Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chubby Little Sacred Beast

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After the egg shell split open, what was revealed wasn’t a tiny baby phoenix but was a tiny child who stuck all four of his limbs out straight, sprawled flat on the ground, with his naked little bottom sticking up.

A faint golden glow imbued with dense spirit power aura swirled around his body, which gradually faded. He seemed like he had just woke up as he slightly raised his head and opened his eyes that were clear as water, bewildered and dazed as he stared at the equally naked Feng Jiu.

It was only moments later that he gave a reaction. The pair of jet black eyes stared and a pair of red glowing flames burned within them. He jumped up suddenly and stuck one hand against his pudgy waist and pointed out with his other stubby hand at Feng Jiu on the ground, his childlike voice filled with impudent rage that one was unable to take seriously.

“You! Woman! I am the the Ancient Sacred Phoenix! You….. You… You had the audacity to visualize my godly image into a little bumbling human toddler!”

[Although he will be able to morph into human form after he matures, but, he had never for one moment thought that he will turn straight into a human toddler right after breaking out of his shell! He is the little Fire Phoenix! Little Fire Phoenix!]

Due to the contract, the contracted owner’s imagination of his image would directly impact whether he would be born in the form of a beast or human. But, if he was born in human form, he would have to wait till he fully matures before he could morph into his original Fire Phoenix form.

[Heavens know how long it will be before he matures! ? And before he grows up, he will have to parade around in this little snot nosed human form throughout it all?]

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, and the more depressed he became. He wanted to cry, but he did not want to let the woman see that, so he could only stare intensely at the culprit behind all of this.

Feng Jiu was shocked into speechless amazement. [Did a child really just hatched out of that egg! ?]

[Come on! She had only just imagined it once when she picked up that egg, on what the Phoenix would look like what it hatched out of the egg! She had just unconsciously thought of an adorable plump little kid then a brief moment!

Seeing the little bumbling toddler standing there with a hand stuck upon his fleshy hip, the other pointing angrily at her, fully exposing his naked little body and the little elephant’s trunk waving before her. In a moment of itch in her hands, she coiled up her finger and thumb in one hand and flicked the tiny elephant’s trunk.

“Argh! You….. What are you doing!”

A certain proud little Fire Phoenix was finally aware of his own nakedness and when he was suddenly teased down below, the shock made him feel both humiliated and angry, whereby he quickly back peddled a few steps quickly and covered himself with his stubby hands.

“You….. You shameless woman!”

He shouted out angrily in humiliation, his face blushing a deep red, his childlike voice not really giving his rage the impact that was intended.

At that moment, he seemed to only realise then of the woman’s bare body and he quickly released one of the two hands protecting his modesty below to cover over his eyes and turning his body away.

“You are not wearing any clothes!” This time, even his ears were turning as red as his face.

Feng Jiu glanced at the small little boy who was showing such exaggerated reactions and she continued to tease mercilessly: “I can see you rounded little buttocks behind.”

“Argh! You are truly a shameless woman! Shameless! Shameless!”

He was feeling completely helpless but he did not know any other words to curse, so all he could do was to keep repeating the word shameless.

Feng Jiu was feeling tickled and she could not help it but to laugh aloud. At the same time, she looked down at herself and suddenly realised that the wounds that was all over her body had completely healed?

Her deep eyes glinted with a trace of query and her gaze turned slightly, to look thoughtfully at the little Fire Phoenix who had changed the position of his hands to cover over his tiny buttocks.

[Was it because of this little fellow?]

She took out some strips of cloth from the Cosmos Sack to tie them securely around her chest and then pulled out a suit of men’s clothes to slip onto herself. After putting on the belt, she reached a hand out in a cradle and carried up the stark naked little fellow.

“Argh! What….. what is this woman thinking of doing! ?”

Finding himself suddenly being carried up, he cried out in shock, both his hands covering up below and he stared warily at the woman

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