Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: He Who Once Reigned Supreme!

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“Mystical spirit body?” Feng Jiu asked quizzically of the ghostly image, and continued to ask another question. “Mystical spirit bodies are rarely seen?”

Forgiving her for having not come to this world for long, and for having a great lack in knowledge towards cultivation, the term “mystical spirit body” was something that she had never heard of.

“A mystical spirit body is the epitome of the most prodigious cultivators. Not only can they cultivate mystical powers, they are also able to cultivate spirit powers as well, and the speed that they can progress at is ten times that of others.”

The middle aged man saw her show a smile on her face and he went on to say: “In other words, for others who will need a whole decade to become a mystical power martial pugilist, for you, it might only take you merely a year to achieve the same rank. Such speed that can be achieved in your cultivation, can be termed as prodigiously talented.”

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu considered it a moment and said: “That doesn’t sound right. I have tried to cultivate by drawing the energies into my body, but I had not felt any significant difference to my body, and definitely nothing like what Senior is saying about the speedy progress I can achieve in cultivation in my experience.”

She had used quite a long period of time to draw in the Qi into her body and the amount of mystical powers in her body after cultivation was really nothing to speak of at all.

“That is because the mystical and spirit Qi meridians within you are not opened.”

His gaze burned into Feng Jiu as he stared: “I wish for you to pay obeisance to me as your Master. In that instance, I will help you open up your mystical and spirit meridians to aid you with your cultivation.”

If it was anyone else, upon hearing such a powerful entity offering to accept one as a disciple, it would be thought that it would be accepted without hesitation. But when Feng Jiu heard those words, her brows instead creased up together in a frown and her eyes showed she was deep in thought as she stared at the middle aged man without saying a single word.

“You are unwilling?”

Seeing Feng Jiu not showing any signs of joy or delight, the man frowned and he pushed his oppressive aura to flare out more strongly and then noticed that his aura had not much of an effect on the person who had been contracted with an Ancient Sacred Beast. He then immediately gave up on that and gave out a long sigh instead.

“You do not have to worry that I have any ulterior motives. I only wish for you to help me complete three tasks after accepting to become my pupil.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu thought on it another moment before she finally said: “Why don’t Senior tell me about it first and if it is within my powers, and does not go against my style of doing things, I might just be able to agree to it.”

The middle aged man laughed out heartily when he heard that and said: “Great! I can see that you are one that does things as you please and it is rather similar to my own temperament.”

Feng Jiu smiled at him but did not reply.

“Girl, I was originally the ruler of the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, Chu Ba Tian. At the peak of my glory, no one dared go against me. I lived my life by the sword and wilfully dominated the world under the Heavens! As long as I deemed something to be right, I will definitely carry it out to the end. That year…..”

He told Feng Jiu of his past life in detail. Feng Jiu listened attentively and from his words, it was gathered that he was a wilful man that followed whatever his heart told him. But as he was too uninhibited and unpredictable, he was viewed as unorthodox and evil by the conventional sects of Immortality.

He had a mighty sword that cut through metals like mud called the Blue Edge. An Immortal from an orthodox sect coveted his Blue Edge Sword and wrongly accused him of having massacred a mortals’ village which caused him to be persecuted by powerful pugilist from all sides. With his attainment as a Venerable Martial Emperor, he did not fear all those cultivators of Immortality whose powers were inferior to his.

However, they had captured his own people as hostages to threaten him, resulting in him sustaining grave injuries to escape to this place, to finally succumb and die here. For so many long years, he had waited here patiently, for the destined one to come, and take on his mantle, to reinstate the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, and fulfill his last wishes.

“The first wish is to reinstate the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, so what are the second and third wished?”

“The second wish is to break into the Thousand Sword’s tomb to retrieve the Blue Edge. As for the third…..”

His voice hesitated a while and he gave a sigh: “I had been too wilful and reckless in those years and I brought calamity upon my family. It was especially so for my wife who was coincidentally in labour at that time. So many years have passed and I wonder how they are doing? I would like you to go seek them out and see whether they are living on fine.”

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