Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Blue Edge Sword Picks Its Owner

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She led the little Fire Phoenix to the place location where she had felt the Blue Edge Sword’s aura being emitted from. It was a little hill top and it was filled with all kinds of swords stuck into the earth, with the Blue Edge Sword at the topmost point. At that moment, the sword itself was emitting a razor sharp and cutting aura, its low hum from the cry of the sword reaching her consciousness, shocking her mind.

“That is the Blue Edge Sword?”

Her burning gaze stared at the sharp sword throwing out a cold glow at the top of the little hill and she suddenly felt like the blood in her blood was surging into a boil. That kind of a feeling was rather intriguing.


The sword’s cry resounded in her ears. Standing at the bottom of the hill, she could see the Blue Edge Sword vibrating at the peak, its cries coming out from the sword itself, seemingly humming in excitement. The sword’s aura emanating out from the sword was getting stronger and more intense until finally, the Blue Edge Sword pulled itself out from the ground with a whoosh, and started speeding down the hill straight towards her.

The little Fire Phoenix was rather surprised when he saw that happen. Although he knew Spirit Swords were able to pick their own owners, but under circumstances like this where Feng Jiu did not even need to go to it and pull the sword out was very rarely seen to happen.

His gaze was strange as he scrutinised Feng Jiu. The little Fire Phoenix still could not see what was so special about her.


The long sword landed, its point stuck right into the ground, coming to rest right beside Feng Jiu’s right hand.

Feng Jiu reached out her hand and gripped the Blue Edge Sword. She felt a strong vibration coming out from the sword accompanied by a cry, driven straight into the core of her heart. She exerted her strength slightly and pulled out the sword. With a swoosh, the sword started to glow with a chilling light and the badly tarnished sword had in the next instant shone with a smooth gleam, looking brand new like it had just come out from the forge.

Seeing the entire blade glowing with a faint blue light, and the three Chinese characters carved into it shining with a chilly light, she could not help herself but to exclaim out loud: “It’s really a very good sword!” She twisted the sword in her hand and executed a dazzling set of swordplay. She could see the bitingly chilly aura covering the blade slice through the air, its edge exceptionally sharp.

“Master wouldn’t have expected this. That the Blue Edge Sword would choose me to be its owner.” She said with a light laugh, and she put the Blue Edge Sword into the Spatial Ring. It was then that she realised that the six hours were still not up and they wouldn’t be able to leave yet.

“We will not be able to leave this place for awhile anyway, so why don’t we find a place to sit down first? I will be able to use the time to see what kind of manuals there are in the Spatial Ring.” She said while holding the little Fire Phoenix’s hand in hers as they looked for a place where the swords’ aura was not as intense to sit down.

Just as she had just pulled out a book about hiding your presence and was flipping through it that she suddenly felt the little fellow’s gaze was fixed intently upon her face. She looked up and turned to face him to ask with a smile: “What’s wrong?”

Having been caught while secretly staring, he hurriedly shifted his gaze and looked slightly embarrassed as his eyes looked this way and that but refused to look at her.

However, he was unable to overcome the curiosity in his heart and after hesitating for a while, he finally still opened his mouth to ask: “Why are there so many scars on your face?”

With the question as a reminder, she suddenly remembered that after having been submerged into that pool, her face had been washed clean of the herbal juice she had on, and her badly scarred face was clearly revealed at that moment.

She reached her hand up and felt her own face before saying: “A evil woman held a knife and cut up my face slit by slit.” Her tone might have sounded somewhat indifferent but suppressed deep within her eyes, was an unnoticed icy chill.

The little Fire Phoenix frowned slightly when he heard that and asked: “Why didn’t you fight back?”

“I was too weak against her.” She said through narrowed eyes, thinking to herself in her mind: [She wasn’t the owner of this body then. If she had been there, things wouldn’t have fallen to such a sorry state.]

“And you don’t believe me when I said you were weak. But’s it’s alright! As long as my revered self is powerful, it’s good enough. My revered self will protect you in future.”

The little fellow straightened his back and put on a stern expression on his tiny face to say: “You just tell me who was the one who cut up your face! My revered self will avenge you!”

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