold unapproachable air emanated, making one who neared her quickly feel, the presence of the noble and revered air of a conqueror, emitting out from her body naturally.

Detecting that a pair of eyes was probing her out, Fei Jiu reflexively turned to look in the direction. When their eyes met, no one understood the light the glinted in their eyes…..

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