Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3302 - 3302 A Breakthrough

3302 A Breakthrough

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard his advice, he simply said, “I am doing this for his own good. He is not an ordinary child. Of course, he can’t grow up as carefree as other children. Being strict is only beneficial to him. All of this will save his life in the future.”

“What you said was good, but the child is still so young.”

Pill King was reluctant to let go. The child was lively and mischievous when he was little, but he had been harshly disciplined since he was two or three years old. The child was able to withstand adversity. Despite his youth, he did as they instructed because he was already capable.

“If any of my or Ah Jiu’s future children are boys, I will teach them with the same, if not more, strictness.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke slowly, convinced that what he did was not wrong.

As long as the children had the ability to defend themselves, they could have peace of mind. Hao’er would face numerous dangers in the future; all of these served to prepare him and teach him how to deal with them.

When Pill King heard this, he smiled and asked, “What if you have a baby girl?”

As Pill King’s words reached Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s ears, his face softened as he imagined the appearance of his and Ah Jiu’s future daughter. His face lit up with a smile. “Of course, a girl must be protected, but she must also learn to be competent. Mm, if it’s a daughter, I’ll keep her close by, cherish her, and let no one hurt her.”

His daughter was different from his son, and she had to be spoiled, especially his and Ah Jiu’s daughter. She would be very lovely and delicate. As her father, he was obligated to protect her well.

Pill King smiled as he shook his head and told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was lost in his own imagination, “That’s still far in the future, you are not yet married!” With that, he coughed and asked, “That girl hasn’t broken through yet?”

“It should be soon.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said while looking at the cave-dwelling.

For the past five years, they had both spent the majority of their time cultivating and gradually advancing. This time, he had succeeded in becoming the Divine King Strong Exponent before she had, but she had stayed in seclusion for so long and had not been able to break through.

However, based on the number of days, she should also make progress during this time period. They had been in the Pill King Valley for five years, and only after her successful breakthrough would they leave.

Despite their seclusion for the past five years, he knew the affairs of the outside world like the back of his hand. Du Fan’s periodic reports kept them up to date, and as a result, they were well aware of the world’s chaotic state.

“It will be time for your people to come out from seclusion in just a few days. Although your progress has been aided by medicinal pills, it is truly astounding,” said Pill King, shaking his head and smiling. “In this valley, only a few like you freaks have emerged,”

“A period of five years is not a short one.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze replied, his gaze fixed on Pill King. “We can no longer remain confined here. The winds of change are blowing, and it is time for us to venture outside. I only wonder how formidable our adversaries have become during our five-years absence.”

When he heard this, Pill King fell silent, his hand stroking his beard. Five years was enough time to change a lot, and how they change was entirely up to them.

He walked away with a sigh, his hands clasped behind his back. “It is a blessing, not a curse. If it is meant to be a curse, I cannot evade it. I too shall go into seclusion.”

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