Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Why Are You Staring at My Little Kid Brother!

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After that, Guan Xi Lin just stayed at Feng Jiu’s side as they quietly got closer to the group of people. First they hid behind trees and observed the people for awhile from a long distance away, then she led him to walk boldly forward. He had thought that the little beggar was thinking up some scheme to make those people bring the two of them along, and he had not expected that the kid would lead him to walk past the group of people by the side. The little beggar had not said a word, nor had he even cast a glance towards the men.

But those men were instantly on their guard when they saw the two men who had suddenly appeared. The leader discreetly gauged them a moment before he relaxed his guard. As the two men’s cultivation were not of a high level, they did not pose a threat to them.

But at that same moment, he heard his tribesmen shout out in surprise.

“Third Lord, it’s a pack of wolves!”

Because of that shout, the thirty to forty men who were sitting down in rest suddenly quickly stood up alert. It was also at that moment that Feng Jiu who had already gone a distance ahead shouted out in shock after hearing the man’s shout.

“What? A pack of wolves? Where? Where?” She shouted out nervously, as she dragged Guan Xi Lin to backpedal towards the side of the men.

“Who are you two? Did the two of you lure that pack of wolves here! ?” A middle aged man hollered, staring angrily at them.

“How is that possible! ?”

She stared back at them and said: “Those are wolves! Not kittens! How could we possibly make them follow us here? Moreover, if we had earlier known that wolves were tailing behind us, we would have run for our lives! Why would we still be walking so leisurely?”

“Old Sixth, do not be too rash. Keeping our guard up should be out prerogative right at this moment!” The leader of the men said in a stern voice. “That is a whole pack of ferocious grey wolves and they are extremely quick and nimble. Everybody watch out.”

Feng Jiu saw the entire team of men systematically forming a surrounding protective ring, with several of the younger and weaker youths, both boys and girls in the middle. She pulled Guan Xi Lin to go closer to the team of men but they remained just on the outer edges, and did not enter the protective ring. Even then, they were stared at viciously by a young girl from inside the ring.

“You filthy little beggar! You had better stay far away from me!”

“Cousin, do not be rude.” A youthful boy chided her, looking a little displeased at the girl’s spoilt and rude behaviour.

He looked towards Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin and said gently: “Seeing that both of you do not possess high cultivation, you had better stand inside the protective ring! My uncles and elders in my family with the guards are highly skilled, and a mere pack of ten over wolves would not pose too big a threat to us.”

“Hahaha, that’s right! Just these few wolves would be just right for us to stretch ourselves a little.” A wide chested and burly man guffawed loudly after hearing the youth’s words, swinging the mighty axe in his hands. “Just one swing of this mighty axe will be able take down one of them!”

When he heard those words, the leader of the man shook his head to himself and said: “Steel Bull, we must not get careless and underestimate the enemy at all times. Stay alert. We’ll fight those wolves if they leap at us.”

“Yes yes yes.” The burly man conceded with a laugh as he stared at the wolves not too far away. With that stare, he guffawed once more and said: “Third Lord, look at those wolves! They don’t even dare come near us. Hahahaha, they must be frightened at the sight of me.”

Feng Jiu could not help herself and a snigger escaped her lips when she heard those narcissistic words before she said to the youth: “Thank you Young Master. We are fine just standing here.”

“Kid, what are you laughing at? Are you thinking I am not capable of scaring off that bunch of dogs?” The burly man’s brows arched up alarmingly, his face filled with displeasure as he stared at Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu had not even managed to say a word when Guan Xi Lin at the side suddenly pulled her back to stand behind him.

He had his chest puffed up standing in front of her as he stared back at the burly man: “Why are you staring at my little kid brother!”

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